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The Anunnaki

I sell handmade items with spirits bound to them for you to channel. This spirit can help you in many ways described later on. Born in the 19th century, Aleister Crowley developed an esoteric teaching, Thelema, based on lost secrets of Egyptian paganism. He mainly learned his secrets through a spirit calling itself Aiwass. Aiwass was only a voice. When he later saw a being who helped with this, it called itself Lam, which he invoked repeatedly and could be the same one as Aiwass since Lam is merely the Tibtan word for the path or the way, and a title rather than a name. He drew a picture of Lam. Please bear in mind he drew it in 1918. This is before the images of grey aliens which started in the 1950s and were popularized in the early 1990s. Even "little green men" didn't appear until the 1930s, popularized in the 1950s. Aleister Crowley just saw this being as a spirit. Despite that he had a cape which UFO abductees report is common, this was long before UFO abduction phenomenon and Aleister Crowley just saw this being as a spirit. The notion of interdimensional extraterrestrials who could take the form as either physical or as a spirit also didn't get into public awareness until the late 20th century. So Aleister Crowley sees this being who helps bring back lost pagan Egyptian teachings and he doesn't seem to think much of it looking like some super-evolved human with a large brain and tiny jaw; he just figured it's a spirit and that's the way they look. Of course, the biggest question is: What do the beings known as the Reticulans have to do with Egyptian paganism? Well, let's go back to ancient Egypt. Their pharaohs were described as being descended from the gods, beings who came from the sky. Most religions view their gods as coming from the sky--it's a common theme. Now these pharaohs had statues of themselves as very manly, muscular, fit men. But this was not how they actually looked. But then a little after 1400BC, Akhenaten came to the throne. He claimed to be a child of the god Aten and Aten had come down from the sky and told him to change Egyptian's religion to a henotheistic one worshiping only Aten. The name Aten is vaguely similar to Aiwass. Henotheism differs from monotheism in that they acknowledge other gods but worship only one--the ancient Israelites originally were henotheistic before Babylonian captivity. This period was brief but while it lasted Akhenaten and his wife Queen Nefertiti depicted themselves as how they really look. Akhenaten for instance was frail and feminine looking. The first two are both Akhenaten and Nefertiti, the two in the middle are Akhenaten, and the bottom two are Nefertiti. In the 20th century, British archaeologists discover his tomb and unearth it only to see that his head really is shaped this way naturally. The first two images are Akhenaten. The last one is Tutankhamun's skull--Tutankhamun is the son of Nefertiti and Akhenaten. Not just is the head bigger, but the eye sockets are larger too so this was not just skull mutilation but some kind of genetic condition. Bear in mind that the common images of gray aliens show them as looking not just with a large head, but very feminine as well which Akhenaten had a genetic condition for as well, also depicted. Not every mummy had the same enlarged head and eye sockets though. Could the pharaohs shapeshift? An ancient Egyptian text written in Coptic 1200 years ago says that Jesus could shapeshift and the reason for Judas's kiss was that if Judas gave a description, Jesus would shapeshift into another form. Or were some pharaohs of nonhuman birth? In The Dead Sea Scrolls, in the lost Book of Noah, it says that Noah was born of Immaculate Conception like Jesus and that Noah was born an albino. (These kind of things can be found with a google search.) The excavation and subsequent translation of thousands of clay tablets from the ancient land of the Sumerians by Zecharia Sitchen has sparked a new controversy about who humans really are and where we come from. The priest class of the Sumerians were very interested in the movements of the planets with particular interest in one planet which was described as the home planet of their gods. This was not mythology for the Sumerians as these gods lived among them and ruled over them. Translated, from these clay tablets, a god-like race called the Anunnaki who came from their home planet called Nibiru. In Earth's deep history it is said a race of creatures came down from the sky to rule over man kind. The Summerians called them the Annunaki. Anunnaki or Annukim translates from the Sumerian language as "Those who from the sky came". The tablets which Sitchen translated told the story (history) of gods that entered our solar system long ago and used to fly their spacecraft and do other tasks. The Sumerians said these "helpers" were not alive, which make a case for the Anunnaki's technological ability to make clones, like the grey aliens. What really intrigues Ancient Aliens theorists and why they believe the Anunnaki were not mythological beings was the sudden emergence of the Sumerian culture with all its technological advancements such as taxes, irrigation, agriculture, civil code, priesthood, public building and factories! All this, which is tied back to the following of their gods and the Anunnaki. This leaves Ancient Aliens theorists to ponder whether the Anunnaki are a form of Ancient Alien travelers that manipulated and genetically altered the living forms which existed on Earth into a "slave race" to do their bidding. * Genesis chapter 6 verse 4 which reads; "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they; bare children unto them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." * "God's heavenly council was made up of angelic servants often called โ€œsons of Godโ€ (Job 1:6; Job 2:1). * God sent these servants from the council from time to time to do His bidding (Job 1-2). * For Jeremiah the sign of false prophets was that they had not โ€œstood in the counsel of the Lordโ€ (Jeremiah 23:18). The Caligastia 100 are the original Anunnaki whose mission was to teach early man the ways of civilization. You can find a reference to this statement in the Book of Jubilees as noted elsewhere on this web site (The Nephilim and Rephaim). Jubilees uses the term Watchers which is also the Biblical term for the Anunnaki. This is what the Sumerian statement refers to that civilization was a "gift from the gods". And like just about everything else the Sumerians wrote about, it is true. At that time the Anunnaki were the government of the planet. Their authority was divine. This is also why the statement that "kingship descended from heaven" was Sumerian as well. Then came the Lucifer rebellion, that "war in heaven". And it is because of this event that there was a split among the ranks of the Anunnaki with some considered as "good" and some considered as "bad". Those who are the "bad" Anunnaki are the ones who were the progenitors of the Nephilim. The reign of the first Sumerian kings are exceeding long a length that can only be called superhuman. "After the kingship descended from heaven, the kingship was in Eridu." This statement is from the Sumerian kings list. The first king was Alulim and he ruled for 28,800 years. But his was not the longest kingship as Enmen-lu-ana ruled for 43,200 years. It is because of these unbelievable long reigns that scholars do not put any credence into these dates. There are 19 total known kings lists and they do not match exactly. Not all kings that are known are on the list. Some kings are on some lists and not others. The Sumerian kings list relates numerically to the Biblical list of the patriarchs but differ enough that the Biblical list most likely was not copied from the Sumerian list. In fact it seems just the reverse. The antediluvian portion was written after the postdiluvian list. The extremely long lives of the earliest kings could be attributed to a scribe who mistakenly calculated the time line in the sexagesimal rather than the decimal notation. This is the current speculation. Zecharia Sitchen quotes 450,000 years for the arrival of the Anunnaki. It is most likely that the figure of 450,000 years is from one of the kings list. The one I looked at tallied 400,000 years. This is in Italy. It is a wonderful spot to meditate on spirits. I like to work with unique spirits very few others see. Bound to this item is a spirit of a yeti. The yeti is part of the ancient pre-Buddhist beliefs of several Himalayan people give to this creature. Many cultures speak of these beings. Viking Leaf Erickson spoke of big, smelly, hairy creatures with dark eyes that avoided civilization. He was familiar with all the tribes and these were different and knew these as creatures. In the ancient Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, Enkidu might be one of these beings, a wild hairy humanoid creature of incredible strength. Some believe the Nephilim were these beings. Yeti sightings are common where one will appear out of nowhere and vanish. Linda Moulton Howe, Investigative Journalist of Earthfiles, heard from sheriffs about a rancher in Montana who had gone out to go hunting, came around a ridge, and spotted an eight-foot-tall, reddish brown, primate-looking, long-haired creature standing right in front of him. He picked up a .30-06 and just fired. And the creature disappeared in a flash of light! People see yetis in the woods but never have spotted them crossing the highway because these are transdimensional beings. Howe of Earthfiles had back in 1980 had been investigating a rash of animal mutilations when she received a letter from a man in Snohomish, Washington, famous for these sightings, who said, 'I was out at my father's place, and I hear a sound in the trees as if wind has come in. With the trees starting to move comes the silver disc. And then he sees a beam comes down to the ground. In the beam is a tall, shaggy primate-looking. It looked like a gorilla. It came down to the bottom, and the tall creature walks by.' Within a day, animal mutilations start happening all over. As a companion, yet spirits are shy and loyal. They also are loving of nature and wildness like a nymph. He is pretty much as a being who is focused, quiet, and courageous. He never mistakes kindness for weakness. You do not need to wear this item for it to work, just keep it close by. He wishes to help out to prove to other spirits that he can have a powerful effect upon this world. Although strongly powerful, he is completely safe and is compatible with other spirits. Not only that, he carries a very soothing presence, and thus, he is a perfect being to bring to a house with children or animals! Although it is difficult to pinpoint the exact age since spirits live on another plane of existence, this spirit is somewhere around 50,000 years old. This is not that old in terms of spirits' lifetimes. In addition, he is also skilled in helping you in these ways: healing body, spirit, mind, chakra, aura, reiki, feng shui and luck stop spouse from cheating summons an obedient supreme devata spirit to grant all your wishes this spirit was summoned by Arabic sorcerers in the first millenium and learned all their magick for granting wealth conjuring the unbeatable power of Sumerian guardians of the earth entities awakening the inner part of you that receives and makes you able to receive and perform magic. this part of most people is very under developed as most people do not exercise this part of themselves. protection of your favorite pet this spirit is a master djinn evoker, far beyond any human and can summon Abkian djinn to serve you for victory to defeat foe win big legal bully repellant recover past life memories assist in learning all languages and understanding them this spirit is a warlock and collector of ancient djinn souls, charmed to do your bidding sexuality enhancement great success making your computer crash less often I am a traditional shaman and so I avoid inorganic materials when I can. The items pictured here today are samples of what the item will may look like. What the necklace is made of is hemp and bone. It contains a goat tooth and two beads carved out of animal bones on a necklace made of hemp. The photo is just an example. You will get a tooth of the aforementioned animal, with two beads of real bone around it on a necklace of hemp. Where it ties is a knot that you can remove so you can change it to an anklet or anything you wish. The hemp chain is about 36 inches. We might use other colors of the hemp chain and you can request a color to see if we have it. Some people purchase multiple items and request that the animal tooth with its two bone beads from the different items are put together on one string -- we can do this if you request it though the teeth need to be different each. A sample photo of the necklace that is custom made for you is up at the top of the listing with four examples each, embedded in the auction, not externally hosted, and if not there then there's a listing error. Testamonials (this number of testamonials is only a fraction of the total we have): "hello... i used one of your lucky gambling ring in a casino. U remeber how you said about casino's Management/Security would think I was cheating if i was winning a little *TOO MUCH* but lol just like you said, they told me to take my winnings and leave lol. I only have the ndian reservation or native american or whatever by me an dnot las Vegas so tommorow i wil have my friend try." "The ring is beautiful does not want to come off my hand, I am feeling a massive energy from it one word AMAZING! I bought a pendant the same day from someone else, after I had purchased the ring from you, because I liked it too. The cat is so calm and is more attached to me since I've been wearing the ring; why is that? I also put the pendant under my pillow. WOW! Amazing energy from both of the items! My neighbors cat went on the bed and started running in circles, totally nutty." PAYMENTS, SHIPPING, and MISC We can only ship to the PayPal confirmed address, aka. CC billing address. Every time we've been asked to ship elsewhere, we've gotten "friendly fraud" and even when we don't, one in ten other buyers also commit "friendly fraud". Return policy: We don't do refunds. We try to do free replacements. We work to resolve any items lost in shipment, missing from shipment, broken in shipping, or broken very very soon after receiving them. For other issues: This item is tool for wiccan, paganism, and similar practices, and we do not control the quality of the practices that the buyer does but we try to help the buyer as much as possible, and by law any metaphysical/paranormal issues are entertainment only.

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