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Public domain prowler software
Public domain prowler software

Public Domain Prowler Software - Boosts Biz Profits


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"Profiting from the Public Domain Just Got a WHOLE Lot Easier!" Discover Below the Breakthrough Software Program That Enables You to Take Full Advantage of Public Domain Information Send Your Internet Business Profits Skyrocketing! Dear friend, We’ve all heard the stories. You know the stories I’m talking about â the ones about the Internet business owners who simply republish and repackage public domain information and earn millions of dollars in profits. We’ve all heard about Walt Disney, Ted Turner, Rebecca Fine, Matt Furey and the many others who have used public domain information to make themselves very rich! But what all these success stories don’t tell you â“ and this is a painful fact that many, many entrepreneurs have had to learn on their own over the years â“ is that getting a public domain work ready to sell can be hard and expensive work. Just look at the things that you have to do BEFORE you can start selling it on the Internet: 1. You have to find the lost public domain files. Forget about everything else. If you don't have the product, then you can't start. 2. You have to do copyright research to make sure that the work is in the public domain. This either requires you to go and search for hours to find the copyright information or hire an attorney to do it for you. Very costly and time consuming. 3. You have to scan the books to put them into digital format. If you want to republish a book, you need to get it into a digital format. This means scanning each page of the book unless you want to hire someone to type it for you. 4. You have to edit the content of the book. After you get it back from the scanners you will have a lot of editing to do because they don't scan it in a format that you can use. They put one page of your book onto one page in a Word document. This means that to even use it you have to spend hours making each line use the whole page. 5. You have to write the sales materials. After that, you will need to hire a copywriter to write a sales letter to help you sell the book. Good copywriters charge between 3000 and 10,000 for ONE SALES LETTER! The truth is this incredibly difficult process has claimed the dreams of many aspiring Internet entrepreneurs â“ and I for one am sick of it! That’s why I spent the past six months developing a new software program designed specifically to help you get over this public domain roadblock and earn the money you’ve always dreamed of â“ the money you need to buy a big house or that nice new car or that 45-inch flat screen TV or whatever else it is that you might have your heart set on! That’s right, I’m here today to tell you that it is possible. You can earn use public domain information to earn the income you need to live the luxurious lifestyle you’ve always wanted â“ thanks to my new software program! Introducing.... Public Domain Prowler! Now you can get all the tools you need to create profitable public domain products all on one convenient, inexpensive software program! Just take a look at the Public Domain Prowler’s many features: * Manage Projects â“ Users can completely manage all of their on-going public domain projects from one central, easy-to-use command post. They can Create New Projects, Create a New Project Group; Add Projects to the Chosen Group; Open Existing Projects and much more! When opening existing projects, users can choose which group they want to open from a drop-down menu. After a group is chosen and the user clicks "View" that Groups' Projects are displayed in an easy-to-read table. Each Project has an Edit and Delete link with an Alert Box that verifies Deletion. When a user clicks Edit, they see a page where they can upload individual files as well as entire folders. There is also a menu that displays all of the uploaded files. Also available within this feature is an access page to TheLostFiles.com â“ TheLostFiles.com is the leading provider of public domain content in usable (and sellable) format to entrepreneurs worldwide. TheLostFiles.com offers its members 3 "ready to sell" public domain books every month; a certificate signed by an attorney for each work showing that it lies in the public domain; a professionally written sales letter for each product; graphics for each product; access to a private marketing center; access to 48 training videos; and much more! * Project Gutenberg â“ This access tab provides you with one-click access to Project Gutenberg â“ a volunteer, digital library that contains over 17,000 free ebooks. Founded in 1971, it is the oldest digital library. Most of its items are the full texts of public domain books. The project tries to make the items in its collection as free as possible, in long-lasting, open formats that can be used on almost any computer. * Research â“ Displays both leading public domain research websites as well as those few people know about. Use these links to find the Internet’s next big seller! No need to visit, research and bookmark all theses sites. We've already done it for you! * Derivative Works â“ Explains the various derivative works that can be created from public domain works and provides you with the details you need to create those works! Also, features a comprehensive list of Tools and Vendors that offer services to users of public domain information! * Legal Information â“ Includes a table listing all of the public domain restrictions and regulations you need to be aware of for both the United States and Abroad and provides links to various companies and individuals that deal with the legal aspects of working with public domain information. * eCommerce â“ Includes hosting and domain name registration recommendations as well as shopping cart and affiliate management software and service recommendations! * Salespage Creator â“ Generates cash-producing sales letters with a few clicks of the mouse. This feature alone will save you thousands of dollars in copywriting fees! This Amazing Software Puts Public Domain Success â“ And Riches â“ Within Your Reach! Public Domain Prowler contains all the tips and tools you need to send your earnings soaring! This software will enable you to quickly and easily: * Get the legal information you need to safeguard your public domain projects from being stolen! * Tap into little-known free sources of public domain works * Create “instant” businesses that can begin producing big profits in less than 24 hours! * Create derivative works that could double, triple and even quadruple your earnings! * Create powerful sales letter copy that will increase sales by as much as 250% or more! * Convert your public domain information into a salable product that will generate cash profits for years to come! * Repackage public domain information to ensure the highest sales possible! * Find vendor services that will get your public domain business off the ground fast! * Determine what the legal requirements are when working with public domain information * Find public domain works that can easily be turned into in-demand products * Create a kick-butt sales letter with our easy to use, step-by-step, salespage creator that will literally force your prospects to beg for your public domain product! * Get the ecommerce side of your business running smoothly so that you don’t lose even a dime’s worth of profit! * And much, much more! So What Are You Waiting For? Free - Digital delivery will be made available immediately upon payment to email address. What do I need to read an e-Book? Most e-Books are in PDF format. For books of this type you will need adobe acrobat reader. You will probably already have this on your PC. If not you can download it free from www.adobe.com. Most other e-Books are exe (executable) files. These need no software to run on your PC. They can also be in the form of a word file or HTML file. Will I require any additional software? Your e-Books will be delivered in zipped up (compressed) format. You will need WinZip to extract the file. Again you will probably have this already on your PC. If not download it free from www.winzip.com

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