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Seidr spell cast
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Seidr Spell Cast Ritual To Acheive Desires, Coven Cast Spell

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This is a very powerful ritual conducted by our Coven consisting of those in the physical realms and in the spirit realms beyond. This Seidr Spell Cast was passed down to us from very powerful and ancient sources. We received this ritual from the spirit realms through a channeling process, and we have been given permission from our guardians and watchers to share this beautiful ritual casting with you. By us working with both the physical realms as well as the spiritual realms beyond, it makes this spell cast ritual even more powerful then a regular spell cast. What is Seidr? Seiðr, also known as seidhr, seidh, seidr, seithr, seith, or seid, is an Old Norse term for a type of sorcery. Accounts of seiðr later made it into sagas and other literary sources, while further evidence has been unearthed by archaeologists. The nature of seiðr, is that shamanic in context, involving visionary journeys by its practitioners, and also various rituals. Think of it like a mix of Shamanic practices with Pagan and Wiccan flare added into it. Seiðr practitioners were of both genders, although females are more widely attested. There were also accounts of male practitioners, known as seiðmenn. In many cases these magical practitioners would have had assistants to aid them in their rituals. Seiðr was associated with both the god Odin, a deity who was simultaneously responsible for war, poetry and sorcery, as well as the goddess Freyja, a member of the Vanir who was believed to have taught the practice to the Æsir, as well as others. How does this ritual work? After you purchase this ritual we will need the following information from you. Your Full Name Your Full Date Of Birth Your Email Address Your Desire Background Information Basically the background information is whatever you feel we need to know to proceed on with the ritual to achieve your desire. If we have any questions we will contact you about them. All information given to us during this process will be kept confidential. Nobody besides us, Melody and Dwayne, will have access to your information. This ritual takes 7 days to finish. After it is finished we will contact you to let you know that it was fully completed. We try to always have a few photos or a short video of a portion of the ritual for you. We do this for proof that your spell was cast, and also to let you feel like you were here with us. How long until you will see results Generally speaking it will be within a few weeks. The universal energies cannot be rushed. For some it may be sooner, but others it may take extra time. We conduct the ritual, and after it is finished, the rest is up to the universe for manifestation. Results also depend upon the desire requested. If it is a healing, cleansing, banishment, protection, or anything like that it should be fairly instant. If it is something like a love or money spell then it can take a bit longer. But we cannot see into exact dates when it will be manifested. We can only give you a general time frame. But this ritual is very strong, and we assure to give it our all so that it manifests as fast as it can. To view a short video of Melody explaining about our magickal workings Click the Link Below! About Our Magical Workings All of our magical workings are old and have been passed down to us. We have been in the spiritual practice for quite some time. Dwayne is an Earth element and has studied under the practices of Shamanic ways and Melody is a Water element with connections to being a natural witch. This is what makes it so strong. We integrate our elements into each and everything we do. Many of the things we do and offer were once a part of ancient rituals. Our items are 100% of the purest light and are safely practiced using natural elements from the earth. If you have any further questions about our practices, please feel completely free to ask. We welcome any and all question you may have. A Little About Us Greetings to everyone who comes across this place. We are happy to have you here. We are Dwayne and Melody and have been called on a life mission to share love, spread light, and aid in the global ascension by helping to raise energy vibrations. Basically we are here to grow for our own soul purpose, and by doing so we can assist others. Dark Secret Creations was founded as a result of this mission. We offer psychic readings, spell casting services, and a wide array of jewelry and metaphysical tools. You may wonder how we got started on this path? Basically we have always been on this path, but it was not always realized. There were many instances throughout life when we each got intuitive guidance whether for our individual lives or for someone else. There had been plenty of paranormal experiences, and strange occurrences. When we each began to realize that these experiences and occurrences were a result of intuitive gifts and awareness, it all began to make sense. It connected together in ways that we couldn’t have realized before. This path has helped us grow, overcome fears, and understand that even in negative times there is always a lesson or a positive perspective. We wish to share our understandings with all of you and that is why we are here. Melody: I am what you may want to refer to as a natural witch, but I don’t normally use labels for myself. This is something that I have been guided to since a very early age in elementary school. However, it is something that I have not always had control over. During my childhood and teenaged years these “gifts” could have been seen as “curses” as it was hard to control. There was a time of deep depression and low self-esteem, but I grew into understanding of these gifts and began to control them more. I realized that much of my grief was a result of empathic abilities, and me taking on the energies of others. Now in my adulthood I have slowly learned to embrace these abilities and have come into understanding of my life mission, and that is to assist earth in whatever positive ways that I can. Dwayne: I’m not sure what you may want to label me as, because I am just another soul learning along their life mission and wanting to assist others. I suppose you may say I am a Shaman, as I am growing on my journey through Shamanic Teachings. My life hasn’t been easy but it has always been surrounded by love, and I learned from an early age that I needed to be strong. That is what I have always tried to do, but it was only well into adulthood when I began to embrace and learn to have strength over my spiritual gifts. My parental figures (mother, uncles, grandmother, aunts) were relatively spiritual. I grew up with superstition and experiencing paranormal events. I have had my fair share of “knowings” when I was a teenager and child. Now that I am on this spiritual journey I feel more connected to my true self, and I feel like I am slowing beginning to place the pieces together. I want to share all of this with you, as this is my journey to assist while I am here on earth. To learn more about us please visit our website.

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Unlimited Questions For A Week, Daily Personal Psychics, Report Sent Via PDF

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Unlimited questions

Amazing people. Love the seller. Answered the questions in a timely manner. Will return for sure!

Purchased Darksecretcreations Spell on Bonanza
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Unlimited Questions For A Week, Daily Personal Psychics, Report Sent Via PDF

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Fantastic service!!

Seller has been a true friend to me. Service is amazing and fast and Melody is always there for you. She is very intuitive to any situation and is willing to explain things numerous times. I highly recommend seller and trust them 100%!

Purchased Darksecretcreations Spell on Bonanza
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noticeable cleaner and lighter energies afterwards. love the video sent of the bonfire. feels like i'm right there with them sharing the experience with them:)

Purchased Darksecretcreations Spell on Bonanza
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Psychic Power Spell Cast, Ritual Preformed To Enhance Psychic Abilities

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very cool sensations i received throughout the ongoing spell. the energies are powerful and does what it says. this video of the bonfire, it was super cool how the flames turned violet=)

Purchased Darksecretcreations Spell on Bonanza
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Purchased Darksecretcreations Spell on Bonanza
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Unlimited Questions For A Week, Daily Personal Psychics, Report Sent Via PDF

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Return Customer!!

Such great people. Enjoy their services. Always so connected to any situation. Have been accurate each time. Will return again! :)

Purchased Darksecretcreations Spell on Bonanza

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