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Fashionable, very charming. Special dial design much attention from buyers. Amazing looking watch. Precise movement. Solid stainless steel back cover. Precise time and keep good time. Battery included in the watch. Steel wrist band for comfortable wearing. It's worth to buy and having a good quality. You are paying for Turn back the time Bracelet Watch love Spartacus panther spirit celtic shamanic spell 14 castings Package ?This beautiful Bracelet Watch bracelet was conjured by me 97 times during three months in the new moons and full moons for bring your relationship at the point it was happy and perfect, bring good energy, cleanse and enhance your aura energy, make your partner attach to you and devote to your desires, make him or her forget and forgive any negative situation. And it is also a package for 14 days to cleanse , align , channel and tunning your aura so everything can be perfect for you not only in love matters. Negative situations and problems are part of the daily basis in many people relationships but sometimes get worst and we become a magnet of many negative people , or gossip, or multiple problems at our work place , in our home and also for last specting our family , friends or boyfriend decide to put the things worst with a fight or broke up if this is your case and you feel that things are going down to the hill and you cannot stop the bad energy or worst things, please do not delayed this is the spell for you. First I will cleanse your bad energy with some sequences of rituals and align all the energy in your chakras and then I will call my most powerful and a fighter spirit call Spartacus to change all this things in your favor. I need your information, date of birth , name and picture. I will need also the exact day and year you want me to get back your special clock and activate it, This is a unique kind of package, and I have only 4 of bracelet clocks in my store. Do not miss this opportunity. Panther Spirit Animal By Elena Harris The panther spirit animal is powerful and protective. The panther symbolizes courage, valor and power. If the panther is your power animal, you are blessed with a fierce guardian. The panther is the symbol of the mother, the dark moon and the power of the night. This totem animal encourages us to understand the power within the shadows and to acknowledge these powers to help eliminate our fear of the dark and unknown. What is the meaning of the panther spirit animal? Common symbolism for the panther isโ€ฆ Astral travel Guardian energy Symbol of the feminine Death and rebirth Understanding of death Reclaiming your power Ability to know the dark Aggressiveness and power Individuals who have this animal totem, are highly intuitive and artistically inclined. If panther has appeared in your life, it is time to release your passions, live your dreams, discover your desires and begin a new chapter in your life. This spirit animal welcomes you to expand your awareness, eliminate fears and become a whole new person as you are guided and protected. Are you ready to become who you were meant to be? There was once a time when you used to dream big. So what happened to all those dreams? The same thing that always happens, life. And just imagine there is another version of you who didnโ€™t give up on those dreams. Who is telling you that itโ€™s not too late to make them into a reality. This free introductory course on Quantum Jumping can help you tap into the power of your subconscious mind and unlock your own unlimited potential. Panther spirit animal, symbol of death and rebirth As an ancient and powerful spirit guide, the panther signifies darkness, death and rebirth. This totem is the symbol of power, beauty and grace. If the panther has showed up, it invites you to befriend the night and work through your fears. Remember that from death, we are reborn. Panthers are comfortable keeping to themselves and find themselves connecting with other solitary individuals. Panther listens closely, but only shares just enough information to keep curious minds content. Women who have this power animal often find that they raise their children alone either because of divorce or another circumstance. Often panther will enter you life to help you awaken your inner passions, unbridle expressions and tap into suppressed talents. It is a signal to reclaim your power often after a period of pain, suffering and death on some level. This could mean that an old issue may finally be resolving, old wounds may begin to heal. Once this healing takes place, reclaiming your power is possible. Panther spirit animal and astral travel Panther medicine gives a broader vision and deeper vision spiritually beyond the physical realm. This enhanced perspective allows individuals to see things from a distance or through close examination. Claudiaudience, the ability to hear communications from other forms of life and dimensions may develop. If panther is showing up then you should trust your thoughts, inner voice and the messages that are showing up in your life. Panther will assist you on your path sometimes in the form as a mentor or teacher. Panther medicine holds the secrets of worlds that are unseen and linked with lunar energy. The darkness of night holds the truth of creation. Panther spirit animal represents the feminine Just as the feminine, the panther has acute sensitivity. The hairs on their body allows them to pick up subtitle vibrations. This is important as it indicates the need to pay attention to feelings and the messages that arise from these feelings. Touch is significant to your path to help awaken your concealed gifts. The pantherโ€™s smooth and sensual coat is connected with sexuality. It may be time for your to resolve old sexual issues and embrace your sexuality fully. Reflective Questions It is time to pay attention to the strength of your inner being, internal fortitude, spiritual strength and valor. Consider your darker side, analyze and determine your motivations. What does my Shadow Self want me to know? Are my current passions helping or hindering me? Am I on the right spiritual path for myself? Do I have latent desires I am suppressing? Is placing otherโ€™s needs before my own to the point of where I am neglecting my own needs? Am I mindful of my emotional and physical movements? Am I defensive? Who, what and why am I being protective? Panther Affirmation โ€œPanther, let me know your silent wisdom. As my perception expands, I will find a wealth of insight awaits me.โ€ Do you want more abundance and success in your life? Your personal vibration frequency could be the thing holding you back. To start raising your energetic frequency today, youโ€™ll want to begin your meditations. Information about shamanism: By Wyldkat In the Celtic world it was common practice to associate mythological figures and energies with the physical landscape. Their folklore often combined the mystery of nature with the adventures of their heroes or gods. Trees were especially sacred to the Celts and Druids. Each tree had its own personality and resident spirit. Below are links to information about the Celtic Tree Calendar and Sacred Trees. Power animals can guide and protect you in the spirit world and in your dreams. They can also assist you in the waking state as well. Perhaps you are trying to learn something and are having difficulty understanding. Ask wolf for assistance; she is the great teacher. Animal guides are not limited to mammals. The birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and mythological beasts can be just as helpful. The act of honoring an animal is not an act of worship. It is the acknowledgment of their power and their being as brothers and sisters of the entire universe. It is a sign of our gratitude for their help. The energy of the animals, birds and other creatures that assist us should be honored. For too long, we have subjugated these creatures who are our equals in the system of the Universe. Native Americans often leave tobacco scattered on the ground as a gift. You could also burn incense in honor of the animal. When honoring animal wisdom and energy, always leave a gift of some sort. Remember to say "Thank you." For all the help they give us they deserve our gratitude. Odds are that even if you know something about guides you are a bit confused over the scores of terms for them. So what exactly is the difference between a totem animal, an animal guide, a spirit guide and a familiar? Well that all depends on where you look for your definitions.... Not quite what you were hoping to hear? Well I have found that animal guide tends to be a pretty general term, referring to either physical or spiritual manifestations and either individualized or more general viewpoints. Familiars tend to be viewed as involved with witchcraft and magical circles, in fact, they are said to heighten the energy of a circle. They are often seen as physical creatures, but can be non-physical as well. Often a person's "pet" that has a very close connection with them is considered a familiar. They tend to be very individualized, addressed with personal names rather than as "Cat" or "Raven Spirit." Totem animals are connected with you. Shamanic healers they tend to be viewed more formally than familiars. They are addressed as "Wolf" or "Bear Spirit" with physical wolves and bears seen as manifestations of the singular wolf or bear spirit. Spirit guide is an even more general term than animal guide. It can be used to encompass totem spirits, familiars, animal guides and other various and sundry spirits such as "ghosts" and "angels." Basically any non-physical creature that serves as a protector and guide can be called a spirit guide. These are just some of the commonly used terms. You will also see spirit totem, power animal, spirit animal, etc... Basically it all boils down to a very simple definition. "An entity often an animal, either physical or non-physical, that acts as a guide and protector." The spirit nature of guides gives you the chance to interact with animals and beings you might not get to in real life. For example very few people can keep a lion in their backyard, a shark in their pool, or a unicorn in their apartment. Some people choose to keep the specific nature of their guides to themselves. It is believed that this can serve as a form of protection, keeping others from having power over you. Shamanism is a set of tools and techniques used to interact with the spirit world and the world around us. It has no specific pantheon of gods and is attached to no particular culture. It is a way of looking at the world and at yourself. There are no hard set rules, no hierarchy to try and work through. Shamanism is the oldest known form of spiritual practice. It is a time-tested practice, what works is kept, what doesnโ€™t is left behind. When our ancient ancestors prayed that the spirit of the Deer would come to them allowing them a good hunt, they were using shamanic techniques although I am sure that was not the word they used to describe it. Shamanism is a personal quest for knowledge and inner power, but it is a quest that has traditionally taken place within the confines of a tribe or family group. The same holds true for those who follow a shamanic path today, but our groups might be different. We could work to guide and aid our family or a group of friends or a pagan circle. These groups are just as valid and appropriate a place for a modern person walking a shamanic path as a tribe was to an ancient one. A shaman's place is within a community, not apart from it. Shamans have held an important place in many different cultures throughout the world since our beginnings. They have been mediators, ceremonialist, healers, diviners, many different kinds of artists and much more. They learn and work with power for both themselves and the good of those around them. They understand the connection and need for balance among all things, that all aspects of the world that we share with the rest of creation is alive, humans, animals, plants, rocks, and even the wind. Traditionally people generally came to a shamanic path by being chosen and trained by an experienced shaman, or by inheriting the role from a parent. Often people choose or are led to follow a shamanic path after a near death experience, but that doesnโ€™t mean that you have to go out and try to kill yourself if you want to learn shamanism. In today's world many people come to the shamanic path because they feel drawn to it or curious about it. Anyone can incorporate shamanic practices into their lives. You only need to believe that you can. However, interest in shamanism does not make you a Shaman. If you are just starting this path it is much more appropriate to say you are following a shamanic path or a student of shamanism. Shaman is one among many titles that can be used for a person who has followed and studied this path for many years. Another common title is Medicine Woman or Man. Another common misconception is that shamanism is synonymous with Native American spirituality. Native Americans were one of many groups that used shamanic practices in their spirituality. Many other cultures did and still do, from South America all the way to Siberia in fact. Some of the better known shamanic paths include Native American shamanism, Celtic shamanism, and Siberian shamanism. The following pages are purposefully very general, except for a few that were written by someone with a Native American background as an example of that path. Almost all forms of shamanism hold to the main ideas and concepts that follow, although the particulars and dieties will vary from group to group and even from tribe to tribe. Hi my name is Maria I became aware of my psychic abilities at a very early age when I discovered that I could feel the emotions, and sometimes even hear the thoughts, of people around me. This discovery eventually led me to research and explore many aspects of spiritual and psychic phenomena. I received messages from my guardian angel when I was 12 years old. As I grew in understanding, my gifts also altered and expanded to encompass my new knowledge. I was reading the energy fields (thoughts, emotions, and past experiences) of people around me when I was 15 years old. And I was seeing images in my mind about their future. The reason why I can read multiple oracles..... Tarot, Spanish cards, runes, crystals, etc., and/or not used any, for my readings. Since then, my abilities have been tempered and refined by a wide array of life experiences and metaphysical growth. Today I continue my journey of spiritual exploration and development in an effort, not only to foster my personal growth but also to guide those who seek my assistance in any way I am able, mostly through psychic counseling. My readings are complete, and I'm sure I can help at least 75% of the worst situations. If you have the patient and you understand the laws of the universe, you can achieve all your goals. As psychic, I believe that we can change 70 % of upcoming events. Thatโ€™s why my psychic readings are unique. I am transmitting positive energy as Iโ€˜m reading and changing your future. The only thing that I need from you is to open your spiritual energy to me and give me your name and date of birth to have a strong connection. Important Note: As psychic advisers, we try to create a connection with your inner spirit but in some cases, we can fail in that connection. We are not God, we are a light of him. History of Reiki Usui Mikao was born in Japan the 15th of August 1865. The name Reiki comes from Usui Sensei, who used this ancient form of healing in his clinic, Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, outside Tokyo. The clinic was opened in the beginning of 1900โ€™s and it still exists today, a century later. During the Meiji period, a large number of hand healing techniques were taught in Japan but most of these groups disappeared after World War II. One of the more important groups called Taireidou was lead by Morihei Tanaka, who was said to have been Usui Sensei's teacher. What exactly Usui Sensei learned from Mr. Tanaka is not known. Mrs. Hawayo Takata brought Reiki to the west. She received her initial Reiki training in Japan, up to level two, Oku-Den, and received her Reiki Master from Mr. Chujiro Hayashi when he visited Hawaii in 1938. In an effort to make Reiki acceptable in the west the practitioners presented Usui Sensei as a physician or a Christian monk, but later information has verified that he was a traditional Japanese businessman, loyal to his Emperor. Usui Sensei also worked with programmed crystals, breathing exercises, scanning and other eastern healing methods in his clinic. However, these methods were left out when Reiki was brought to the west. Usui Reiki Principles โ€” Just for today do not worry โ€” Just for today do not anger โ€” Just for Today Honor your parents, teachers, and elders โ€” Just for today Earn your living honestly โ€” Just for Today Show gratitude to everythingโ€” -Just for today Thanks for all your blessings โ€” Just for today Be kind to everything that has life The Reiki symbols cannot cause harm or be used with harmful intentions. Many people, therefore, question the need for secrecy and the symbols are now widely published in books and on the Internet. However, Reiki symbols can be only used with love, honesty, and for experience Masters. .The Three Reiki 2 Symbols CHO KU REI - The Power Symbol or the light switch, Put all the power of universe here. Directs energy to the physical body. Directs energy to the emotional body or subconscious mind. HON SHA ZE SHO NEN - The Distance Symbol is used to send Reiki to the past, present or future. Healing karma. Directs energy to the mental body or conscious mind. DUMO - is a Tibetan Master Symbol representing the fiery heat of the kundalini. FIRE SERPENT - is often used when passing attunements See my other listings for more great items! You have two options of payments thru Paypal and thru Amazon , if you have Square account please contact me to make an arrangement of a new way of payment by credit card. Take me 3 or 4 business days to prepare and shipping your items, some packages comes with services , advice , healing , etc No refunds , we recast after 30 days , the high level of good results and positive reviews in my store can give you the guarantee that will do everything for give the 100% satisfaction. Please do not buy from me if you are not familiar with magic and metaphysical practices. We use many candles, herbs and supplies to cast or do shamanic sessions ,so we cannot refund money. PACKAGES AND LISTS ARE FOR 18 YEARS OLD AND MORE AND BY THE LAW FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY, WE ARE NOT DOCTORS, WE CANNOT PRESCRIBE MEDICATION. VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION: 1. ONLY FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS HAS FREE AURA READING IF I OFFER THEM, SOMETIMES WHEN IS A BUSY TIME I CANNOT HANDLE IT ALL. PLEASE BE PATIENT. 2. NOW I HAVE A BIG DEMAND OF CUSTOMERS AND HEALINGS I CANNOT GIVE PRECISE AND EXACT SCHEDULES, BUT I WILL FULl FILL THE HOURS. FOR EXAMPLE, IF YOUR SESSION IS AT 8:00 PM BUT I CANNOT MAKE IT AT THIS EXACT TIME, I WILL MAKE IT IN THE NEXT TWO HOURS. I AM CLARIFYING THIS BECAUSE I WANT ALL MY CUSTOMERS TO UNDERSTAND THAT I DO NOT NEED THEM TO PARTICIPATE WHEN I AM WORKING SO THE HOURS CAN BE CHANGE. 3. MOST OF MY LISTS OF CANDLES, AND SOME BRACELETS, HAS SPECIFICATIONS ABOUT THE FORM, THE SIZE, OR THE COLORS, BUT MOST OF THE TIME NONE OF THIS MATTERS, WHAT MATTERS IS THE MAGICK THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE IN EACH ITEM, IF FOR SOME REASON YOU WANT AN EXACT ITEM AS PICTURE SHOWS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE. 4. IF YOU BUY A SPELL OR PACKAGE OR ANY ITEM FROM ME OR ANY REIKI HEALINGS, YOU HAVE THE GUARANTEE THAT I WILL REPEAT MY WORK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE RESULTS IN 3 WEEKS TO ONE MONTH. 5. PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU BUY SOMETHING FROM ME IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH REIKI OR MY WORK. WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE RACE, RELIGION, CULTURE, STATUS, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, BELIEFS, CRAFT, EVERYBODY IS WELCOME IN ANGEL7SPA We are not doctors, we cannot prescribe medication or make a diagnosis or either make recommendations and process your health as doctors. By the law, you need to have 18 years old or more. We work strictly with your Aura and your Inner spirit. To make you feel better and to Increase your energy, to relief your pain, Increase your chances of a good health, to balance your emotions and elevate your optimism. We elevate your aura to make you feel peace, happiness, and self-control. We increase the energy of your body, to control your depression or anger and relaxed you. We transmit our spiritual healings to you, to motivate you. And you are the antenna that makes universal force work thru your own subconscious mind. They are not limits in what reiki can do for you. Reiki is universal life-force energy, It is directed by the universal intelligence. Reiki is Divine Love, the healing energy guided by Divine intelligence. Reiki never causes harm and always works for the highest good. Important Statement: The magic begins when you are absolutely certain that you will wrap in light ...... only those who believe in the invisible can do the impossible, a reality,a miracle. My maximum Psychic desire was always to make people dreams come true. Specially from the ones that need more help, who feel desolate,disappointment,hopelessness ,of a life with many obstacles. And not only help them pass these obstacles but also transform their lives ..... even in the most difficult and complicated cases. My research of over 27 years has led me to find all the secrets and knowledge to achieve that magic can transform a life forever. The magic for me is the divine energy flowing naturally in the growth and transformation of a life. Manifesting into reality. Creating a miracle.I use all my natural and gifted powers , my psyche, the reiki masters, the laws of attraction and nature, metaphysical secrets, and all my knowledge of the unseen world to create magic and miracles. The intentions have to be good and positive. I only work in week days... The person has to open his/her spirit to a spiritual connection. The people involved in each ritual has to give consent. Manipulation is not used under any circumstances. Negative attitudes do not contribute to the activation of a spiritual ritual session, distant healing, psychic reading, spell or transmitting energy. There must be respect for the laws of the universe, the divine law. If you disagree , if you don't feel identified with my words or simply looking for something different, please do not buy from my listings. Thanks very much anyway for visiting my list. If in 3 weeks there has been no change in your situation, contact me for find a new solution, offering a new Spell for free (No charges). The feedback is important to us. please contact us if you are not satisfied. See my Booth for more great items! txzj pxzj4138 txzj79

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