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Description Vampire Sex Pheromone Perfume Oil New Scent Addition! Sensual Jasmine! This Powerful Unisex Pheromone Perfume oil is infused not only with many Sex Magick Spells of the Vampire Masters but with actual Vampire Pheromones! Become irresistible! Seductive! Mesmerizing! It is a known fact that Vampires literally exude a seductive mesmerizing hypnotic sexuality that entrances all who come into contact with them! Part of this effect is the result of Pheromones they give off. A pheromone (from Greek ???? phero "to bear" hormone from Greek ???? - "impetus") is defined as a secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same or similiar species. Pheromones are chemicals capable of acting outside the body of the secreting individual to impact the behavior of the receiving individual. Pheromones are used in nature by many species to do many things, mark territory, lay trails, attract mates, sexually excite breeding partners, signal danger, communicate 'messages', etc... This is an EXCLUSIVE offer from A_New_Golden_Dawn! Not available anywhere else! We are the ONLY one to offer this powerful Vampire Pheromone Perfume Oil Potion! Don't be fooled by imitations that are sure to appear soon on the internet! We have been given a bottle, yes only one bottle, of super concentrated and ULTRA RARE Vampire Pheromone which was gathered from a Master Elder Vampire, isolated, distilled and synthesized by a scientist friend of Elizabeth's. He works with the Group that chronicles and studies Vampires. This precious and rare fluid is a slightly scented oil that we were instructed to blend with a perfume oil base. We have chosen to add it to NOW THREE different base oil blends to make it unisex but still give a choice of scents. See our other listings for the two Musk scents! NEW SCENT ADDITION! NOW!!! A Third Scent! Sexy, Sensual, Lush, Erotic JASMINE! Added to our presently offered and ultra popular deeply heady 'Spicy Musk' and subtle scented 'Egyptian Musk' scents. This is not a subtle scent but one whose very name reeks of desire, sex and lush sensuality! Exotic Jasmine! Lushly fragrant, richly floral, sexy, erotic and exotically heady! Jasmine is THE scent of LOVE! The base is further spelled with Vampire attraction spells to create an amazing total effect! This is a pure perfume oil! Exotic Jasmine in it's pure scent form! Warm, Lush and amazingly sensual! What is amazing is the increased intense erotic feelings this scent blended with the Vampire Pheromone evokes. With the first whiff men get a groin tightening erotic tingling in there sexual organs! Women get a warm throbbing ache between their legs and an instant tightening of their nipples! An intense EROTIC reaction!!! It is THAT powerful!!! We have been told by the few regular customers that have used all three scents we are now offering that THIS one is by far the sexiest, most sensual base scent to which we have added the powerful pheromone mixture! Men and women alike LOVE it's exotic erotic LUSHNESS! Wearing this scent-You immediately, man or woman, feel erotic, feel sexier, more attractive and alluring, more confident of your sexuality and in control! Using just a drop of this Oil, You will become a sexual magnet for others, you will radiate an erotic pull that will affect all you interact with. People will be drawn to you subconsciously, uncontrollably, see you as an attractive, hypnotically erotic and seductive person. This powerful Vampire Sex Pheromone Oil will unlock the primordial primitive sexual part of your inner self giving you Vampire like powers of hypnotic sexual attraction. Giving you a greater sensuality, a magnetic sexually vital intensely erotic 'aura' that draws others like moths to a flame. Sex will be enhanced both for you and your lovers! You will feel more, preform better, thus giving your partner more pleasure, maybe even the greatest pleasure, they have ever experienced! For You Both! You will find it easier to make connections with others, meet new and prospective lovers. People will approach YOU!!! You will become sexually magnetic and all are drawn to you. They won't know why, they just will WANT to get to know you, be near you, be with you! This powerful mesmerizing Vampire Pheromone works subconsciously on those you encounter, they are drawn to you, wanting, needing to be in your presence. Your aura of sexual magnetism will excite, will draw all within your sphere. People just want to be near you but don't realize WHY they are so attracted. You will have the inner confidence you may have lacked before! You will have the Power of the Vampire! This power can impact all areas of your life, and NOT just sexually! As discovered in studies of Human Pheromones, this subconscious attractant just makes ALL want to be near you, please you, in ways far beyond the sexual! In one study Human Sex Pheromones were applied on one chair out of many in a Dental office. It was observed that all who entered gravitated towards THAT chair as the one to sit in. It was chosen more than any other! In another study, both male and female sex pheromones were applied at varying times along with a non pheromone placebo to various individuals who were then sent about their daily routines in work and life. Their assigned observers (who did not know if it was a treated or untreated individual) documented that those who received the respective pheromones received faster and better service and more positive attention than on days they were treated with the non pheromone placebo. They were treated more politely by store clerks, given priority in lines, smiled at more, closed business negations easier and in general were given far more positive attention and courtesy than on days they did not wear the pheromone. If Human Pheromone can do that for you, think what concentrated Vampire Pheromone can accomplish! You will be Mesmerizing, Attractive, Seductive, Irresistible, Unstoppable! We GUARANTEE you will not be disappointed in your results with this Vampire Pheromone Oil! You will see and feel the difference in yourself and the way others interact with you. The Power of the Vampire is far reaching and Life changing! Each bottle is a 2 dram (1/8 ounce) size of a clear pure 'Jasmine' scented oil that will last for MANY applications. Only the tiniest drop is needed per application. This can be worn on your pulse points or for those of you with a sensitivity to perfumes, worn applied to cotton in a 'scent' pendant. These are filigree locket type pendants that diffuse the scent. Another possibility is a handkerchief or even, for a woman, your Bra, anointed with this powerful Pheromone Infused Oil. You may also burn a drop in an 'oil burner' if using it at home for a Romantic 'rendezvous' or to enhance intimate moments with your lover. This new JASMINE scent is MOST perfect for that! It creates a mood of pure unbridled sensuality! This will work for both Gay and Straight individuals! We are offering a lighter subtle scent in an Egyptian Musk base oil blend. This is for those of you who might prefer to use the Power of Vampire Pheromones but wear your own perfume or cologne too, or you may just prefer to not have any lingering scent. This is available in a separate listing as is our 'Spicy Musk' scent. Check our store for a complete range of Magickals to enhance your life as well as interactions with your various Spirits and to aide you on this exciting magickal journey! We have new Magickals and Spirits being added all the time! Now or very soon see Spirit Communication, Connection, Manifestation, Visualization, Erotic Interlude Oils Potions and Spelled Incense for enhancing your Total Experience, Spell Bags/Bottles for Connection/Communication/Dream Vision Enhancement, Communication Enhancing Meditation Crystals, Money and Love Charms, and much more! MY GRANDMOTHER ORA SEERPRIESTESS WITCHADEPT STUDENT OF MANY OCCULT DISCIPLINES ABOUT MY GRANDMOTHER: My grandmother was part Indian - born on a reservation in the early 1890s-the daughter of a powerful shaman medicine man and a red haired Irish teacher sent to teach at the Indian school, she herself descended from a long line of Druid learning. Gram sought out magick, power and learning, her wealth allowed her to travel in fairly exalted circles. She traveled the world studying with and befriending many of the now famous occultists, mystics, noted scholars and religious characters of the early 20th century. Among her friends were Aleister Crowley, Arthur Edward Waites, Francis Yates, poet William Butler Yeats, William Wynn Westcott, occult scholar Manly Palmer Hall, Ludwig Straniak, psychic witch and writer Sybil Leek, novelist H. G Wells and Indian Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda. Gram also studied in various regions of Africa with several tribal Shaman and tribal healers and in South America with a Mayan priest. She was acquainted with Chinese sorcerers and herbalists, Tibetan monks and holy men, Buddhist teachers and Indian mystics and wise men. Christians, Satanists, Pagans or Muslims, she sought to learn from and understand all. There wasn't a witch, priest, warlock, or mage she didn't seek out if she heard about their special gifts and thought she could learn from them. She used her great powers to learn and absorb much knowledge! Gram was an amazing woman who lived a full long life - traveled the world, had many adventures, saw much and learned more. She was a psychic of awesome innate power, a healer and skilled at many of the esoteric and mystic arts of many schools of magick and ancient knowledge. She has given me the mission of passing a few of her many energetics, magickal items, and bound vessels on to proper new guardians. Perhaps you are one of the chosen few! A_NEW _GOLDEN_DAWN has been offering some of the most powerful magicks available or anywhere else for quite sometime. Read our Feedback and check the popular paranormal discussion forums(the CH forum in particular) for many reports on how special our Spirits are! Many mortal companions have formed incredibly deep and intimate relationships with Spirits we matched with them! When you purchase from A_NEW_GOLDEN_DAWN you get ongoing service before, during and long after the transaction. We encourage you to stay in contact and ask about any questions you might have. The biggest majority of our customers are repeat buyers who come to us again and again for some of the finest metaphysical, magickal and paranormal items available . This can be attested to in our feedback. Take a moment to look over the many wonderful comments we have received. is full of many Great sellers of wonderful Metaphysical items and we are very thankful when you, our valued friends old and new, choose us for your next Metaphysical purchase.We TRULY appreciate the trust you put in us and will strive to continue to offer the very BEST in Magickals, Spells, Spirits, and Energetics just as we have these past two years. I'm a very slow lister but we have literally thousands of items to offer with more being added everyday. So if you seek something special, just ask! Many Blessings and All Good Things, Verna MORE ITEMS AVAILABLE- Please Click on a Picture to Visit Thatsale All our Magickal items and offerings are 100% satisfaction GUARANTEED!!! See my other listings for more great items! Payment PAYMENT PAYMENT IS APPRECIATED Within 3 days! I AM VERY BLESSED AND WISH TO PASS SOME OF MY BLESSINGS ON!!! I usually SHIP WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS unless custom work is needed. PAYMENT IS APPRECIATED IN A TIMELY FASHION AND I MAY ACCEPT PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS ON SOME ITEMS. Shipping Shipping FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA! INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING BY FIRST CLASS (4.95)OR PRIORITY(12.95) REQUIRED LEGAL DISCLAIMER----FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY-I CANNOT GUARANTEE THE LEVEL OF PSYCHIC OR PARANORMAL ACTIVITY THAT MAY OR MAY NOT OCCUR. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MISUSE OF THIS ITEM OR IT'S POWERS-NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT-PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR FOR HEALTH PROBLEMS AND THINK POSITIVE-VISUALIZE YOUR HEALING-REMEMBER MODERN MEDICINE IS A MAGICK OF SORTS, TOO.BIDDERS/ BUYER MUST BE OVER 18 Add to Favorite Sellers Other Items Feedback Contact About Page txzj pxzj2834 txzj67

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