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Vintage Fisher Price #993 Castle Comp./EXC++-NEAR MINT (restored) (M)


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Little People (1963-1996)

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United States


King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Dragon


Boys & Girls

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Vintage Fisher Price Play Family #993 Castle 100% COMPLETE/EXC-NEAR MINT! (M) Vintage Fisher Price Play Family #993 Castle 100% Complete/EXC-NEAR MINT (restored) (M) (More photos below) Make this Castle your home away from home! Friendly dragon included! Here for your inspection is a CLASSIC vintage toy, the ORIGINAL Fisher Price Little People Play Family Castle #993 (circa 1974-77). This is a wonderful set!!!! It comes COMPLETE with ALL 21 pieces! This toy personifies Fisher Price's reputation for imaginative, durable toys. This particular Fisher Price Little People #993 Castle comes with a blue flag jauntily waving in the breeze and a pink banner saying Play Family Castle #993 on its front tower. The castle base consists of a drawbridge that really works (e.g. goes up and down but does not emit ratchety sound), a trap door to capture unsuspecting invaders, a dungeon for dangerous "prisoners," a cave for a "friendly" dragon with a back escape hatch, and a moving staircase that conceals the castle's occupants in a hidden room during an attack. All levers, doors, and trap doors work as designed. The EXTERIOR lithos are in EXC--MINT condition. I believe the moat and floor lithos are replacement lithos. The lady I purchased this set from did not know if they were reproduction lithos or not. To me, they look too new to be the original lithos. They're expertly done and seamlessly applied. Most of the original lithos (e.g. towers, dragon's lair) have retained their original bright coloration and whimsical graphics. The only "flaws" I can discern are: 1. The pink banner litho exhibits a few light scuffs; 2. Four hair line horizontal creases on the stained glass litho; please consult my close-up photo; Note: my photo makes this look worse than what it really is; and 3. A few, barely visible scuffs on the front tower litho to the immediate left of the drawbridge. Overall, the INTERIOR castle lithos are in EXC condition. The second floor Lucky litho exhibits a few creases along with a light brown stain above Lucky. I doubt if I'll be able to remove this stain during the cleaning process. These flaws are not prominent in nature. I basically found the creases via touch and the stain by holding the base up to my eyes and rotating it in the light several times. The stain actually blends in with the interior block facade. This is the first time I even noticed this stain. Similarly, the staircase litho shows a few creases but still is intact. Once again, I found these creases through touch. The remaining lithos (e.g. prisoner's door, fireplace, second floor brown door litho) are in EXC--NEAR MINT condition. Other than some light soiling, the plastic surfaces are in TREMENDOUS shape (NEAR MINT). I'm confident that the dirt will come off during the cleaning process. There are no chips, cracks, breaks, or repairs on any of the plastic surfaces (base, towers, roof). All of the plastic surfaces have retained their vivid, original hues. The bolts at the top of the towers have dulled over time. I will try to brighten these using Naval Jelly and a gentle buffing. The bottom of the Castle has several scratches and the remnant of a possible water stain. Factoring in the presence of the replacement lithos augmenting the original lithos, along with the phenomenal condition of the plastic surfaces, and the exceptional quality of the accessories, I would rate this Castle to be EXC-NEAR MINT condition. This particular Fisher Price #993 Castle also features the following RARE and VHTF accessories: 1 RARE Large red bed w/crown headboard with some replacement firm foam (NEAR MINT-MINT; I have not glued this replacement mattress in place in case the owner chooses to remove it at a later time); 2 RARE matching twin beds with crown headboards with replacement foam mattresses (NEAR MINT-MINT); 2 HTF tall red thrones w/crown emblems (MINT); 2 HTF small red thrones w/crown emblems (MINT); 1 VHTF round red table with steak litho (MINT); 1 VHTF black horse w/both ears and tail (NEAR MINT-MINT-slight bowing of front legs; check out this horse's white mane, stockings, and tail; all joints are firm; this is one of the best black horses I've ever seen); 1 HTF brown horse w/both ears and tail (EXC-flanks a little dull; minor wear on white stockings and hooves; joints are firm; facial features are bright; hint of stress fracture at base of left ear; this does not course all the way across the ear; I'm going to be applying some clear Krazy Glue to make sure this doesn't progress); 1 EXTREMELY RARE pink dragon (VG-EXC--all joints are firm; blue scales on tail show some faint "bleeding through" of underlying pink color; both ears are present and devoid of any cracks or repairs; the dragon's right "ear" exhibits three teeth marks; facial features are distinct and intact; the yellow spots are approximately 99% complete; the pink color and glossy finish of this dragon is incredible; FYI, a dragon of this caliber can cost you up to 30 alone on E-bay); 1 VHTF yellow saddle blanket (MINTY MINT); 1 VHTF white scalloped castle harness (MINTY MINT); 1 HTF yellow bottom, white top castle coach or carriage (MINTY MINT---no "road wear" on wheels). No castle would be complete without its own set of "royals." This set includes 5 WOOD/plastic Little People characters: 1 HTF King (EXC--minor paint loss around middle and bottom of piece commensurate with age); 1 HTF Queen (VG-VG--moderate paint loss around middle and minor wear on bottom of piece consistent with age; some minor rubs to both eyes); 1 HTF Prince (EXC--EXC--one pin-head size black mark on front of body; I doubt I'll be able to remove this during the cleaning process; I'm afraid to push it because I might damage the brilliant, glossy sheen of the aqua paint on his body); 1 VHTF Princess (NEAR MINT---all the paint is intact; it's just not as glossy as the Prince's paint); 1 VHTF Woodsman w/yellow star collar (NEAR MINT---some light fading of paint in two spots; one is near the middle of his body and the other is near the bottom of the piece; I have no idea what caused this); and 1 VHTF ALL Plastic Knight (MINTY MINT). I've been super "nit-picky" when describing this base and all of its accessories. I do not want any of my customers to be disappointed by their purchase from me. Many of my former customers have stated that their sets have exceeded my descriptions and their expectations when they've received them. I will be thoroughly Q-tip cleaning this play set and all of its accessories before sending it on to its new owners. I spend a MINIMUM of 1 - 1 1/2 hours cleaning each and every vintage, Fisher Price Little People play set I sell (except for those listed in My Rough Room). Some play sets have required up to 6 hours of cleaning time before I'm satisfied with them. My sets are IMMACULATE! Remember, this Vintage Fisher Price Play Family Castle play set is NOT part of the recent recall of toys made in China. This set was manufactured in the United States 44 years ago. Purchasers should refrain from allowing children under 3 years of age to play with these toys without adult supervision or to offer these toys to children who may be still mouthing their toys. ****NOTE****Please check out my other listings for other COMPLETE, VINTAGE Fisher Price Little People play sets. This set weighs approximately 8 lbs. UNWRAPPED. My zip code is 47905 (Lafayette, IN). Due to the size of the base, it will probably require an over-sized box. I'm more than willing to combine listings whenever possible and I search for the cheapest shipping alternatives available for EACH and EVERY customer. If you purchase multiple items, PLEASE combine your purchases onto one invoice. Otherwise, I get charged multiple PayPal fees and it sometimes makes it more difficult for me to print out a shipping label using PayPal. I'm finding that Fed Ex Home Delivery is OFTEN running about 33% cheaper than UPS or the USPS for larger and heavier packages or ones that travel longer distances to their destination. Fed Ex's quotes also include up to 100 worth of FREE insurance. Additional insurance may be secured for a nominal fee. In order to ship via UPS or Fed Ex, you MUST have a residential or business address---NOT A P.O. BOX, and must supply a home, work, or cell phone number. I do not ship via Parcel Select due to damage to sets I've personally received from other sellers. The sorting facility for our region is notorious for destroying packages. As a result, I primarily use Fed Ex Home Delivery and Priority Mail. I'm willing to ship to Canada using the USPS Priority International Mail. Canadian buyers are responsible for all shipping costs. Insurance is required. I cannot be responsible for packages once they leave my possession. Similarly, Canadian residents are responsible for any Customs fees, duties, brokerage charges. Remember, international shipping is expensive so please check with me for shipping quotes before purchasing this set. All sales are FINAL. I've provided a detailed description and numerous photos for your inspection. No returns are accepted. See my other listings for more great items! Replacement moat litho Replacement floor lithos Replacement floor litho PayPal is the preferred manner of payment. All payments are due within 5 business days of the listing's conclusion. I also accept bank-issued Cashier's Checks and Postal Money Orders. Due to my bank's policies, I am unable to ship your item until these forms of payment clear my bank (usually within 3 business days). Please contact me if you would like to pay via a Cashier's Check or a Postal Money Order. The price listed is for the item itself. The total amount due will be the purchase price of the item the ACTUAL shipping cost to deliver your item to you. All shipping costs or extra fees (in the case of Canadian shipments) are the responsibility of the buyer. I will do everything in my power to find you the cheapest shipping rate—-whether it’s the USPS (First Class or Priority), Fed Ex, or UPS. I DO NOT PAD MY SHIPPING COSTS—-NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL! I SHIP WITHIN 48 HOURS OF A CLEARED PAYMENT. I primarily utilize Fed Ex Home Delivery for items exceeding 5 lbs. in weight, measuring greater than 12 inches in any dimension, or traveling longer distances. I’ve been finding Fed Ex has been running @33% cheaper than the USPS and UPS Ground. FYI, another benefit of using either Fed Ex or UPS is that their quote includes up to 100 worth of FREE insurance. Additional amounts of insurance may be purchased for a nominal fee (that is much less than the USPS). Fed Ex also provides automated tracking updates re: your parcel’s whereabouts directly to your personal e-mail account. Packages traveling to Alaska or Hawaii will be shipped Parcel Post via the USPS. Insurance and delivery confirmation are required. I’m more than willing to combine multiple purchases into one box whenever it is safe to do so to decrease your shipping costs. PLEASE combine your purchases on ONE INVOICE before checking out. If you pay for these items separately, I get charged multiple transaction fees by PayPal plus you get over-charged on your shipping. Of course, I will refund you any amount over 1.00 that you've overpaid on shipping. However, it's easier on both of us if you wait until I can send you the correct amount. I’m more than happy to ship selected play sets to Canada. Remember that shipping to Canada can be quite expensive so please contact me for a shipping quote before you purchase an item. I will attempt to find the cheapest shipping rate possible. Canadian customers will be responsible for any brokerage fees, Custom’s duties, or VAT’s imposed by your government. I am not responsible for these charges. Insurance is required for all international shipments. Last, but not least, I offer a 10% discount for orders totaling 125.00 or more. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO RETURNS ARE ACCEPTED. I have attempted to bring any noted "imperfections" to your attention prior to your purchasing the item. However, I'm only human. If I have missed something or you have a problem with your purchase, please contact me prior to leaving feedback. Customer satisfaction is #1 for me. I try to provide outstanding service, high quality merchandise, and secure and expedient shipping. Feedback is important and I will be happy to leave you feedback once I know everything has arrived safely and that you are pleased with your purchase. Leaving me feedback helps me gauge how well I'm doing and also serves the Bonanza community by directing them to sellers who proffer outstanding merchandise and service. txzj pxzj2038 txzj-11 txzj71 txzj115

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