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Vtg. Fisher Price #931 Hospital 100% Comp./EXC! (J) RESERVED FOR RHONDA!

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Little People (1963-1996)







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3+ years



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United States


Doctor, Nurse


Boys & Girls

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Vintage Fisher Price Play Family #931 Hospital Play Set Complete/EXC! (J) Vintage Fisher Price Play Family #931 Hospital Complete/EXC (J) (More photos below) Here is a CLASSIC, Vintage Fisher Price Little People Hospital play set (#931) in EXC condition. Best of all it is 100% COMPLETE and includes the exceedingly RARE bed screen and VHTF nurse with her mask! The Hospital's EXTERIOR lithos are in WONDERFUL condition (EXC)! Other than some soiling and some scattered bubbling and creasing, all of the EXTERIOR lithos are intact and free of any marks or tears. I've literally gone over this piece with "a fine tooth comb." The ONLY imperfections I can find are : 1. Some light brown stains on the main Fisher Price logo; these appear to be the result of some of the original glue applied at the factory leaching through the litho; therefore, it is doubtful that these stains will come off during the cleaning process; 2. Some mild-moderate bubbling on some of the EXTERIOR lithos. These bubbles range in size from 1/8" L x 1/8" W to 1/2" L x 1/4" W. Approximately 12 bubbles are situated on the front hospital litho, five on the side litho with the red crank, three on the grassy litho next to the sliding garage door on the back side of the Hospital, and nine on the Bus Stop litho; due to the positioning of these bubbles, most of them are difficult to spot; you literally have to hold the base up within 3" of your eyes and rotate it in the light to appreciate these; 3. Two, hair-line, vertical creases on the back flag litho that course from the roof down to the gray base; 4. One, minor rub on the lower left hand pane of the window located on the side of the Hospital with the red crank and a pin-head size rub next to the patient litho on the main Fisher Price logo. I know my description sounds horrendous but these bubbles, by and large, do not jump out at you. The INTERIOR lithos are by and large in SUPERB condition! In my opinion, they warrant an EXC rating. After much scrutiny, I can only detect the following: 1. Some light soiling and color loss on the playground litho; the color loss appears to have been caused by someone trying to clean a stain on the lower right- hand side of the pond; the stain is still present; 2. A thin, horizontal bubble over the Doctor litho on the inside of the roof flap; and 3. Approximately nine bubbles on the playground litho; the majority of these bubbles are concentrated in or around the pond litho; these are not readily visible; you really have to be searching for them; The rest of the INTERIOR wall and floor lithos are PERFECT! The Teddy Bear, Jungle Animals, Garage, Elevator, Pharmacy, Nurse's Station, and both floor lithos are unblemished (MINT). Once again, the "flaws" I've listed above on the INTERIOR lithos are EXTEMELY minor in nature. All of the INTERIOR lithos are free of any marks, tears, rubs, bubbles, creases, punctures, or discolorations. All the plastic surfaces are rich in color and free of any chips, "dings," cracks, breaks, or abrasions. Other than a few extraneous marks, an occasional surface scratch, some moderate soiling, and some residual orangish residue on the base of the hospital, these plastic surfaces look great! I'm confident the soiling and marks will come off with a careful Q-tip cleaning. The orangish glue residue, however, is an artifact of the manufacturing process and based on previous experience, will not come off with cleaning. There are traces of this glue on the left side of the sliding garage door, near the corner where the dog is cavorting by the flag pole, and adjacent to the corner near the nurse sitting on the bench on the Bus Stop litho. These spots are not prominent but I feel obligated to mention them. The hinges on the front flap are intact, with no cracks or chips, and the door latches securely when closed. The elevator, garage door, elevator doors, floor indicator arrow, and bell all work as designed. There are no cracks between the slats on the garage door. In general, I would categorize the plastic surfaces on this piece as being in EXC-NEAR MINT condition. I have lowered my overall rating of this base to EXC purely on the basis of the condition of the main Fisher Price logo and the playground litho. NOTE: Due to the damage on these two lithos, I will be offering a replacement or reproduction litho for both the main Fisher Price logo and playground lithos. I'm offering these free of charge to the buyer. I do not apply these replacement lithos myself because I don't want potential buyers to think I routinely sell "doctored" sets. I offer these replacement lithos purely as a service to my buyers. These reproduction lithos are the finest replacement lithos out there. The lady that makes these lithos is in Canada and has been making these for over 5 years. She uses a heavy duty True-Block paper with a peel off sticky back along with a professional grade printer. She calibrates her printer to match a set of unused, vintage FP lithos she procured from a former FP employee. These replacement lithos are as close as you can come to the real deal. Her replacement lithos are waterproof. You may see other competitors out there. However, the ink on their lithos is not waterproof and the paper is of inferior quality. I have photographed the main FP reproduction litho in several of my photos for your perusal. It's totally up to the buyer if they wish to take advantage of this offer. All the buyer needs to do is peel off the sticky back on the reproduction litho and apply it to the clean, plastic roof. That's it! Besides this IMPRESSIVE play base, this set includes the following accessories: 1 HTF red and white ambulance w/Fisher Price written on the wheels (NEAR MINT); 1 VHTF wheelchair (MINTY MINT); 1 VHTF scale (EXC--the red arrow works intermittently; when the character lightly steps off the scale it sometimes reverts back to 60 lbs.; if pressed with more force, the red arrow usually remains locked on 100 lbs; due to age, most of these scales have had their inner springs break and they don't reset back to 20 lbs. on their own); 1 VHTF operating table with attached oxygen mask (MINTY MINT); 1 RARE gurney w/velcro strap (VG --: NOTE: while the gurney's strap presently demonstrates some considerable soiling, this strap will be an antiseptic white once I clean it with a Chlorox bleach pen; once this occurs, this piece will warrant a MINT rating); 2 hospital chairs (VG--corner edge wear along with some wear on the bottom of the chair legs); 1 HTF X-ray machine that works (VG--light scratches on white platform and along side rails on the back of the piece; minor soiling and edge wear; the later is most noticeable on the back side of the piece; there is also a small area of excess glue or plastic (?) near the right edge of the white platform; this is the first time I've noticed this; I really don't know what it is or what caused it; it does not interfere with the functioning or overall appearance of the piece; 1 HTF hospital scrub sink (VG-EXC--light surface scratches on top and some edge wear to the faucet and handles); 2 HTF hospital beds with only a trace of their original foam (VG condition---I will be inserting some new, firm, tan mattresses on these beds; once this is completed, these beds will garner a NEAR MINT rating); 1 HTF cradle (NEAR MINT---some minor edge wear on the bottom of one of the fake "wheels"); and 1 RARE white bed screen (NEAR MINT--couple of tiny scratches on the edge of the base on one side of the screen; you really have to search for these to see them). To add to the fun, the set comes replete with a cast of hospital personnel and the original family of four. These ALL PLASTIC Little People include: 1 HTF, red bodied blonde girl with bangs (NEAR MINT--one pin-head size prick to her right eye; rest is MINTY MINT); 1 tall, blue bodied Mom with blonde pony (MINTY MINT); 1 tall, green bodied Dad with black, heat stamped hair (EXC--minor fading to right eyebrow; some mild-moderate edge wear around the middle and bottom of the piece); 1 RARE baby without bib (NEAR MINT--some slight roughness around the middle on the back side of the figure; NOTE: THIS PIECE IS UNIQUE TO THIS SET; FP produced other babies with bibs or with a bonnet and bib but they did NOT go with the Hospital play set); 1 HTF Caucasian doctor (NEAR MINT--light discoloration on lower section on back side of piece; I believe this will come off during the cleaning process); 1 HTF African American ambulance driver (MINTY MINT); and 1 RARE Nurse with mask (MINTY MINT). Due to time constraints, I have not yet cleaned this play base or its accessories. However, you may be assured that this toy will be thoroughly Q-tip cleaned before I send it to its new owners. I spend a MINIMUM of 1 1/2 - 5 hours cleaning each and every VINTAGE Fisher Price play set I sell (except for those clearly marked in MY ROUGH ROOM). I clean EVERY nook and cranny in these VINTAGE Fisher Price play sets (e.g. including up inside the elevator tower, the ceiling, the underside of the base etc. etc.). This is would make a great gift for a beginning Fisher Price Collector or some lucky child. REMEMBER, this VINTAGE Fisher Price play set is NOT included in the recent Fisher Price recall of toys manufactured in China. This play set was manufactured in the good ole' U.S.A. in 1976!!!! It's 35 years young and still exemplifies Fisher Price's reputation for imaginative, durable toys. Why take the chance on buying junk or toys that may contain dangerous amounts of lead when you can buy a classic toy like this? Purchasers should refrain from allowing children under 3 years of age to play with these toys without adult supervision or offer these toys to children who may be still mouthing their toys. This set weighs approximately 4 1/2 -5 lbs. UNWRAPPED. My zip code is 47905 (Lafayette, INDIANA). Note ink loss to the lower right of the pond litho. Replacement or reproduction lithos tacked in place. Vintage Fisher Price Play Family #931 HospitalComplete w/replacement lithos included. Preferred payment is via PayPal. Payment is expected within 5 business days. The price listed is for the item itself. The total amount due will be the purchase price of the item the ACTUAL shipping cost to deliver your item to you. All shipping costs or extra fees (in the case of Canadian shipments) are the responsibility of the buyer. I will do everything in my power to find you the cheapest shipping rate—-whether it’s the USPS (First Class, Parcel, or Priority), Fed Ex, or UPS. I DO NOT PAD MY SHIPPING COSTS—-NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL! I SHIP WITHIN 48 HOURS OF A CLEARED PAYMENT. I primarily utilize Fed Ex Home Delivery for items exceeding 5 lbs. in weight, measuring greater than 12 inches in any dimension, or traveling longer distances. I’ve been finding Fed Ex has been running @33% cheaper than the USPS (including Parcel Post) and UPS Ground. FYI, another benefit of using either Fed Ex or UPS is that their quote includes up to 100 worth of FREE insurance. Additional amounts of insurance may be purchased for a nominal fee (that is much less than the USPS). Fed Ex also provides automated tracking updates re: your parcel’s whereabouts directly to your personal e-mail account. In order to ship Fed Ex (or UPS for that matter), I MUST have a residential or work place address, NOT a P.O. Box number, as well as a home or cell phone. Otherwise, they will not accept the shipping paperwork or transport your item. Since Bonanza's shipping calculator does NOT offer Fed Ex Home Delivery as a shipping option, PLEASE DO NOT SEND PAYMENT UNTIL I HAVE HAD AN OPPORTUNITY TO MANUALLY CHECK THESE RATES AND INSERT THEM INTO YOUR INVOICE. Otherwise, the shipping calculator may overcharge you. Packages traveling to Alaska or Hawaii will be shipped Parcel Post via the USPS. Insurance and delivery confirmation are required. I’m more than willing to combine multiple purchases into one box whenever it is safe to do so to decrease your shipping costs. Once again, PLEASE wait to check out until I can combine your purchases on ONE INVOICE and can calculate their combined shipping rate via Fed Ex. If you pay for these items separately, I get charged multiple transaction fees by PayPal plus you get over-charged on your shipping. Of course, I will refund you any amount over 1.00 that you've overpaid on shipping. However, it's easier on both of us if you wait until I can send you the correct amount. I’m more than happy to ship selected play sets to Canada and Australia. Remember that shipping to Australia can be quite expensive so please contact me for a shipping quote before you purchase an item. I will attempt to find the cheapest shipping rate possible. Also, Australian and Canadian customers will be responsible for any brokerage fees, Custom’s duties, or VAT’s imposed by your governments. I am not responsible for these charges. Insurance is required for all international shipments. Last, but not least, I offer a 10% discount for orders totaling 125.00 or more. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO RETURNS ARE ACCEPTED. I have attempted to bring any noted "imperfections" to your attention prior to your purchasing the item. However, I'm only human. If I have missed something or you have a problem with your purchase, please contact me prior to leaving feedback. txzj pxzj2038 txzj71

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Vtg. Fisher Price #931 Hospital 100% Comp./EXC! (J) RESERVED FOR RHONDA!

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