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Vtg. Fisher Price Play Family #915 Farm w/ Hex Animals and Wood LP/VG++-EXC! (F)


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Little People (1963-1996)

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3+ years



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United States


Farmer, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Dog


Boys & Girls

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Vtg. Fisher Price Play Family #915 Farm Set (1973 version) COMPLETE with Hex Animals, Wooden LP/VG-EXC! (F) Vintage Fisher Price Play Family #915 Farm Complete with Hex Animals and Wood/plastic Little People/ VG-EXC! (MORE PHOTOS BELOW) Here for your consideration is a CLASSIC, Vintage Fisher Price Little People #915 Play Family Farm in VG-EXC condition. This was the first "play and carry" Little People set. All the accessories and farm animals could be stored inside the barn or the accompanying silo. This is an AMAZING find. Not only is this set COMPLETE but it is also features many hex farm animals (FYI--Hex animals contained a small screw in their belly. These were the first farm animals Fisher Price ever manufactured!) This particular offering corresponds to the 1973 Fisher Price specifications (e.g. This play set is an iconic set! After repeatedly scrutinizing this base, the only "imperfections" I can find on the EXTERIOR barn lithos are: 1. Moderate bubbling of the main Fisher Price logo; several bubbles are located on top of or to the left of the farmer while the rest of them are positioned along the lower edge of the litho itself; several of these bubbles are large (e.g. 1" L x 3/8" W); in addition, this litho has darkened over time due to age); NOTE: I will be offering one, free, high-quality replacement litho for the main Fisher Price logo for the buyer to put into place; these reproduction lithos are the best that are out there and are printed on heavy duty, water resistant, sticky back paper. I obtain these reproduction lithos from a Canadian seller who has been doing this for almost 10 years. She has secured a complete set of unused, original vintage Fisher Price play set lithos from a former FP employee. These lithos are stored in plastic sleeves and kept away from any sunlight. Utilizing a professional grade printer, she has calibrated her printer to reproduce the original lithos for people to "spruce up" their vintage Fisher Price sets and accessories; I personally do not apply any of the replacement lithos as I do not want people to think I am "doctoring" my sets. 2. A 1 1/2" L x 1/8" W brown stain on the left barn door; I think I will be able to remove this stain during the cleaning process; 3. Some wear on the far-left hand edge of the left barn door; 4. Marked loosening of the upper litho on the left-hand side of the barn; while I will be able to tack down the corners of this litho with Rubber Cement, I will not be able to eradicate the air trapped underneath the middle of this litho; 5. One, 2" L x 1/8" W scuff streaking across the window on the back side of the barn; this scuff is only perceptible if you hold the base up within 3" of your eyes and rotate the base in the light; the scuff has not displaced or punctured the litho; and 6. Some marked loosening of the upper litho on the right-hand side of the barn; once again, I will be securing the corners of this litho using Rubber Cement; I will not be able to remove the excess air bubbles in the center of the litho. That's it! I'm being super "nit-picky" here as I don't want anyone to be disappointed by their purchase from me. Many of my former buyers have expressed that my sets far exceed my descriptions and their expectations. Other than the "flaws" noted above, the remaining EXTERIOR barn lithos (e.g. lower litho on the right and left ends of the barn, right barn door, rear barn litho, and the grassy litho on the perimeter of the barn and on top of the Masonite base etc.) are GORGEOUS (MINTY MINT). They are free of any stains, marks, rubs, punctures, tears, abrasions, edge wear, or fading. The INTERIOR barn lithos are in fantastic condition (EXC-NEAR MINT). The hayloft litho, although dusty, is in great condition. In the lower part of the barn, the only blemish I can detect is a light, black, diagonal mark on the rear wall litho. If this comes off during the cleaning process, these INTERIOR lithos will warrant a NEAR MINT-MINT rating. They are glossy and bright with whimsical and detailed graphics. After repeated evaluation of the silo lithos, I spy the following "flaws:" 1. Some scattered, tiny rubs around the perimeter of the silo along with some edge wear at the lip of the silo where the roof attaches; 2. A couple of scratches, an indentation, and a rub near or on the wooden door litho; and 3. Multiple scratches, scrapes, and an indentation on or to the left of the wooden ladder; many of these scrapes and scratches have resulted in litho loss. All in all, I would categorize the silo's lithos as being in VG condition. The plastic surfaces on the barn and the silo's lid are free of any cracks, breaks, and repairs; noted "imperfections" include: 1. Some extraneous black marks, indentations, scuffs, scrapes, and a possible stain on the cream-colored roof; 2. Some light blue discolorations on the silo's roof; I'm not sure what caused these or if they will come off during the cleaning process. Some positives for this set are: 1. The barn doors, when opened, still emit a loud "Moo;" 2. All of the lithos have retained their original coloration and crisp graphics; 3. The underneath portion of the masonite base of the barn is FLAWLESS---no stains, crushed, smashed, layered, cracked, repaired or bent corners; and 4. The metal base of the silo is free of any rust; This set also features the following accessories and Little People: 1 VHTF yellow tractor with large red wheels and with Fisher Price being written on the smaller, black wheels (MINT---NOTE: there is absolutely no tread wear on any of the wheels and the hitch is free of any "nibbles" or "chews"); 1 VHTF red wagon without Fisher Price being written on the wheels (NEAR MINT); 1 VHTF white water trough (GOOD-VG--some bowing of sides; also, one apparent tooth mark on the upper edge of the trough near one of the corners and a couple of other possible teeth marks on one of the side's edges); 1 VHTF white harness (MINT); 4 HTF whittled white fence pieces (MINTY MINT); 1 VHTF brown and white spotted cow with hex screw in belly (NEAR MINT--NOTE: the earliest farm animals manufactured by Fisher Price had a hex screw in their bellies; later editions of these animals had the hex screw accompanied by the words, "Made in Hong Kong;" subsequent editions of these animals did NOT have the hex screw but had an oval on their bellies; finally, FP transitioned to animals with smooth bellies; this cow appears to have been produced by Fisher Price during the first production period; this cow has some minor darkening on her upper flanks; this may or may not come off during the cleaning process); 1 RARE brown horse with hex screw in belly and circle on its belly (EXC-- upper flanks and body of horse are slightly dull; no stress fractures around ears; facial features are perfect); 1 EXTREMELY RARE black pig with white ears without hex screw and round circle on its belly (MINTY MINT); 1 VHTF white ribbed sheep with black ears, muzzle, and legs and a hex screw and round circle on belly (VG-EXC---orangish discoloration near right ear and right eye, on the seams, and around the tail); 1 EXTREMELY RARE brown dog with white spots, dark brown ears and erect tail; dog has one dark brown, left front leg; all of the others are tan; dog also has hex screw with round circle on belly (MINTY MINT---my apologies if I've misidentified the color of this dog's ears and tail; they may be black instead of dark brown; I have glaucoma and I can't really distinguish between dark brown and black); 1 HTF red rooster (MINT); and 1 RARE white hen with red markings and "Made in Hong Kong" on its belly (VG-VG--some light brown discoloration around the bottom and on the sides; I don't think this will come off with cleaning). This set also features the following RARE, WOOD/plastic Little People: 1 RARE, WOOD/plastic, tall, blue-bodied farmer with a yellow cowboy hat and orange triangle scarf (EXC--minor paint loss around middle and bottom of piece consistent with age); 1 RARE, WOOD/plastic, tall, yellow-bodied Mom w/white bun (MINT); 1 RARE, WOOD/plastic, short, green-bodied girl with freckles, smile, and red hair in pigtails (MINTY MINT); and 1 RARE, WOOD/plastic, short, blue bodied boy with yellow cowboy hat (EXC--minor roughness around edge of hat; does not appear to be due to chews; otherwise, MINT). I can't stress enough the beauty of this set and all its accessories. Unless indicated otherwise, there are no marks, stains, chews, nibbles, scratches etc. on any of these pieces. All of the animals have intact ears and tails and flawless facial features. Their joints are firm. This would make an incredible set for a Fisher Price Collector or some lucky child. This barn and silo were made in the good ole' USA 44 years ago. The animals, by and large, were produced in Hong Kong. I am uncertain as to where the equipment, fencing, and water trough originated. Nonetheless, it's an amazing testimonial to the durability and overall play value embodied in these CLASSIC, Vintage Fisher Price toys. Can you imagine any of the toys manufactured today lasting over 40 years? Due to the presence of some small parts, it is suggested that this set not be given to children under 3 years of age or those still mouthing their toys. Adult supervision is recommended. This set weighs @ 4-4 1/2 lbs. UNWRAPPED. My location is Lafayette, IN (47905). See my other listings for more great items! PayPal is the preferred manner of payment. All payments are due within 5 business days of the listing's conclusion. I also accept bank-issued Cashier's Checks and Postal Money Orders. Due to my bank's policies, I am unable to ship your item until these forms of payment clear my bank (usually within 3 business days). Please contact me if you would like to pay via a Cashier's Check or a Postal Money Order. The price listed is for the item itself. The total amount due will be the purchase price of the item the ACTUAL shipping cost to deliver your item to you. All shipping costs or extra fees (in the case of Canadian shipments) are the responsibility of the buyer. I will do everything in my power to find you the cheapest shipping rate---whether it's the USPS (First Class or Priority), Fed Ex, or UPS. I DO NOT PAD MY SHIPPING COSTS---NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL! I SHIP WITHIN 48 HOURS OF A CLEARED PAYMENT. I primarily utilize Fed Ex Home Delivery for items exceeding 5 lbs. in weight, measuring greater than 12 inches in any dimension, or traveling longer distances. I've been finding Fed Ex has been running @33% cheaper than the USPS (including Parcel Post) and UPS Ground. In order to ship Fed Ex (or UPS for that matter), I MUST have a residential or work place address, NOT a P.O. Box number. In addition, I must have a contact phone number (e.g. home, cell or work place). Fed Ex will not accept the package for delivery without a contact phone number. FYI, another benefit of using either Fed Ex is that their quote includes up to 100 worth of FREE insurance. Additional amounts of insurance may be purchased for a nominal fee (that is much less than the USPS). Fed Ex also provides automated tracking updates re: your parcel's whereabouts directly to your personal e-mail account. I pledge to find the cheapest shipping alternative possible for each and every one of my customers. Any inadvertent shipping overcharges in excess of 1.00 will be refunded to the buyer via PayPal. U.S. domestic locations for boxes/padded envelopes weighing under 15 oz. will be shipped via First Class Mail; anything over 15 oz. needs to go Priority mail, Fed Ex, or UPS. Packages going to Alaska or Hawaii will be shipped via Parcel Select. Insurance will be required. I'm more than happy to ship to our Canadian neighbors. However, please do not ask me to falsify any of Custom's documents because I will not compromise my personal integrity to do so. Also, please be advised that Canadian customers will be responsible for any brokerage fees, Custom's duties, or VAT's imposed by your government. I am not responsible for these charges. Insurance is required for all international shipments. For individuals residing in Canada, I'm willing to send those items with a packed weight of less than 4 lbs. via First Class International. Items weighing more than this will have to go Priority International. Please be advised that I cannot purchase or apply any insurance to packages traveling via First Class International to Canada. Shipping using this service without insurance is at your own risk. I'm more than willing to combine shipments into one box whenever it is safe to do so to decrease your shipping costs. PLEASE combine your purchases into your shopping cart before checking out. PLEASE DO NOT PAY FOR MULTIPLE PURCHASES SEPARATELY as this will incur multiple transaction fees/charges for me from PayPal and Bonanza. Plus, it interferes with my ability to generate pre-printed labels via PayPal. Your purchases will be carefully packaged using an assortment of packing materials. Insurance is required for amounts over 50 as I cannot be responsible for what happens to your parcel once it leaves my hands. Last, but not least, I offer a 10% discount for orders totaling 125.00 or more. All sales are considered final and no returns are accepted. I have provided detailed descriptions and multiple photos for each of my listings. However, if I have missed something, and I'm only human, please contact me and I will do my best to resolve the situation. txzj pxzj2038 txzj71 txzj115

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