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Vtg. Fisher Price Play Family #996 Airport Complete w/Box/EXC++-NEAR MINT! (U)


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Little People (1963-1996)

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Little People Family


Pilot, Flight Attendant, Plane


Boys & Girls

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Vintage Fisher Price #996 Airport Complete/EXC-NEAR MINT (U) Vintage Fisher Price #996 Airport Complete w/Box/EXC-NEAR MINT! (U) (More photos below) Traveling by air used to be something to look forward to and not "running a gauntlet." You didn't need to arrive two hours ahead of time so you'd have time to check your luggage and go through security. There weren't any "add-on" fees for extra luggage, for assigned seats, or for boarding early. You didn't have to subject yourself to removing your shoes, taking off anything metallic, explaining how you had a replaced hip or undergone back surgery, and then walk through a full body X-ray scanner. Once you got on the plane, you have to fight for a place in the overhead bin to store your luggage and hope and pray that your seatmate doesn't "spill over" into your seat. Getting something to eat and drink is a toss up---now, you're lucky to get a sip of Coke and a dry piece of granola bar. Then, heaven forbid that your flight doesn'tt get delayed on the tarmac, cancelled, or encounters dicey weather. Put all those worries behind you by checking out this vintage Fisher Price Play Family #996 Airport. Manufactured in 1972, this CLASSIC play set consisted of 19 pieces and afforded scores of children the opportunity to use their imagination to" fly away" to far off places. In my opinion, this overall set warrants a EXC-NEAR MINT rating. The #996 Airport play set consists of a turquoise blue airport base with a plastic control tower, a swing out loading ramp, a working baggage carousel, a ticket counter, a gift shop, a car rental agency, a travel office, a snack counter, and a passenger unloading area. The baggage carousel rotates and the helicopter's propeller blades swirl when the red handle is turned. Upon close examination of both the exterior and interior lithos, I can spy the following flaws: 1. Some minor soiling and stains on the main FP logo; these really didn't jump out at me until I saw my photos; I don't know if they will come off during the cleaning process; 2. Some bubbling on the Ticket Counter litho; the largest of these is shaped like a mitten and is positioned tp the left of Lucky, the dog; the size of this bubble is approximately 1 1/4" L x 3/4" W; the remaining bubbles range in size from 1/4" L x 1/8" W to 1 1/4" L x 1/4" W; there are approximately 11 other bubbles on this litho; most of these are hard to see because of the overhang of the airport itself; I literally had to hold the base up within 3" of my eyes and rotate it underneath the light to spot these; 3. One, small (@1/4" in diameter) spot on the tarmac litho for the short fold out portion of the Airport; this is hardly noticeable; 4. One, 1 1/2" L x 1/4" W bubble on the main tarmac litho; this is hard to see and definitely doesn't detract from the overall appearance of the piece; the rest of the tarmac lithos are smoothly and firmly attached; 5. The apparent soiling on the Flag litho is due to the underlying glue leaching through the litho; 6. The Flag litho also has numerous bubbles, ranging from 1/8" L x 1/16" W to 2" L x 1/2" W; by my count, there are @37 bubbles on this litho; 7. The plane's tail lithos are perfect (MINT). NOTE: THESE ARE THE ORIGINAL LITHOS. I DO NOT USE REPLACEMENT LITHOS ON MY SETS. IF A LITHO IS MISSING OR DAMAGED EXTENSIVELY, I OCCASIONALLY OFFER THE BUYER A REPLACEMENT LITHO. HOWEVER, I DO NOT APPLY THESE LITHOS MYSELF. I LEAVE IT TOTALLY UP TO THE DISCRETION OF THE BUYER WHETHER THEY WISH TO UTILIZE THESE. I PROVIDE THESE REPLACEMENT LITHOS AT NO CHARGE TO THE BUYER. FOR THIS SET, I AM OFFERING A REPLACEMENT LITHO FOR THE MAIN EXTERIOR FISHER PRICE LITHO, THE FLAG LITHO, AND THE TICKET COUNTER LITHO. I WILL PROVIDE THE BUYER WITH INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO REMOVE THE ORIGINAL LITHO AND HOW TO APPLY THE REPLACEMENT. FYI, these reproduction lithos are the finest replacement lithos out there. The lady that makes these lithos is in Canada and has been making these for over 9 years. She uses a heavy duty True-Block paper with a peel off sticky back along with a professional grade printer. She calibrates her printer to match a set of unused, vintage FP lithos she procured from a former FP employee. These replacement lithos are as close as you can come to the real deal. Her replacement lithos are water resistant. You may see other competitors out there. However, the ink on their lithos is not water resistant and the paper is of inferior quality. It's totally up to the buyer if they wish to take advantage of this offer. All the buyer needs to do is peel off the sticky back on the reproduction litho and apply it to the clean, metal roof. That's it! The Baggage, Air Traffic Controller, Gift Shop and Car Rental Agency lithos are smoothly and firmly attached. The Travel Office litho has a small swelling toward the bottom of the litho but this is only found via touch. The Snack Bar litho has some light leaching of the underlying glue showing on the surface of the litho. There is nothing I can do to remediate this. All in all, the coloration of these lithos are vibrant and arresting. Factoring in the "flaws" of the tarmac, flag, and main Fisher Price logo, I lowered my overall rating of these EXTERIOR and INTERIOR lithos to EXC-EXC condition. As far as the plastic surfaces are concerned, the only "imperfections" I can spy are: 1. A few miniscule scuffs on the interior margins of the two airport halves; I may be able to alleviate some of these using Armor All wipes and a gentle buffing; 2. Some faint, surface scratches on the underneath side of the base; once again, these are not visible while the set is on display or when it is in play; it's another situation where you have to be holding the base up within 3" of your eyes and holding it directly under the light to perceive them; 3. The plane's outer door flops open while the plane is "in flight." I will be fixing this door using a small piece of white, male velcro on the outer margin of the fold down door. This velcro is invisible while the plane is in flight and prevents the door from opening during "flight." Positives of the plastic surfaces: 1. There are no "dings," discolorations, cracks, repairs, chips etc. They are GORGEOUS! They have retained their vivid, original coloration; 2. The Air Traffic Controller window is clear and free of any scratches or scuffs; 3. All the working parts operate as designed; 4. The plane is free of any chips, cracks, dings, scratches, or discolorations. The pull string is a replacement string of similar weight and color; the plane itself is one of the best I've ever seen; 5. The plane still makes a "ratchety" or "whining" sound when it is pulled or pushed; 6. The plane's wheels are free of any "road wear." In general, I would rate the plastic surfaces as being in NEAR MINT-MINT condition. The accessories (e.g. baggage carts, tug and fuel cars, luggage, helicopter, and Little People are likewise in NEAR MINT-MINT condition. All in all, in my opinion, this set should garner an EXC-NEAR MINT rating. This set is also accompanied by its original box. The box displays considerable wear (e.g. numerous tears, extraneous tape, creases, detached flaps, and and missing lithos). I have enclosed three of the original box flaps that might be able to be reattached with some tape. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being perfect, I would rate this outer box as being a 3.0/10.0. It serves as a great reference for the contents of this play set. This would make an INCREDIBLE gift for a beginning Fisher Price collector or for some lucky child. These are some of the best toys EVER manufactured for young children. Instead of sitting there and passively watching a toy perform for them (e.g. blinking lights, sounds etc), the children are enticed to develop their open-ended, imaginative play skills. Thus, they become ACTIVE learners. In the process, they also hone their cooperative, dramatic role-playing, and symbolic play skills, their acquisition of basic language-based concepts, and their beginning narrative or story telling skills. All of these are prerequisites necessary for future academic success. REMEMBER, THESE ARE VINTAGE FISHER PRICE TOYS! THEY WERE NOT DESIGNED FOR CHILDREN STILL MOUTHING THEIR TOYS. ALSO, THESE VINTAGE FISHER PRICE TOYS ARE NOT SUBJECT TO THE RECENT MATTEL RECALL OF FISHER PRICE TOYS. THESE TOYS WERE MANUFACTURED IN THE GOOD OLD U.S.A. in 1972. They are 46 years YOUNG! THEIR DURABILITY AND SAFETY HAS NEVER BEEN QUESTIONED! This particular set weighs @9 lbs. UNWRAPPED. My zip code is 47905 (Lafayette, IN). This play set will be shipped inside an outer protective box. In all likelihood, due to the size of the original box, the outer box will probably be considered over-sized by the different carriers. NOTE: I'M FINDING THAT FED EX HOME DELIVERY IS RUNNING ABOUT 33% CHEAPER THAN THE USPS (EVEN PARCEL POST) AND UPS GROUND. TO SHIP FED EX, I MUST HAVE A RESIDENTIAL OR WORK PLACE ADDRESS AND A CONTACT PHONE NUMBER (HOME, CELL, OR WORK PLACE). FED EX WILL REFUSE TO ACCEPT A PARCEL FOR DELIVERY WITHOUT THIS CONTACT PHONE INFORMATION ON THEIR SHIPPING PAPERWORK. Due to the size of this box, I probably will not be able to safely combine other purchases with this set for shipping See my other listings for more great items! PayPal is the preferred manner of payment. All payments are due within 5 business days of the listing's conclusion. I also accept bank-issued Cashier's Checks and Postal Money Orders. Due to my bank's policies, I am unable to ship your item until these forms of payment clear my bank (usually within 3 business days). Please contact me if you would like to pay via a Cashier's Check or a Postal Money Order. The price listed is for the item itself. The total amount due will be the purchase price of the item the ACTUAL shipping cost to deliver your item to you. All shipping costs or extra fees (in the case of Canadian shipments) are the responsibility of the buyer. I will do everything in my power to find you the cheapest shipping rate—-whether it’s the USPS,(Priority), Fed Ex, or UPS. I DO NOT PAD MY SHIPPING COSTS—-NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL! I SHIP WITHIN 48 HOURS OF A CLEARED PAYMENT. I primarily utilize Fed Ex Home Delivery for items exceeding 5 lbs. in weight, measuring greater than 12 inches in any dimension, or traveling longer distances. I’ve been finding Fed Ex has been running @33% cheaper than the USPS and UPS Ground. FYI, another benefit of using either Fed Ex or UPS is that their quote includes up to 100 worth of FREE insurance. Additional amounts of insurance may be purchased for a nominal fee (that is much less than the USPS). Fed Ex also provides automated tracking updates re: your parcel’s whereabouts directly to your personal e-mail account. In order to ship Fed Ex (or UPS for that matter), I MUST have a residential or work place address, NOT a P.O. Box number, as well as a home or cell phone. Otherwise, they will not accept the shipping paperwork or transport your item. Packages traveling to Alaska or Hawaii will be shipped Parcel Post via the USPS. Insurance and delivery confirmation are required. I’m more than happy to ship selected play sets to Canada. Remember that shipping to Canada can be quite expensive so please contact me for a shipping quote before you purchase an item. I will attempt to find the cheapest shipping rate possible. Canadian customers will be responsible for any brokerage fees, insurance, Custom’s duties, or VAT’s imposed by your government. I am not responsible for these charges. Insurance is required for all international shipments. Due to the size of this set, I will not be able to combine it with any other purchases. Last, but not least, I offer a 10% discount for orders totaling 125.00 or more. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO RETURNS ARE ACCEPTED. I have attempted to bring any noted "imperfections" to your attention prior to your purchasing the item. However, I'm only human. If I have missed something or you have a problem with your purchase, please contact me prior to leaving feedback. Customer satisfaction is #1 for me. I try to provide outstanding service, high quality merchandise, and secure and expedient shipping. Feedback is important and I will be happy to leave you feedback once I know everything has arrived safely and that you are pleased with your purchase. Leaving me feedback helps me gauge how well I'm doing and also serves the Bonanza community by directing them to sellers who proffer outstanding merchandise and service. txzj pxzj2038 txzj-11 txzj71 txzj115

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