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This item is essentially two parts. First is a handmade necklace made unique for you, which sample photo is below later in the listing. The second is training instructions for your occult needs. The listing's photo relates to the training instructions. Preparing this item just for you is a time consuming process and with amazing properties!!! There is no one else on earth that can do this! I am one of the very few. As the last single translator of the Voynich manuscript, I am the only one who knows secret norse runic knowledge, and I have made a rare amazing strange items to share. I come from a secret sect in Iceland of Asatrรบarfelagiรฐ Alchemists of The Exalted Most High Ones of Asatrรบ. As a Most High One, I have influenced world leaders and everyday people alike. My power comes from secret sources long put aside by the waning influence of Germanic Norse Paganism and forgotten by modern man. After my teacher died and I am not teaching any further, my death shall mean my secrets will die with me. Knowledge of how to translate the Voynich manuscript with runes is something no other priest, witch, or other energy worker has. Most have no idea of its meaning whatsoever. My talents are more ancient than any other source on heaven, on earth, or in the secret hollow earth cities run by the reptilians. Read this entire listing for proof... It's important to buy these items because you feel drawn to them, maybe an intuition that it is fate or destiny. Have you ever felt like something was calling to you? Now if you were to feel this reading a listing like mine, it would ensure you get the best results. I have a lot of listings up and the main description of the spirit is what changes--it's further down the auction in blue. So please browse my listings and find what best calls to you. Maybe the title grabs you first and the description of the spirit shows you it's the one you're mean to own. When people feel they are going to be helped by an item, it's like fate. This auction is for an item that is in the traditional ancient style of witch doctors and shamans. It is of bone and hemp. It has two bone beads around a buffalo tooth on a hemp necklace. The beads of bone make it look better than just a tooth and you can combine multiple spirits onto one this way by taking the bone beads and tooth and putting it with other necklaces or just keep them separate instead. The hemp chain is about 36 inches. We might use other colors of the hemp chain and you can request a color to see if we have it. You can shorten the chain if you want when you get it. What you see above is an item of ultimate power and wisdom, made with runic wisdom. In this case I have harnessed the powers of the Voynich Runic Writings to achieve amazingly powerful positive results. Bound to this item is a fallen angel spirit. He was once a high level angel, but he considered God to be unethical and evil (read The Old Testament), and so was cast out to be a fallen angel and had to become an incubus. He is still extremely angelic and is much kinder than most incubi. He is also kinder than most non-fallen angels. This incubus often takes the form on the astral plane of a very attractive human man, but with dragon-looking qualities such as wings. He is drawn to sexual energy and he also tries to promote it, but he does not take it unwillingly and feeds on it only after it has already been used and expelled and left someone. He will not force anything on you and he does not need energy from this plane as he can gain it from many sources on the astral plane. His sexual influences are purely psychic, not physical as there are billions of dollars in rewards waiting for spirits that can change back and forth between physical solid matter and spirit. And if you are not interested in this, he can instead teach you knowledge on how to seduce human partners. Although personally, this spirit prefers to be an angel again and be a guardian, and he knows this will be a long road because of what he endured since he fell from grace. He is generally realistic, sweet-smelling, and uncultured. He tries to be gentle with the world. This item does not have to be worn to work. He wishes to help you for honor. He is fine to have around with other spirits, animals, and people and will not harm you or those you don't want harmed! Although it is difficult to pinpoint the exact age since spirits live on another plane of existence, this spirit is somewhere around 350,000 years old. This is not that old in terms of spirits' lifetimes. In addition, he is also skilled in helping you in these ways: vessel turns into a Pat Flanagan experimental sensor when the spirit is bound to it attract multiple partners (if you are into it) intuition -- you will know or sense without the use of rational processes, gain perceptive insight unlimited wish grantor boosting your sexual power, libido, sex life, and luck in finding love healing scars and wrinkles for harmony in all aspects of your life that will interweave and allow you to become whole this spirit summons ifrits, and can evoke a powerful genie fire king as a servant empowerment restore hair lost due to baldness return a love enhanced psychic and psionic ability helps keep your drinking down into moderation provide good fortune in lotteries convince your significant other that you are right To be discrete, we deliver the long detailed instructions by email. If you do not find your instructions in email, please ask us for it. Thank you. Further information To put what myself and other sellers or paranormal items do into perspective: The 2001 American Religious Identification Survey estimated that at least 134,000 adults identified themselves as Wiccans in the United States and their median estimate for Wiccan numbers is 800,000 worldwide. Then there are other people practice some form of psychic development, energy work, magic, and so on as well as who are into other religions that practice magick or energy work such as reiki, chaos magic, Satanism, neo-paganism, neo-druidism, Asatrรบ, etc. Point is what we do is not something that unusual. After I left my secret sect, I wondered the world for a bit. In my teachings, I am reminded how the concept of a world tree, sometimes represented as a tree of life, has been a universal among all human cultures: the ancient cultures in the Americas even before the Mayas; ancient Germanic paganism (the source of later Norse mythology); Siberian culture including Tengriism (read about the youth of Genghis Khan--for most of it he had no followers, only persecutors, and only the god Tengri's protection kept him from dying); Korea; India; and even reconstructions of ancient Proto-Indo-European religion believed in a world tree. No matter how far removed by time and space, this has been their belief. But what does it mean? I sought out the answer by traveling to remote corners of the globe and communing with the spirits in each location. I found my answer from the spirits of Easter Island. Easter Island is 1,289 miles from the nearest island and 2,180 miles from Chile. Its ancestry is both Polynesian and South Native American. The locals sell items like coconut rings, which carry the island's powerful energies. The island is full of strange glyphs and gigantic statues that were beyond the technology of the people to carve them and move them. As I had mentioned about the world tree, I found from communicating with the spirits in this distant island that the world has certain locations where the veils between realities are thin and spirits manifest physically. Other locations are all around the globe, mostly unknown spots with a few like Mount Olympus. On Easter Island, there were physical dragons there once. The spirits tell me this were before settlers arrived. The dragons flew off somewhere but a few of their eggs did not hatch and they remain on the island as strange, gigantic egg-shaped rocks. Touching one, you can feel the dormant baby dragon inside ready to hatch. I hope it hatches soon so I can raise the dragon. Payment, Shipping, and More We'll only ship to your PayPal confirmed address. This is because every time we ship elsewhere, we've been scammed with what's technically termed "friendly fraud". Return / Refund / Exchange Policy: We will work with you to deal with lost shipments, items arriving broken, items breaking with 30 days of the shipment arriving, and will replace/refund at our discretion. For other issues: This item is tool for wiccan, paganism, and similar practices, and we do not control the quality of the practices that the buyer does, and by law any metaphysical/paranormal issues are entertainment only.

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