Broadcaster Fee Structure

You may have read about some of the exciting changes Bonanza is making when it comes to advertising initiatives. In addition to our new advertising plan for Q4 of 2017, we’re also making some revisions to our Broadcaster commission policy. With these changes, we’re hoping to make the advertising fee structure more equitable and transparent to sellers.

What is the new advertising fee structure?

Effective October 9th, 2017, the following policies for Broadcaster billing will take effect:

  • Free (no fee) sales will include sales made to buyers whose last arrival to Bonanza came via your booth referral link. Whether the buyer arrived from your own email campaigns, Customer Marketing Campaigns, or elsewhere on the web, you'll pay Bonanza nothing when you drive customers to your booth. Your individual Broadcaster settings do not impact this rule. Free is free.
  • Base rate (3.5%) sales will include any sales that result from organic traffic coming from search engines, such as Bing and Google. Even if you are opted into Google Shopping or Bing Shopping in Broadcaster, your organic traffic will still be charged the base rate. Traffic from social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) will also be charged at the base rate (unless it came via your referral code, in which case it's free, per the above).
  • Broadcaster rate* (variable) sales will be defined as "the stuff not listed above." This includes
    • Traffic from any paid advertising platforms you've opted into (Google Shopping, Bonanza Promotions, eBay, Bing ads)
    • Our affiliate network (Wish, Ebates, etc)
    • Direct traffic (shoppers visiting directly due to Bonanza's advertising efforts on Facebook, Pinterest, etc)
    • Other referral traffic that isn't captured in the above tiers

*Read more about how the Broadcaster works here.

What are the major changes I should be aware of?

The notable updates here are that we're moving the referral link and Customer Marketing Tool into the free rate, while certain types of referral and direct traffic move to the variable rate. Higher ad rates allow us to bid more to get visibility for your items.

Here are a few example scenarios of our FVF structure:

  • A buyer sees an ad you created on Facebook using your referral link, clicks through to the site, and makes a purchase from your booth. This sale is commission-free.
  • A buyer uses an organic website, like Google or Bing, to search for an item. They visit Bonanza from that search and make a purchase from your booth. This sale is subject to our base 3.5% fee.
  • A buyer sees an advertisement paid for by Bonanza on Google Shopping, clicks through to the site, and eventually make a purchase from your booth. This sale is subject to your Broadcaster commission level.

Why are you implementing this change?

Our rationale: if you're doing the work to drive buyers, then we’re just acting as your point-of-sale platform, and that should be free. Period. If buyers are coming as a combination of our efforts (as with SEO and social media outreach), that is best represented by the base rate. And, if Bonanza is spending money to attract buyers en masse, the Broadcaster rate allows us to maximize the number of buyers you receive.

Happy selling! 


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