How do I add listings for sale in my booth?

There are many options for adding listings to your booth. You can manually create listings on Bonanza or import listings.

Adding listings to your Bonanza booth

To manually create a listing on Bonanza via the New Item Form:

  1. Point your mouse over the "Selling" link (in the top left corner of               
  2. Select "Add or edit items" from the drop down    
  3. Click the blue "Add a new item" box at the top of the page to open the item detail form.
  4. Populate the new item form with the item details (photos, description, traits, price, etc; the more info the better!) 
  5. Click the "Save these changes; Customers can see them right away" option or click the "Save changes" button to save the listing for later.




How do I import my listings from eBay/Etsy/Amazon/Shopify/inventory file?

  1. Point your mouse over the "Sellling" link (in the top left corner of
  2. Select the import option that you wish to use (eBayEtsyAmazonShopify or an inventory file).
  3. Connect the account you wish to import from
  4. Select your preferred import settings and then click "Import items"

Which fields do I need to fill out for my listing?

The only mandatory fields on the New item form are "Title," "Price" (or "Freebie", if the item is free) and "Category" fields. Everything else is optional, though the more fields you fill out, the easier it will be for buyers to search for and find your item. Keep in mind that many search engines require particular traits to be filled out in order to publish your listings to their platforms. If you are taking advantage of Bonanza advertising and feed your listings to external platforms, we recommend you review the ways you can maximize your items' visibility on advertising platforms.

In particular, we'd recommend you think twice before posting an item without a picture. There are ways to get pictures associated with your item quickly, and buyers are far more likely to show interest in your item if they know what it looks like.

I've added items to my booth, now what?

Now that you've successfully added items, the next step is to activate your booth so buyers can locate and purchase your awesome goodies. 

To activate your booth*:

  • Go to "Selling > Add or edit items"
  • Click the green "Open Booth" button (this will appear as soon as you have an item ready for sale)
  • When prompted, complete required fields to create a seller account
  • Follow the prompts to reach and click on "Finalize Booth" page.

*Please note that new listings may be subject to admin approval before your booth is fully activated

You can review all the steps for setting up a booth here. 


Finding your listings on Bonanza search:

  • Once activated, your items will immediately be visible in your booth but may take up to 4-6 hours to be indexed in our site search.
  • At this time you can also choose to advertise your listings on other platforms such as Google Shopping.

How long are listings active on Bonanza?

  • Listings do not have an expiration date.  They will remain active in your booth until sold, reserved, or deleted.

Bonanza is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by eBay, Amazon, Shopify or Etsy. If anything, we're politely tolerated.


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