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Making the Most of Your Stats Dashboard

As a seller-focused company, Bonanza is always looking for ways to help entrepreneurs like you own your success as an online merchant. To that end, the stats dashboard was designed to help you harness data to maximize the impact of your listings.

Locating your stats dashboard

Sounds pretty powerful, right? Well, let’s get started. You can access your stats dashboard a few different ways. Once you’re logged into Bonanza, the quickest route to your stats page is to select “View stats” under the “Selling” dropdown menu in the far upper left corner of the page.

Selling menu

You can also find your stats from your “Selling Dashboard” by clicking the “Reports” tab and then selecting “Item Stats.”

Selling dashboardSelling Dashboard - Item Stats

Found it. What now?

The Sales Graph

The Sales graph is the hero of the your stats dashboard. This interactive graph displays a wealth of information about item views, sales, and total revenue over your selected time frame, all together on the same chart. If you receive TurboTraffic, this graph also shows when it was active, helping you quickly visualize its traffic-boosting benefits.

Toggle through the timeline dropdown menu ("Last 30 days") on the upper left corner of the graph to see weekly detail or select a broader overview of the last two months. Hover your cursor over the bars of the graph to see more granular detail down to the day.



#protip: If you only have a moment to spend on your stats page, the sales graph is your best bet to spot trends and growth at a glance.


If you received TurboTraffic over the last month, you’ll also enjoy seeing a chart at the very top of your stats page that includes a detailed analysis of the revenue benefits provided by your TurboTraffic package.

The Views Graph

Keep scrolling down the page to locate your Views graph. Like the Sales graph, you can toggle through the timeline dropdown menu to see information over your preferred time frame, and hover over the graph for daily details. This graph is helpful in visualizing trends in item views, as well as in identifying the primary sources of your views.

If you notice that traffic or sales are down and your listings need a little more love, this graph also features quick links that you can use to strengthen your advertising clout, or purchase TurboTraffic packs to help juice sales.


#protip: Sellers opted-in to our Google Shopping advertising channel should be receiving Advertising Views - seen in red. If you’re advertising at a commission level of 9% or higher and aren’t getting advertising views, you may need to take steps to resolve issues with your Google feed. For information on troubleshooting, visit our Google Help Pages.


If you operate a Bonanza Webstore you can navigate to your Webstore Sales and Views graphs from your booth stats page. To view Webstore stats, click on the “View my webstore stats” link at the upper left-hand side of the page, under the Bonanza banner.

Webstore stats

Detailed Reports

Some of our sellers like to dive deep into data. The Most Viewed Items, Traffic Sources, and Most Viewed Categories graphs & reports give you the chance to really focus on the details. Click through these interactive graphs via the "See detailed report" button to drill down and learn which of your items and categories are most popular with shoppers, and which advertising channels are driving the bulk of your traffic.

Again, you have the option to toggle through various time frames to see details on a level as precise as daily views.


#protip: These reports provide sellers with a fantastic opportunity to turn data into action. Use this info to easily discover what’s working, where you can improve or adjust your inventory, and which advertising channels are bringing you the most shopping traffic.


Enhanced Member Benefits

Sellers with Bonanza memberships have exclusive access to the Top Search Terms report, which reveals the search terms that are bringing buyers to your products, and those that are resulting in sales.

#protip: Use the Search Stats report to optimize your items for search. The detail page includes links to a convenient place to tweak your items' traits for the best possible performance in advertising channels such as Google Shopping.


Members also gain visibility into revenue results for items, search terms, traffic sources, and categories. This information will help you mine for your most lucrative items and categories, make educated decisions on where to direct your advertising efforts, and even consider retiring (or optimizing) merchandise that isn’t moving.

Additionally, Platinum members and higher members receive access to stats from the last 24 hours, allowing you to pinpoint the time of day your listings are receiving the most views and activity. 


Ok, data guru. Now that you know how to use these tools, you’re better equipped to maximize your Bonanza sales, and keep the shoppers coming back. 


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