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Discounting eBay Item Prices Upon Import

When you sell items on Bonanza, you're probably going to save money compared to what you would have paid selling those items on eBay. In many cases, the difference can be several dollars. By allowing Bonanza to redirect a portion of those savings toward making your item prices lower, you make more sales by giving buyers the feeling that they're in on a sweet deal.

An example. Say you're selling a handbag for $75. On eBay, the fee when you sell this handbag would be about $7.50 (show me the full eBay fee chart). On Bonanza, it would be $2.63.

If you chose to discount your price by half of this difference, then we'd take half of that $4.87 ($7.50 - $2.63 = $4.87) you save and price your item at $72.57. If you discounted your price by the full savings, your item would be priced at a buyer-irresistible $70.13.

How do I enable price discounting?

There is a box on the item import page that you check to automatically discount the prices on your imported items. You can also select whether you would like to apply half of the amount you'll save, or all of the amount you'll save, toward discounting your prices.

How do you know what eBay would charge when I sell my items?

We leverage the mighty power of arithmetic, combined with eBay's own description of their final value fees for fixed price items.

How do I know that you won't make my prices too low?

After importing your items, you'll have the chance to review them before they're actually put up for sale on Bonanza (if you want to review your items before they are posted, be sure to select this option in your advanced import settings). If you want to re-adjust the prices of your items, you'll have the opportunity to do it then, before the items are made available to the public.

Are eBay's fees ever lower than Bonanza's? What happens if so?

For items priced at $10 and below, Bonanza and eBay prices are relatively similar. If there are any cases where eBay's fee was actually lower than Bonanza's, we will just leave the price of your eBay item as-is.

What if my items don't have fixed prices, i.e., they are auction items?

Bonanza does not have traditional auction listings, but you are welcome to import auction listings from eBay (if you want to import your active and/or unsold options, you can select these choices in your advanced import settings). If they do not have a "Buy It Now" price specified, the listing will import at the starting bid auction price. You are welcome to edit the price of those listings once they have been imported to Bonanza, if necessary.

Can I remove the discount after items have been imported?

We don't recommend removing the discount on imported items. The reason being that if a buyer locates your item on an advertising platform, such as Google Shopping, and sees the item listed at the same price on eBay and Bonanza, you may inadvertently direct the buyer to purchase the listing on eBay, where you'll pay a higher fee. If you wish to remove the discount after importing your listings, you'll want to first delete your items via the batch editor ("Selling > Batch edit items") then reimport your items. Be sure to uncheck the option to discount your prices by the percentage you'll save selling on Bonanza prior to importing.