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How To Add Item Variations on Bonanza

Sellers can now add custom variations to their items, directly via the new/edit item form. Once you select a category, you will see normal trait options. 

Type in your variation.  If it already exists, it will show.  If not, click "Enter" and the variation will be added to this single item.


If you have multiple colors/multiple sizes, you can select or type in "Many Colors" or "Many Sizes" into the trait field and click enter. A new option will show above the detailed item description box allowing you to add multiple colors and sizes.

Now, these will show as options for your buyers to select from a drop down on the item listing page.


If your selected category does not have the variation you need, you can suggest a trait be added to this category here. In the meantime, there is a workaround to add missing traits to a category that doesn't currently include the trait you need. Go into the item edit page and update the category to one that offers the trait you would like to add. This will create a field for that trait. Select the "many" option from the drop down and add the trait and available quantities using the newly added link above the item description box, then save your changes. Go back into the item and update the category back to your original category, and the added traits will still be there. Save your changes and you will now have variations available for that listing.




You are also able to create trait profiles to use on other listings. Our importers should recognize incoming variations and quantities. Our importers will also recognize various price points on the multiple variations per item.  If you find that to not be the case, please contact our world famous Bonanza Support Team so we can assist.