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TurboTraffic on Bonanza

TurboTraffic is a program Bonanza offers to drive maximum buyer traffic to sellers who are enrolled as Platinum or Titan members, or sellers who have purchased an individual TurboTraffic pack. It works together with Bonanza's advertising program, using the ad platforms you've selected to get maximum exposure for your store.

The impact of TurboTraffic will vary from merchant to merchant, depending on their price point and the type of merchandise sold. However, since 2014, we typically see an increase of over 300% in daily page views for merchants receiving TurboTraffic. Here are some typical real-world results showing pageviews before and during TurboTraffic:

How often and how long will TurboTraffic be enabled?

The length of time TurboTraffic will be active on your account depends on a number of factors:

  • Membership level. Platinum members can get up to 7 days per month of TurboTraffic, whereas Titan members can get up to 25 days per month. Note that Platinum members with older memberships (those receiving fee discounts) that have been grandfathered into the new system are not eligible to receive free TurboTraffic from their membership.
  • Advertising commission level. The higher the advertising commission level, the longer we can send TurboTraffic to your booth.
  • Conversion rate. Stores with conversion rates above 1% will enjoy longer TurboTraffic runs.
  • Overall traffic volume. The more clicks you get, the more it costs us to acquire the traffic for you. So if your store is getting thousands of clicks per day, the length of the TurboTraffic will often be less than a smaller store.

The easiest way to determine how much TurboTraffic to expect for your circumstances is to visit your "Selling > Booth stats" page after your booth has received TurboTraffic. You'll see a graphic like this:


Do my fees change when TurboTraffic is enabled?

No, your maximum commission will remain the same as you set it in your advertising settings. Higher commissions tend to lead to longer TurboTraffic intervals.

What happens when my TurboTraffic period ends?

Usually your traffic will return to the pre-TurboTraffic levels, though we have seen cases where traffic remains higher than usual when TurboTraffic has completed. When TurboTraffic expires, you will see stats on your standard advertising traffic under the "Advertising Views" section.

Can I schedule my TurboTraffic (or otherwise control when it turns on and off)?

The TurboTraffic associated with your Platinum or Titan membership benefits cannot be manually turned on and off. TurboTraffic is initiated by an intelligent automated system. The good news is that sellers now have the option to purchase individual TurboTraffic packs for better control over when their TurboTraffic will run!

What are TurboTraffic Packs?

TurboTraffic packs are one-time “booster packs” you can purchase to double or triple your shopper traffic for a short period of time (usually a few days). Typically, TurboTraffic purchased via an individual pack will start within 24 hours of purchase. You can even purchase multiple packs so that they run back-to-back and continue to drive traffic to your booth.* Any individual TurboTraffic packs you purchase will activate once your current TurboTraffic (associated with your membership benefits or a previously purchased TurboTraffic pack) expires. TurboTraffic packs cost $24.95 each. You can find more information about our TurboTraffic packs here

*TurboTraffic is a digital service. Digital services are non-refundable. 

Can I manage the amount of TurboTraffic I receive?

Bonanza now allows sellers to get more control over how their TurboTraffic budget is used. Choose one of the "volume" options and get the maximum traffic and pageviews quickly. If you prefer to make your budget last, choose one of the "value" options and extend TurboTraffic over a longer period of time. You can change levels anytime based on what works best for your business. 

How do I know when TurboTraffic is enabled and disabled?

You can visit your item stats page ("Selling Dashboard > Reports > Item stats" in left sidebar) to see when TurboTraffic is enabled, as well as how your buyer traffic changes with it enabled. The graph at the top of the page will break out when TurboTraffic has been turned on for your store. See the orange area:

When TurboTraffic is active, you will only see statistics under "TurboTraffic Views." You should also be able to see the increase in traffic in your Google Analytics stats, if you have them enabled.

Can I choose which listings will receive TurboTraffic?

You can direct your TurboTraffic spend toward individual items using a toggle to turn TurboTraffic on or off at the item level. Simply choose which items you'd like to receive maximum exposure and blast them with TurboTraffic. Or, toggle all of your items "on" and share the TurboTraffic love boothwide. You can manage your TurboTraffic listings via your TurboTraffic page, which you can also find in the Advertising tab of your Seller Dashboard menu.


I didn't sign up for a membership or purchase a TurboTraffic pack, but my booth still received TurboTraffic. Why?

In an effort to maximize sales for our merchants, we occasionally turn on TurboTraffic even in booths without memberships. We do this to drive incremental sales to merchants, and to let them see the impact TurboTraffic has on their sales (we understand that it's hard to commit to a membership when you're not sure what the results will be).


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