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Uploading and Editing Images on Bonanza

1. Click on the "Upload a photo" link on the new item form.
2. Select the picture you want to upload from your device files.
3. Voila! The upload will start as soon as your picture is selected. Wait until you see your picture before you save your item.

P.S. Don't break the rules.

Looking on ways to crop or edit your images? Keep on reading! 

Cropping and Editing Pictures

Cropping and editing your image allows you to adjust the subject, style and image size to meet your listing's needs, enticing buyers to purchase your awesome goods. 

You can crop your uploaded pictures as follows:

  • Upload a new image to your listing via the instructions above.
  • Select the Crop/rotate button directly below the image you want to edit

  • You'll see a beautiful options menu like the one below, allowing you to crop, rotate, resize and jazz up how your image looks. 

  • If you want to crop an image, you're simply going to select the "Crop" option from the bar at the top. It'll take you to a page like the one below. In order to remove James' pretty face from this image, we're simply going to want to use the white buttons to control what we want cropped. 

  • Click the "Apply" button when you're satisfied. 


Can I change the shape of the crop from a rectangle to something else? 

Yes! As long as the "Lock Dimensions" checkbox isn't enabled, you can change the shape of the crop you're doing. However, as a warning, images are displayed in rectangles when buyers look at them, so be mindful of what it will ultimately look like to your buyers before getting too creative.


What about all these other features? 

There certainly are a lot of them, aren't there? Don't worry, they're pretty straight forward.

  • Rotating can only be done at 90 degree angels. 
  • Enhancements are filters you apply to your enitre image, to get it looking super spiffy.
  • Brightness, contrasat and saturation are all sliders that let you change how the image looks, play around with them! 
  • Resizing is as simple as putting in the dimensions you want for the image, and letting our image suite do all the hard work for you.


What Limitations Are There on the Pictures I Can Upload?

  • Size: 4 megs or less

  • Format: jpg, gif, or png

  • Duh: nothing naughty

Pictures will automatically be lowered in resolution to be shown in smaller formats (so they don't take forever to load when there's a group of them shown). The largest size available for buyers to see is 1600x1200.

What Will the Main Picture for my Item Be (AKA: What is an Image Slot)?

A picture "slot" is the name we give to each of the places where you can upload pictures. Whatever picture is in the first slot will be the "main photo," it will be what people see when they are browsing through your booth. If you want to change the main picture for your item, drag an image from another slot into its location in the item editing page (you may need to upload a second picture, first!)

Give your buyers up to 15 eye popping pictures.  All the images can be arranged by drag and drop.

Background Burner

Looking for an easy way to perfect your item images? The Bonanza Background Burner is a free image-editing tool that can help enhance your items and bring them to tip-top shape for selling! Its main purpose is to remove the backgrounds from your images, but sometimes the results aren't perfect. That's why it also provides powerful but easy-to-use tools to help you boost your Burned images from "great" to "perfect."

Buyers are also more likely to buy your products if they have a clean, white background. Case studies show that removing the background using a tool like Background Burner can increase sales conversion by 300%. Giving your images a crisp, white background will also give a professional and uniform look to your booth.




To access this amazing (and did we mention, free?) tool from the new item form, just click the "Background burner" button on the lower-right corner under the image. This will upload the image to the Background Burner and you can begin making your edits! 

If you're wanting more information about this amazing tool and how it works, visit this page for the details.


Looking for more tips on how to perfect your item images? Check out our Holiday Workshop article on the topic. 



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