Spark Lister FAQ and How-to

What is Spark Lister?

It's a desktop listing editor that allows sellers to edit and store their listings offline, and easily sync to their Bonanza Booth. The beta version is available for download here. It's free!

Why would I want to edit my listings offline?

Typically, high volume sellers, and sellers who want to grow their business appreciate being able to own and edit their listings locally. It makes it easier to stay organized, quickly create repeat listings, and upload to multiple platforms.

Is this a Turbo Lister alternative?

It's similar. Spark Lister is the result of an investment Bonanza made to replace a tool that our eBay-based sellers said was crucial to their success. We’re offering Spark Lister as a free alternative for sellers to manage their inventory across eBay and Bonanza, now that Turbo Lister is deprecated.

If I want to download, what operating systems does it run on?

Spark Lister supports Windows operating systems. 

As a seller, why should I use Spark Lister?

Spark Lister helps you create listings offline and in bulk, to post on Bonanza quickly and easily.

You can save listing details and item descriptions for items that you sell, so it is simple to reuse them in the future. 

Can I use it to edit my eBay Listings, too?

You can! You can edit and upload your listings to both eBay and Bonanza. Selling on Bonanza is not required to use Spark Lister.

How much does it cost?

It's totally free. Bonanza is all about helping entrepreneurs thrive without the busy-work. You will be subject to the normal marketplace fees if you sell an item or post on your favorite platform, but Spark Lister is a free download.

What if I have fancy templates? Can I still edit those offline and sync those without a hitch?

You can easily edit and manage your HTML templates using Spark Lister.