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Bonanza Memberships

Selling online can be a challenge. Navigate the waters of ecommerce with a Bonanza membership. Members make 204% more sales than basic sellers. Seas the day – learn more about memberships.

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The value of a Bonanza membership

Sellers with a Bonanza membership enjoy significantly more booth performance than sellers without. How much more?


more revenue


more sales


more traffic

These numbers are an average of the performance of all membership levels combined when compared to non-memberships.

Why choose a Bonanza membership?

Bonanza’s memberships are filled to the brim with advanced seller tools, increased advertising options, robust reporting, and booth analytics. Get a head start against the competition and set yourself up for success with a Bonanza membership.

View booth stats on an hourly basis

Booth metrics provide valuable information that help inform your business model. An hourly breakdown of these booth stats show how buyers interact with your booth, reporting on your booth performance with pinpoint accuracy.

Give your booth traffic a major boost

TurboTraffic increases your advertising bids, boosts visibility on Google Shopping, and drives more shoppers to your items. With TurboTraffic, many sellers see their traffic and sales double or triple.

Find the membership that’s right for your business

Your business is just as unique as you are – don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all plan.

Gold membership

$40 per month

  • 4 days of TurboTraffic
  • Visible markdowns
  • Booth customization
  • Sponsored search items
  • $0.25 transaction fee waived

Platinum membership

$70 per month

All the perks of Gold, plus:
  • 7 days of TurboTraffic
  • Advanced analytics
  • Facebook advertisiting

Titan membership

$200 per month

All the perks of Platinum, plus:
  • 25 days of TurboTraffic
  • Personal booth consultation
  • Comparison shopping channels