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Connect Your Channels, Fast

Pre-configured connectors seamlessly integrate all channels and applications across your order operations.

  • Set up in just minutes, no lengthy implementation projects or IT required
  • Exchange order operations data in real-time across all connected channels
  • Add, swap or remove channels without rearchitecting order flow processes
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Keep everything in sync

Keep Everything in Sync

Vercado normalizes data from all channels so orders, fulfillments, returns, inventory, and products always move in unison.

  • Make every cross-application handoff seamless and error-free with rich mapping capabilities for product bundles and kits, SKUs, and shipping methods
  • Keep every channel aligned to your master product catalog regardless of where it lives with dynamic product updates
  • Eliminate inventory silos and harness the power of omnichannel inventory management with synchronized arrivals, fulfillments, receipts, settlements, transfer orders, and purchase orders

Route Orders Automatically

Optimize order flows of any volume, complexity, or frequency across all selling, fulfillment, and back-office channels.

  • Slash fulfillment costs while meeting on-time delivery goals
  • Automate omnichannel fulfillment flows with bespoke order holds, line item splitting and order routing logic
  • Route orders based on businesses criteria including channel, location, SKUs, tags and more
Route orders automatically
See your operations in real time

See Your Operations in Real-Time

Work smarter not harder with liveops visibility that monitors events across your entire order operations in real-time.

  • Get a holistic view of all orders, inventory, and fulfillment across operations management, logistics and finance
  • Set actionable alerts that notify you when problems occur that need intervention
  • Never wonder if and why an order is stuck by automatically pinpointing issues as they happen

Power Your Data Analytics

Easily stream normalized data from across your omnichannel operations to your data analytics tools of choice.

  • Share a single source of truth across all channels that is always up to date
  • Stream normalized data to analytics, business intelligence, and data lake applications
  • Use your comprehensive order flow data to make better, more informed decisions throughout your operations

Power your data

Secure and Reliable


Always Secure

Vercado employs enterprise-grade security with end-to-end data encryption and adheres to all major security protocols, including SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR


Always On

The modern cloud architecture of Vercado combines high availability, low latency, and elastic scale to handle order flows of any volume without disruption.


Always Accessible

All of our connectors, order routing, and order ops dashboards can be accessed on any device with an internet connection.