Warehouse Management

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Simpler warehouse operations works

Welcome to the gold standard of warehouse management – with faster fulfillment, greater inventory accuracy, and 85+ shipping integrations to choose from.

Features warehouse management
Features warehouse management benefits

Manage and setup single, multiple warehouses
Inventory Locations
Serialized on non-serialized Inventory
Lot Management
Shipment Integration
Picklist and Package Management
Inventory Locations

Warehouse 3 make every shelf count

Make every shelf count

No more restrictions to one SKU per bin rack. Our system allows you to store similar SKUs across multiple bin racks, giving you the flexibility to manage your inventory your way.

Ship faster with digital picklists

Make warehouse staff happy – and customers even happier – with automated picklists showing the most efficient route to fulfill orders.

Warehouse 4 ship faster
Warehouse management feature 3

Ready, steady, scale

Need to optimize for space? We’ve got you. Map every zone, group and bin type to delegate better and adapt for higher demand.