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Welcome to the Bonanza Blog! Here you will find all the latest news about our online marketplace, with timely stories about how to get the most out of your selling online and effectively manage your online shop.

Coming Soon: The New Stats Dashboard

Hi everyone!  I'm Anna, a programmer at Bonanza, here to tell you all about an awesome feature we've got in the works.

Bonanza has been a seller-focused company since its inception and we continue to find new ways to help our sellers build a successful ecommerce business.  After a lot of research, we discovered we had a big opportunity to use data to help sellers better learn and understand their customers.  With that in mind, we are excited to begin developing a new stats experience for our sellers!

You can look forward to the launch of the new stats dashboard in the next few weeks.  Today, I wanted to give you a preview of some of the cool new features, as well as the new design.

New Graphs

The new stats page will feature two brand new graphs to help you understand traffic and revenue trends for your booth: the Sales Graph and the Top Categories Chart.

The Sales Graph is the centerpiece of the new stats dashboard.  It will display information about item views, sales, and total revenue over selected timeframes, all together on the same chart.  A single glance will allow you to easily spot trends and growth. ... (continued)

Seller Survey 2015 Results

The Seller Survey has become an annual Bonanza tradition. To wrap up the year following the holiday rush, we sent the 2015 year-in-review survey out to all of Bonanza's sellers. We received almost 25,000 responses to our questions, providing some very valuable feedback. 

Before we go any further, we wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who participated this year. These surveys help guide our efforts at the start of each year, and we pride ourselves on putting your input into practice.

Without any further ado... the results!

You like us, you really like us!

In response to the question "How likely are you to recommend Bonanza to friends?" over 75% of our sellers said they'd recommend Bonanza to their friends. That's a big deal. Word of mouth is hugely beneficial. People are more likely to use a product, see a movie, or visit a website like Bonanza and make a purchase if their friends and family tell them they had a great experience. We'll keep working on building that great experience, and you keep spreading the word about Bonanza. Please :)

Where you're coming from

In addition to Bonanza, the top four places our sellers sell their goods... (continued)

TurboTraffic Packs: Do They Work?

It’s been just 2 weeks since we launched our new TurboTraffic Packs service for Bonanza sellers, and it’s time to check on the results. Hundreds of merchants have given TurboTraffic Packs a try, but was it worth it? Did they get a tidal wave of new shoppers in their booths, and were their sales lifted by a meaningful amount?
Fortunately, the answer is a resounding “YES!” That’s good news for the TurboTraffic programmers here at Bonanza, because otherwise they would have been immediately fired1. But it’s also good news for Bonanza merchants, because it provides a fast and easy way to boost your sales anytime.
How much of a difference did it make for the merchants who gave it a try? The numbers are in: the merchants who tried TurboTraffic Packs saw an average 306.4% increase in daily sales revenue. In other words, their sales tripled - that’s a major impact on your bottom line.
TurboTraffic Packs are one-time “booster packs” you can purchase to increase your shopper traffic for a short period of time, usually several days. You can buy just one pack at a time, or you can purchase up to 10... (continued)

New: TurboTraffic Packs

Friday 2pm update: great success!

In our first day of having TurboTraffic Packs, we've seen the average seller buying a pack jump from $25 GMV/day before to $57 GMV/day after (with top sellers averaging $1000+). While there has been a very diverse group of sellers signing up so far (and not everyone has seen immediate traffic jump), the large majority seem to be seeing a meaningful bump not just in pageviews but in actual sales. Way cool! Today we're adding some extra juice to the system, such that those who don't see a traffic bump on day 1 will continue having more cash invested on their buyer traffic until they (hopefully) bubble to the top of their competitive terms.

Hark, great E-commerce Genie, fetch me more traffic!

Original post

Imagine that you found a genie in a bottle. And not just a run-of-the-mill genie - this one is an e-commerce genie. She tells you she can grant you one wish, anything at all that would affect your online sales. What would you wish for?
Would you wish for a fancy new logo? Full-color shipping labels? Fewer returns? Those might be “nice to haves,” but what a waste... (continued)

Tis a Festival of Features

Update 11/20/2015-- Amazon Payments is now live on Bonanza! Whether you are new to Amazon Payments or have an exisitng Checkout by Amazon account, you can sign up via this button:


With the holidays upon us, I wanted to take pause to get everyone up to speed on the bounty of features we've added lately to make this our best holiday season so far. Check it:

1. Productivity upgrade

We don't talk about them often, but our team of software developers is the secret sauce behind how we get so much done. Keeping bugs fixed and sales doubling every year doesn't happen by itself -- it requires the best talent in the world (that will move to Seattle). But, like many tech companies, we've had trouble growing our developer team as fast as you've grown your GMV. This has meant the delay of some features (e.g., our mobile app) as we struggle to keep the core product functioning smoothly during rapid growth.
Lately, the tide has turned in our favor. With three new developers starting this month, the size of our software team has now tripled in 2015, as has our customer support team. Listening to customer... (continued)

The Difference Between a Booth and a Webstore

Here at Bonanza, we are always looking for ways to make selling online easy, efficient, and practically effortless. Bonanza has been a seller-centric business since it was founded in 2008, and has maintained a laser-focus on helping entrepreneurs build a thriving ecommerce business with as little effort and overhead as possible. Over time, we have developed several unique tools that were designed with you in mind. 

One of those tools is Bonanza Webstores. We launched Webstores just over a year ago, and have been adding features and making improvements to the platform ever since. What is a Webstore, you ask? A Bonanza Webstore is a standalone website, separate from the Bonanza Marketplace, where shoppers can buy your items. It is a place where you get to create your brand and control your online presence. You can make your Bonanza Webstore your own by choosing a personalized URL and one of several unique designs and other customizations.

One of our newest Webstore themes, Sherman.

We've received feedback that some sellers are confused about the differences between a Webstore and a Booth. That's why we wrote this handy article. It outlines the similarities and differences between the two, so you'll never have to wonder again. 

In this... (continued)

A New Look for Bonanza: Refreshing the Homepage and Navigation

Over the past few months, we’ve been exploring ways to improve and refresh important sections of Bonanza. In August, we took on the most visible portion of the site — the homepage and navigation. Our concept focused on revitalizing the look and feel and presenting a more complete picture of Bonanza’s extraordinary marketplace and community. We think these changes will be a great improvement, and we’re excited to announce that they’re now live.

Exploring the new homepage


The most noticeable change is the new design for the homepage. After a comprehensive review of the page, we realized we could do a better job of representing the Bonanza experience. We wanted to articulate what our marketplace has to offer buyers and sellers and present this in a way that was both contemporary and uniquely Bonanza.

Like the previous page, this new design features search, hand-picked lists, and major categories. We’ve also added new sections for testimonials, seasonal promotions, and other great Bonanza tools. These additional sections will help us keep fresh, relevant information on the homepage.

Discovering new ways to shop

While exploring new treatments for the homepage, we also began examining the navigation. At first, we just wanted to make... (continued)

The New My Bonanza and My Sales Pages Are Now Live

We're excited to announce that the new My Bonanza and My Sales pages are now live! This has been a big project for our team and we can't wait for you explore the new features. We think they will make the experience faster, easier, and more useful for both sellers and buyers.

Here are a few details about what to expect today. For more details about the project, you can also check out our our recent posts about My Bonanza and My Sales, or check out the video below. 


Getting started

You can get to the new pages using the My Bonanza link in the navigation (or by logging in). We set up a quick tutorial on the page that helps explain a few of the big changes that we made. This will show up the first time you visit the new My Bonanza. It's totally optional, but it's a good way to get familiar with the features in just a minute or two. 

Example of the My Bonanza tutorial

Getting around

All site users still have a My Bonanza page, which shows recent purchases, shopping activity, wish list, and other favorites. Sellers also have a new My Sales page, which has details about recent... (continued)

5 Reasons to Love the New "My Sales" Page

Summer is rolling along here at Bonanza, and we’ve been keeping cool by building out the new My Bonanza features. Today I wanted to give an update and share some more information about My Sales, the new dashboard just for sellers.

Why create My Sales?

The main reason we decided to create this page is to give our sellers a better workspace. The existing My Bonanza page has a lot of great features — an assortment of stuff for buying, selling, and general account use. However, even with all we had on the page, we realized we were still missing a lot of useful information specific to sellers.

The new design had several goals, the main one being to expose more useful information in one page. We wanted to make new transactions more visible, give sellers more information about sales and traffic, and provide quick access to booth and advertising tools. The page also includes more content designed to help sellers, including tips, articles, and promotions.

There are many things to look forward to on My Sales. Here are the top features we think will be really useful.

#1 - Better alerts for transactions

An alert for an order to be shipped.

What's new:

We redesigned the way we... (continued)

Christmas in July Shopping Sale

Each year the Bonanza community comes together for Christmas in July.  This is the sixth year that the Bonanza community has organized and hosted this sale.  Shoppers are treated to discounts of 10-50% the entire month of July. A complete list of participating sellers can be found here.  Now is your chance to get all your holiday shopping done early and save big.  Many thanks to MyTexasTreasures and all of her elves that helped coordinate this wonderful sale. 

Coming Soon: The New My Bonanza Page

Here at Bonanza, our team has been exploring ways to improve the design of important pages on the site. One of the big opportunities on our list was the My Bonanza page. After much research, design, and iteration, we’re excited to have started developing the new page. We’re planning for it to be up and running in the coming weeks.

We'll be keeping you up to date with details about the page launch over the new few weeks. Today, I wanted to share some basic information about the project as well as a sneak peak at the new design. 

Why change the page design?

The My Bonanza page has an opportunity to display tons of valuable information for both buyers and sellers. We wanted to be sure that all of the information is presented in a way that's easy to understand and act on. To support this initiative, we came up with a few ideas to help the page work better (and look) better.


Comparison of old and new My Bonanza pages

New dashboards for sellers and buyers

Right now, My Bonanza serves two groups: sellers and buyers. Since the needs of these groups can be pretty different, we decided to give each their own page. This allows... (continued)

When Last Season's Help Pages Just Won't Cut It

Hi everyone! My name is Reilly and I’m lucky enough to be a Happiness Producer on Bonanza’s Support Team. It’s a gift to have the opportunity to improve your buying and selling experiences on Bonanza. When things get tough selling online, it's easy to feel frustrated, and we're glad to be the ones who help make your time on Bonanza as pleasant as possible.


We’re always happy to assist with questions through our e-mail Support channel and we are grateful to be able to communicate with you there.  However we also understand that as an entrepreneur you sometimes like to find answers on your own time and that is why we recently directed much needed love to our help pages.

It is no secret that Bonanza is growing at a rapid pace. We have more than double the inventory we had last year and the number of users is increasing aggressively each day. The onslaught of items, new features, and shoppers had left our Help pages in serious need of an update. The Help videos showed a version of Bonanza (and of Bill’s facial hair) that hasn’t been seen or heard from since 2008. Many of the limitations we... (continued)

Who Wore It Best?

Hi everyone! My name is McKenna and I am one of many Happiness Producer's on the world renowned Bonanza Support Team. As the most fashion forward team member, I am your resident source for all the latest trends. That being said, I'm here to discuss a major fashion faux pas and bring some exciting news from the Bonanza Team!

While it's easy to chuckle at how embarrassed Kim Kardashian must have felt this past February when she showed up at a famed fashion photographer's party wearing the same dress as her brother's ex-girlfriend, showing up in the same outfit as someone else is no laughing matter! Everyone knows how incredibly awkward it can be when you accidentally wear the same outfit as another, but it's hard to relate to that situation until it happens to you!

You know the dealio. One outfit. Two founders. This epic walk-off features our very own Founder, Bill Harding vs. our Co-founder, Mark Dorsey. Both are sporting Bonanza's original "Mongoose Space Needle Tee Shirt." So who wore it best?


While you can appreciate the accessories Mark has chosen, you may notice a huge rip in his jeans. Ummm hello??? Nirvana broke up... (continued)

Introducing a New Wish List Experience

The Bonanza wishlist!

Hi, I’m James and I’m a new designer here at Bonanza. I’m excited to talk about some fresh changes we’re making to the Wish List this week, thanks to the work of superstar programmer Eric.

What’s New with the Wish List?

The Wish List is a great way for buyers to collect and save amazing items on It’s an awesome feature, so we wanted to make a few changes to make it work better for both buyers and sellers. We had three goals: give the Wish List more attention on the item page, make it easier for buyers ask questions about an item, and make it easy for sellers to respond.

Adding Items to the Wish List

Before the redesign, the Wish List button wasn’t getting a lot of love on the item page. After careful deliberation, we made a couple of dramatic design decisions. We made the button bigger and placed it in the product info box.

The size makes the button a bit more prominent and easier to click, especially for mobile buyers. The placement implies that it’s an important action — similar to adding to cart or asking the seller a question.

We’re hoping these change will... (continued)

Background Burner Goes to Tomorrowland

Hi everyone! I’m Grace, the Marketing Coordinator here at Bonanza!  I’m excited to share some awesome news about Bonanza’s powerful background removal and replacement tool, The Background Burner. Sales conversions are significantly higher on items with white backgrounds, which is why Bonanza created the Background Burner. The tool has been a game-changer for online sellers, making professional, white background photos easy and accessible for all.


The Background Burner technology uses high-tech computer algorithms to automatically distinguish between the foreground and background of an image. This technology is so impressive that it’s getting attention outside of the ecommerce world. I’m eager to announce that Bonanza has recently collaborated with Disney to create a cutting-edge website experience in connection with the upcoming summer blockbuster, Tomorrowland.  

From this:

To this!

The Disney movie features state-of-the-art special effects and futuristic scenery, so we've provided the Background Burner technology to develop an interactive website that can take users to Tomorrowland. Users simply take a selfie or upload a photo, and Bonanza’s Background Burner immediately transports them to Tomorrowland.  

Bonanza is not just a marketplace - it’s an inspiring community that is creating cutting-edge tools to power online entrepreneurs. We couldn’t... (continued)

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