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Welcome to the Bonanza Blog! Here you will find all the latest news about our online marketplace, with timely stories about how to get the most out of your selling online and effectively manage your online shop.

Coming Soon: The New My Bonanza Page

Here at Bonanza, our team has been exploring ways to improve the design of important pages on the site. One of the big opportunities on our list was the My Bonanza page. After much research, design, and iteration, we’re excited to have started developing the new page. We’re planning for it to be up and running in the coming weeks.

We'll be keeping you up to date with details about the page launch over the new few weeks. Today, I wanted to share some basic information about the project as well as a sneak peak at the new design. 

Why change the page design?

The My Bonanza page has an opportunity to display tons of valuable information for both buyers and sellers. We wanted to be sure that all of the information is presented in a way that's easy to understand and act on. To support this initiative, we came up with a few ideas to help the page work better (and look) better.


Comparison of old and new My Bonanza pages

New dashboards for sellers and buyers

Right now, My Bonanza serves two groups: sellers and buyers. Since the needs of these groups can be pretty different, we decided to give each their own page. This allows... (continued)

When Last Season's Help Pages Just Won't Cut It

Hi everyone! My name is Reilly and I’m lucky enough to be a Happiness Producer on Bonanza’s Support Team. It’s a gift to have the opportunity to improve your buying and selling experiences on Bonanza. When things get tough selling online, it's easy to feel frustrated, and we're glad to be the ones who help make your time on Bonanza as pleasant as possible.


We’re always happy to assist with questions through our e-mail Support channel and we are grateful to be able to communicate with you there.  However we also understand that as an entrepreneur you sometimes like to find answers on your own time and that is why we recently directed much needed love to our help pages.

It is no secret that Bonanza is growing at a rapid pace. We have more than double the inventory we had last year and the number of users is increasing aggressively each day. The onslaught of items, new features, and shoppers had left our Help pages in serious need of an update. The Help videos showed a version of Bonanza (and of Bill’s facial hair) that hasn’t been seen or heard from since 2008. Many of the limitations we... (continued)

Who Wore It Best?

Hi everyone! My name is McKenna and I am one of many Happiness Producer's on the world renowned Bonanza Support Team. As the most fashion forward team member, I am your resident source for all the latest trends. That being said, I'm here to discuss a major fashion faux pas and bring some exciting news from the Bonanza Team!

While it's easy to chuckle at how embarrassed Kim Kardashian must have felt this past February when she showed up at a famed fashion photographer's party wearing the same dress as her brother's ex-girlfriend, showing up in the same outfit as someone else is no laughing matter! Everyone knows how incredibly awkward it can be when you accidentally wear the same outfit as another, but it's hard to relate to that situation until it happens to you!

You know the dealio. One outfit. Two founders. This epic walk-off features our very own Founder, Bill Harding vs. our Co-founder, Mark Dorsey. Both are sporting Bonanza's original "Mongoose Space Needle Tee Shirt." So who wore it best?


While you can appreciate the accessories Mark has chosen, you may notice a huge rip in his jeans. Ummm hello??? Nirvana broke up... (continued)

Introducing a New Wish List Experience

The Bonanza wishlist!

Hi, I’m James and I’m a new designer here at Bonanza. I’m excited to talk about some fresh changes we’re making to the Wish List this week, thanks to the work of superstar programmer Eric.

What’s New with the Wish List?

The Wish List is a great way for buyers to collect and save amazing items on It’s an awesome feature, so we wanted to make a few changes to make it work better for both buyers and sellers. We had three goals: give the Wish List more attention on the item page, make it easier for buyers ask questions about an item, and make it easy for sellers to respond.

Adding Items to the Wish List

Before the redesign, the Wish List button wasn’t getting a lot of love on the item page. After careful deliberation, we made a couple of dramatic design decisions. We made the button bigger and placed it in the product info box.

The size makes the button a bit more prominent and easier to click, especially for mobile buyers. The placement implies that it’s an important action — similar to adding to cart or asking the seller a question.

We’re hoping these change will... (continued)

Background Burner Goes to Tomorrowland

Hi everyone! I’m Grace, the Marketing Coordinator here at Bonanza!  I’m excited to share some awesome news about Bonanza’s powerful background removal and replacement tool, The Background Burner. Sales conversions are significantly higher on items with white backgrounds, which is why Bonanza created the Background Burner. The tool has been a game-changer for online sellers, making professional, white background photos easy and accessible for all.


The Background Burner technology uses high-tech computer algorithms to automatically distinguish between the foreground and background of an image. This technology is so impressive that it’s getting attention outside of the ecommerce world. I’m eager to announce that Bonanza has recently collaborated with Disney to create a cutting-edge website experience in connection with the upcoming summer blockbuster, Tomorrowland.  

From this:

To this!

The Disney movie features state-of-the-art special effects and futuristic scenery, so we've provided the Background Burner technology to develop an interactive website that can take users to Tomorrowland. Users simply take a selfie or upload a photo, and Bonanza’s Background Burner immediately transports them to Tomorrowland.  

Bonanza is not just a marketplace - it’s an inspiring community that is creating cutting-edge tools to power online entrepreneurs. We couldn’t... (continued)

Let's make eBay the second banana

Those who visit Bonanza after this March will notice that we've put a new look and feel on the site. Our old logo (and name) had remained unchanged since late 2010, when we moved from "Bonanzle" to "Bonanza." Over the past year, we've analyzed how we might replicate the 10x jump in traffic & sales since the name change. Is there an even bigger leap to make, to take us from hundreds of millions up to billions?

I'm very excited to peel back the curtain and present to you the new marketplace we think you'll go bananas for:!


"your most fruitful shopping experience"


Changing our name is not a matter we take lightly, and we will be transitioning gradually from the casual "banana" background you see today, to the fully realized

Do the math.

In spite of our reservations, the points in favor of this move were too compelling to ignore:

  • Freshen up stale identity (unchanged since 2010)
  • Piggyback off a well-known concept (the banana) to help people's brains easily remember our brand
  • Ready-made color scheme
  • Favorable connotations: convenient, well-priced, delicious
  • Lets us also freshen tagline: "Your most fruitful shopping experience"

Even with all these... (continued)

Your Most Requested Feature is Now Live on Bonanza

Bonanza has been built on the feedback that we consistently receive from our users via many different channels. No matter the source for feedback, a few things have remained the same. Firstly, our customers are the best source of feedback. You use the site every day and are dialed into what changes would benefit many. Secondly, feedback is not criticism, it's free advice. Thirdly, the process for implementing feedback does not need to be a complicated path. You tell us what you want, and if it makes sense we implement it, simple as that.

To show our thanks, we bring you our latest improvements courtesy of our most valuable asset, you:


Make the name of the booth searchable. Users can now use the main Bonanza search engine to search for a users booth name. Booth names will be indexed in the main search. Because booth names are not unique (meaning that more than one person can have the same booth name), we will show multiple results when need be. This feedback is courtesy of our feedback page on Bonanza.

Don't mark up shipping labels purchased on Bonanza. We have updated our shipping labelsso there is zero markup for... (continued)

Download the Bonanza Sellers mobile app

Announcing the brand new Bonanza Sellers mobile app, the easiest way to manage your Bonanza business on the go! The app is available now for Android and coming soon for Apple, and offers a streamlined way to manage your Bonanza business when you're away from your computer.

Manage your Bonanza store any time, any place!

Why did we create the Bonanza Sellers mobile app?

It’s impossible to predict the future, but a little bird told us that mobile technology is here to stay. Most folks have a smart phone in their pocket at all times, so we wanted to leverage that power to make life better for Bonanza buyers and sellers everywhere.

Not to mention, it’s one of the top most-requested things on our feedback site. Sellers have been clamoring for a mobile app to help manage their inventory and sales, and we love giving our merchants whatever they need to grow their businesses painlessly and effectively.

How does the Bonanza Sellers mobile app make life easier for sellers?

The new Bonanza Sellers app allows merchants to list products, manage inventory, and communicate with buyers while on the go using their smartphones. It’s a streamlined and easy-to-use way to... (continued)

Purchase and Print USPS International Shipping Labels on Bonanza

We're really excited to announce that it's now possible to buy and print USPS international shipping labels right from Bonanza! Now shipping internationally is just as simple as shipping within the US.

That's great! What does this mean for me?

Sellers who ship internationally open themselves up to an even larger number of potential customers. More potential customers means more potential sales. More sales means happy sellers. And happy sellers means happy Bonanzlers here at HQ.

How do I get international buyers to see my booth?

Set international shipping via the batch editor
Set international shipping via the batch editor

In order to attract those international buyers, you'll want to update your shipping profiles to include international shipping. Adding international shipping can be done individually from the "Edit item" page as well as from the batch editor.

If you are enrolled in our Google Shopping advertising program, and you ship worldwide, your items will be published to Google Shopping for the US, United Kingdom, India, and Canada (and we're always evaluating adding more countries).

I've made an international sale, how do I print my label?

Bonanza international shipping order form
Bonanza international shipping order form

Printing the shipping label is easy.

  1. When viewing an order in "Items Sold," click the... (continued)

Anouncing the Newest Bonanza Webstore Theme, Slalom

Howdy folks. I'm back with more news! Today we're releasing our latest Bonanza webstore theme, "Slalom."

"Slalom" is our most visually advanced theme yet. With this theme, we bumped up the "wow" factor. That starts with the over-sized images on the home page. Our sellers have their own unique brands and personalities to set them apart, and we wanted a way to make that immediately obvious to their customers. The extra large images let you tell your story through photos.

The name "Slalom" was inspired by movement, and we worked to inject that feeling into the theme. "Slalom" is peppered with subtle visual effects to convey motion. Scroll from the very top of the home page to the bottom, and you may notice the various ways the theme "moves" with you.

Like all of our Bonanza webstorethemes, "Slalom" utilizes "responsive design." Basically, what this means is that no matter how your customers view your webstore - whether it's on their desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone - they will get an experience that is optimized for the size of their screen. Your home computer screen is wider than the screen on your phone, and all of our webstore themes... (continued)

Just Launched: Simplified Fees Page and Inventory Export

Hi, I'm Eric, a programmer here at Bonanza, and this my first blog post ever! Please be gentle. :)

Lots of updates this week! Hooray! In addition to being able to transfer items between seller accounts, we launched a simplified version of our fees page, as well as a new feature: inventory export.

Fees Page

Our goal with this new fees page was to make it easier and quicker for you to find the most important information about your billing history. That starts at the top of the page with our slick new summary box. This section is intended to give you an idea of the state of your account at a glance.


The other major change was to make the page more compact. We removed the "Bill for ::last month::" box and brought the "Past Bills" section (now called "Statements") up closer to the top of the page.

I think most importantly we made it waaaaaay easier to find your statement for the current month - just click the "View current statement" link (If you don't see that link on your fees page, don't worry. It just means that you haven't been charged any seller fees for the... (continued)

Transfer Your Bonanza Items Between Bonanza Accounts

Super happy to announce that today we have launched a new tool that will permit Bonanza sellers to transfer their Bonanza items from one booth to another! To use this tool, you will first need to link your Bonanza booths (no limit, you can link as many as you like). You can access the linking menu by pointing your mouse over your user name in the upper right hand corner of any Bonanza page:



After you have successfully linked your other active booth(s), you will then go to your batch editor (Sell on Bonanza > Update items as a group). From that page you will select the items you wish to transfer, select the linked booth and then click on the "Apply Changes" button and that should do it. 



You can keep tabs on this and all new updates to Bonanza on our site update feed that can be found on your My Bonanza page (Stay tuned for more fun tools and improvements).

Seller Survey 2014: Results & Actions

We'd like to extend a huge thank you! to all our sellers who participated in this year's annual seller survey. After gathering data for a few weeks, I wanted to share what we learned, along with the actions we plan to take in the coming year to respond to your input and keep Bonanza's distinction as "the most seller-driven marketplace" online.

Where you're coming from

Bonanza was born in a multi-channel world, and that trend clearly continued in 2014. Here are the other marketplaces you used during the past year:

The largest contingent of Bonanza sellers are those active on eBay. No big surprise there. More interesting is Amazon's emergence as the runner-up platform, now representing almost half as many Bonanza sellers as eBay. I believe this is a testament to having built a toolset that can handle the needs of both small and large stores. With all the great merchandise listed on Amazon, we are excited about the opportunity to provide an increasing number of Amazon sellers with a platform that's more affordable and less anonymous. The key to repeat customers is to build a relationship with the buyer, and we will continue to help you cultivate those relationships.

... (continued)

Happiest holidays... ever. What's next?

What a start to the holiday season for Bonanza sellers! It has already been one heck of a Q3/Q4, between the launches of Webstores, Direct Checkout, Affiliate Program, and Background Burner Pro (not to mention the recently lowered price of Shipping Labels, our top-voted feature from the feedback site). Even by Bonanza standards, our programming team really outdid themselves this quarter. They get a cookie. Most websites wouldn't be able to launch that many big features in a year, let alone 4 months.

Yeah, it's about that time

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in the rearview, we can finally begin to gauge what kind of impact these new additions have had on our sellers' bottom line.

Put it in context

Before jumping into our numbers, it is worth noting for context that its been a good start to the holiday season across the web. According to the Washington Post, ecommerce sales were up an average of 12.6% amongst their surveyed retailers. Comscore was even more bullish, measuring an average increase of 29% over Black Friday & Cyber Monday. From the improving economy to the proliferation of mobile connectivity, it's a great time... (continued)

Marketplace vs. Webstore

Have you been thinking about opening a standalone store for the holidays, but you're not up to speed on the tradeoffs between a marketplace and a standalone store?

Then you're in luck: Today's infographic provides a nice introduction to the differences, pro's and con's of each option. (Hint: If you want the best of both worlds, open a Bonanza Webstore. You'll get a standalone website, plus access to one of the world's biggest online marketplaces, all in one.)

Help us get the word out by sharing this gorgeous graphic on your favorite social network! Click if you want a giant version.

Sell on a marketplace vs. an online store

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