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"50 Best Websites of 2014"
"A big commercial hit"
"Very shopper friendly"

We remove the technical expertise needed to build a profitable online business, making the joys of entrepreneurship accessible for all. Our product is built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We understand what it means to be too busy for inconvenience.

Before Bonanza, creating an online business could take hundreds of hours to research & enroll in the various services necessary to operate a scalable ecommerce storefront.

We provide a marketplace with one-click publishing to all major buyer channels (Google Shopping, TheFind, Nextag, Pricegrabber, etc). Until you make a sale, we pay all advertising costs on your behalf. We only make money when you make money. No listing fees, no monthly store fees, no other sneaky fees.

Additionally, we offer zero-effort webstores (automatically built from the seller's marketplace account), and the tools to create studio-quality, background-cleaned photos without dropping $3k on a photo studio.

Bonanza was named 2014's "Most Recommended" and "Best Overall" online marketplace (beating out Etsy, Amazon and eBay) in the largest seller survey online, conducted by EcommerceBytes. In 2012 and 2013, Bonanza was voted the top marketplace for "Ease of Use" by more than 15,000 sellers in the same survey. In 2011, Bonanza was named as one of the top "Consumer Products of the Year" by the WTIA. "Best Bootstrapped Company" and "Best Deal in Seattle" were awarded by Seattle 2.0 & Geekwire in 2010. Prior to that, Bonanza received awards from Jupiter Media and Ecommerce Guide as the top-rated eBay Alternative.

In August 2014, Bonanza's Background Burner was named one of Time's "Top 50 Websites." Check out our press section for more of the nice things being said about us.

Our platform spreads the joy of entrepreneurship, minus the busywork.

Jobs at Bonanza

Our core values include:

  • GSD
  • Excellence when it matters
  • Results deserve a party
  • Growth is constant
  • We enjoy each other's company

Who succeeds in a culture like this? Smart, action-minded individuals with a sense of humor. People that want to build things that have never been built before. Those who get excited about empowering others. Folks who are comfortable with rapid, constant change.

We've done the research to know that our compensation and benefits package is one of the most competitive in all the Seattle area, since our team is built from fewer, better people. Learn more.

Bonanza Founders


Bill Harding

CEO and Founder

Bill started building Bonanza in 2007 after becoming frustrated during a rainy garage sale in Seattle. Possessing of virtually zero skills in web development, Bill recognized that he needed to quit his day job, learn how to program websites, and defeat Craigslist. Only then would he never stand in the rain regretting another miserable garage sale.

His target proved more formidable than he had anticipated.

But after launching to crickets in mid-2008, Bill caught a break when Bonanza was declared "The Best eBay Alternative We’ve Seen" by Ecommerce Guide. Within months, Bonanza grew from "Bill's mom and her friend" to a few thousand sellers. From there, it grew to a marketplace that now offers more than 10 million items for sale to most every country in the world.

Bill is inspired by listening, simplicity, and getting things done. He enjoys basketball, traveling, assimilating new music, and writing in the third person.

Prior to creating Bonanza, Bill worked as a Lead Developer at Amaze Entertainment. He graduated the University of Washington with a BS in Computer Software Systems and Mathematics.


Mark Dorsey

Director of Happiness and Co-founder

Mark joined Bill in mid-2008 as Bonanza user #173. He cut his teeth peddling the promise of Bonanza to wary Pike Place Market vendors. They told Mark they didn't have the time to sell online. So Mark came back with his camera, offering to create their store for them. He was asked kindly to leave.

After a handful more sad attempts to get anybody to care about Bonanza, Mark lucked out when sellers started arriving without his personally begging them.

Mark quickly discovered that his upbeat, get-stuff-done attitude was exactly what Bonanza needed to field the hundreds of inquiries being generated by Bonanza users each day. Mark now oversees one of the most acclaimed support teams in ecommerce, as well as promoting team morale.

Mark is inspired by assuming the best in others, and trying to make life happier for mankind. He enjoys Kanye, P90X, performing improv, and Kanye.

Prior to joining Bonanza, Mark owned Dorsey Floral LLC, which was named one of Deloitte’s Fastest Growing Companies in Washington State.

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