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Background Burner API

After more than two years development in our labs, we've decided it is time to see what can be built out in the wild with the Bonanza Background Burner. Want to use the burner for your project? Check out the quickstart guide, the API reference, or, for website embedding, the burn widget reference. Otherwise, read on to learn the backstory, technical details, and future plans for the Background Burner.

Quest for Conversion

That background isn't helping

Ever since we founded Bonanza back in 2008, one of our guiding principles has been to make more sales for our merchants by maximizing their products' visibility, traffic and sell-through. We’ve created a huge amount of great tools and tech to help achieve those goals, and its been working: our conversion rates have steadily increased every year as a result of our continued efforts.

But when we looked at the differences between our top-selling merchants and those who were struggling, we noticed a clear trend popping up again and again: The top-selling merchants had great product photos (often shot in expensive photo studios), while the others had product photos that were, to put it gently, “meh.”

There are many studies... (continued)

Treat Your Mother Right, or else

This Sunday, May 12th, most will be celebrating a very special lady in their lives, their mother.  Moms are the glue that hold our families together.  They are the anchor that keep us grounded.  Moms bring calm and reasoning in situations that would otherwise send you in a different direction.  Thank you to all of our mothers for everything you do.  May your day be filled with beautiful flowers, a delicious breakfast in bed, and lots of love. Now a word of advice from Mr. T.



Planned Downtime Friday 12am - UPDATES

Our web hosts  are going to be taking our servers on an exciting adventure this upcoming Friday morning, as they relocate their facilities north into Seattle.  They have estimated that the migration will begin at 12am PST on Friday morning and be complete by 4am PST Friday.  

The site will be unavailable during this window, but should be up and running by 4am PST.  Thanks for your understanding.

Update 6:35am PST

The server techs are still working on getting systems operational.  We have half our normal web servers online, as well as our database, but they've still got quite a bit to do to get things running normally again.  Current page loads are slow whilst they scramble to get the rest of the web servers (and all the behind-the-scenes servers) functional.  Though they don't have an official estimate on their completion time yet, I'd wager it's at least 1-2 hours off.  Stay tuned...

Update 7:35am PST

Getting closer to normal.  All web servers are back online, as well as search.  Still working on getting our behind-the-scenes servers running, so stuff like long batch edits won't work yet.  Rate of progress seems to be increasing though, hopefully we can be fully operational... (continued)

Evaluating the Forums Experience

Over the last four years, almost every page of Bonanza has gone through one, two, or more evolutions as we continually get feedback to improve what we have to offer.  The Bonanza forums have been the exception to this -- they still look, feel, and offer an experience that is largely unchanged since Bonanza's earliest days. 

This is partially because we think the forums have delivered a ton of value to users in their current form.  But as time passes, we have seen more and more cracks in the forums' ability to deliver on the goals we have in mind for them:

  • Upbeat, positive introduction to Bonanza for new users
  • Place to swap tips on how to maximize selling effectiveness
  • Free opportunity promote booth
  • Location to keep users up-to-date on what's new on Bonanza without all the overhead of blogging

Since our launch, we have witnessed sites like Etsy significantly cut back on the breadth of topics covered in their forums, while newer sites like Addoway, Copious, and the like don't even offer forums at all.  I'm not aware of any credible marketplace launched in the last three years that even has forums.

For our part, we have always had... (continued)