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Christmas in July Shopping Sale

Each year the Bonanza community comes together for Christmas in July.  This is the sixth year that the Bonanza community has organized and hosted this sale.  Shoppers are treated to discounts of 10-50% the entire month of July. A complete list of participating sellers can be found here.  Now is your chance to get all your holiday shopping done early and save big.  Many thanks to MyTexasTreasures and all of her elves that helped coordinate this wonderful sale. 

Coming Soon: The New My Bonanza Page

Here at Bonanza, our team has been exploring ways to improve the design of important pages on the site. One of the big opportunities on our list was the My Bonanza page. After much research, design, and iteration, we’re excited to have started developing the new page. We’re planning for it to be up and running in the coming weeks.

We'll be keeping you up to date with details about the page launch over the new few weeks. Today, I wanted to share some basic information about the project as well as a sneak peak at the new design. 

Why change the page design?

The My Bonanza page has an opportunity to display tons of valuable information for both buyers and sellers. We wanted to be sure that all of the information is presented in a way that's easy to understand and act on. To support this initiative, we came up with a few ideas to help the page work better (and look) better.


Comparison of old and new My Bonanza pages

New dashboards for sellers and buyers

Right now, My Bonanza serves two groups: sellers and buyers. Since the needs of these groups can be pretty different, we decided to give each their own page. This allows... (continued)

When Last Season's Help Pages Just Won't Cut It

Hi everyone! My name is Reilly and I’m lucky enough to be a Happiness Producer on Bonanza’s Support Team. It’s a gift to have the opportunity to improve your buying and selling experiences on Bonanza. When things get tough selling online, it's easy to feel frustrated, and we're glad to be the ones who help make your time on Bonanza as pleasant as possible.


We’re always happy to assist with questions through our e-mail Support channel and we are grateful to be able to communicate with you there.  However we also understand that as an entrepreneur you sometimes like to find answers on your own time and that is why we recently directed much needed love to our help pages.

It is no secret that Bonanza is growing at a rapid pace. We have more than double the inventory we had last year and the number of users is increasing aggressively each day. The onslaught of items, new features, and shoppers had left our Help pages in serious need of an update. The Help videos showed a version of Bonanza (and of Bill’s facial hair) that hasn’t been seen or heard from since 2008. Many of the limitations we... (continued)

Who Wore It Best?

Hi everyone! My name is McKenna and I am one of many Happiness Producer's on the world renowned Bonanza Support Team. As the most fashion forward team member, I am your resident source for all the latest trends. That being said, I'm here to discuss a major fashion faux pas and bring some exciting news from the Bonanza Team!

While it's easy to chuckle at how embarrassed Kim Kardashian must have felt this past February when she showed up at a famed fashion photographer's party wearing the same dress as her brother's ex-girlfriend, showing up in the same outfit as someone else is no laughing matter! Everyone knows how incredibly awkward it can be when you accidentally wear the same outfit as another, but it's hard to relate to that situation until it happens to you!

You know the dealio. One outfit. Two founders. This epic walk-off features our very own Founder, Bill Harding vs. our Co-founder, Mark Dorsey. Both are sporting Bonanza's original "Mongoose Space Needle Tee Shirt." So who wore it best?


While you can appreciate the accessories Mark has chosen, you may notice a huge rip in his jeans. Ummm hello??? Nirvana broke up... (continued)

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