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Welcome to the Bonanza Blog! Here you will find all the latest news about our online marketplace, with timely stories about how to get the most out of your selling online and effectively manage your online shop.

Transfer Your Bonanza Items Between Bonanza Accounts

Super happy to announce that today we have launched a new tool that will permit Bonanza sellers to transfer their Bonanza items from one booth to another! To use this tool, you will first need to link your Bonanza booths (no limit, you can link as many as you like). You can access the linking menu by pointing your mouse over your user name in the upper right hand corner of any Bonanza page:



After you have successfully linked your other active booth(s), you will then go to your batch editor (Sell on Bonanza > Update items as a group). From that page you will select the items you wish to transfer, select the linked booth and then click on the "Apply Changes" button and that should do it. 



You can keep tabs on this and all new updates to Bonanza on our site update feed that can be found on your My Bonanza page (Stay tuned for more fun tools and improvements).

Seller Survey 2014: Results & Actions

We'd like to extend a huge thank you! to all our sellers who participated in this year's annual seller survey. After gathering data for a few weeks, I wanted to share what we learned, along with the actions we plan to take in the coming year to respond to your input and keep Bonanza's distinction as "the most seller-driven marketplace" online.

Where you're coming from

Bonanza was born in a multi-channel world, and that trend clearly continued in 2014. Here are the other marketplaces you used during the past year:

The largest contingent of Bonanza sellers are those active on eBay. No big surprise there. More interesting is Amazon's emergence as the runner-up platform, now representing almost half as many Bonanza sellers as eBay. I believe this is a testament to having built a toolset that can handle the needs of both small and large stores. With all the great merchandise listed on Amazon, we are excited about the opportunity to provide an increasing number of Amazon sellers with a platform that's more affordable and less anonymous. The key to repeat customers is to build a relationship with the buyer, and we will continue to help you cultivate those relationships.

... (continued)

Happiest holidays... ever. What's next?

What a start to the holiday season for Bonanza sellers! It has already been one heck of a Q3/Q4, between the launches of Webstores, Direct Checkout, Affiliate Program, and Background Burner Pro (not to mention the recently lowered price of Shipping Labels, our top-voted feature from the feedback site). Even by Bonanza standards, our programming team really outdid themselves this quarter. They get a cookie. Most websites wouldn't be able to launch that many big features in a year, let alone 4 months.

Yeah, it's about that time

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in the rearview, we can finally begin to gauge what kind of impact these new additions have had on our sellers' bottom line.

Put it in context

Before jumping into our numbers, it is worth noting for context that its been a good start to the holiday season across the web. According to the Washington Post, ecommerce sales were up an average of 12.6% amongst their surveyed retailers. Comscore was even more bullish, measuring an average increase of 29% over Black Friday & Cyber Monday. From the improving economy to the proliferation of mobile connectivity, it's a great time... (continued)

Marketplace vs. Webstore

Have you been thinking about opening a standalone store for the holidays, but you're not up to speed on the tradeoffs between a marketplace and a standalone store?

Then you're in luck: Today's infographic provides a nice introduction to the differences, pro's and con's of each option. (Hint: If you want the best of both worlds, open a Bonanza Webstore. You'll get a standalone website, plus access to one of the world's biggest online marketplaces, all in one.)

Help us get the word out by sharing this gorgeous graphic on your favorite social network! Click if you want a giant version.

Sell on a marketplace vs. an online store

New: Lower Shipping Costs!

If you've been buying and printing shipping labels using Bonanza, then you may have noticed a nice surprise this week: The price of USPS postage on Bonanza is now lower than ever before.

Just in time for the busy holiday buying season, Bonanza sellers now get access to "Commercial Plus" (CPP) discounted shipping prices - automatically. That's more cash in your pocket, and more savings to pass along to your customers. Consider it an early stocking stuffer.

What is CPP pricing?

Commercial Plus Pricing is the absolute best discount offered by the US Postal Service, and it's only offered to large-volume customers like Bonanza. CPP is cheaper than Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) and significantly cheaper than retail pricing. So when you sell on Bonanza, don't buy your postage down at the post office - save money by buying and printing your postage labels directly inside of Bonanza.

How do I get the discount?

It's easy. You get it automatically, every time you buy postage on Bonanza. Just click "Buy shipping" from the order summary page (or the notification email) for any order you receive. For an in-depth description of Bonanza's online postage system and how to use it, please see... (continued)

Holiday Shipping Deadlines

As holiday shoppers get their hineys into gear, there's one thing we as online sellers know we can count on: Procrastination. We love the increased sales that November and December bring, but all the last-minute orders can cause timing headaches. Especially if you ship holiday merch using multiple carriers.

To help you plan your shipping strategy, our pals at ShipStation made this infographic to let you see, at a glance, when you're getting down-to-the-wire with various carriers. Set it as your desktop wallpaper, or print it out for a constant, friendly reminder that the clock's a-tickin'.

(Click thumbnail to view full-size infographic.)

Holiday shipping cutoff dates

Where Sellers can View Latest Site Updates

Just a quick note to let you know about a feature that we added a few weeks back.  Sellers can now go to their "My Bonanza" page and view recent bug fixes, site updates, and improvements that we are pushing live on the site. This would be the area to get the latest updates on Bonanza (hint, we just added an update/improvement that is going to make many sellers super happy so hurry up and go look). Updates are posted constantly, within minutes of them being implemented on the site. Below is a screen shot where you can find this new feature. If you ever notice that this area is blank then not much is happening, which really means you need to send more candy to headquarters. 

Webstores Update: Features and Improvements

Responsive design looks great on every platform.

Barely a month has passed since we announced Bonanza Webstores, and already 1,000+ merchants have signed up and created their own beautiful, professional online stores. We thought this would be a good time to update you on improvements and new features we’ve added since launch.

Added: Delicious Themes

We’ve added 4 new themes (one every week!): Swiss, Baby Beluga, Otter, and Poppy. All of our themes use responsive design, meaning they automatically look amazing on every platform - desktop, mobile and tablet.

You can check out the new themes at our demo store, Try out different themes using the theme-preview bar at the top of the page. And be sure to view it on your smartphone - they look great, even on a tiny mobile screen.

Improved: Custom Page Menus

When editing your homepage, now you can specify navigation for your custom pages. (Previously, it listed all pages and wasn’t configurable.) To customize the menu, click the blue box next to “Products” in the customize/edit homepage view. The box will say "Edit page navigation” if you haven’t added any pages yet.

Improved: Featured Items

Your Webstore homepage can show a... (continued)

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