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Welcome to the Bonanza Blog! Here you will find all the latest news about our online marketplace, with timely stories about how to get the most out of your selling online and effectively manage your online shop.

Import and Synchronize your Amazon Products on Bonanza

Today we have launched an Amazon product importer.  Our importer will allow you to import your items from Amazon, and also to synchronize your Amazon inventory on Bonanza. You can access our Amazon importer via the "Sell on Bonanza" link (upper left corner of all Bonanza pages):

Once you are on our Amazon importer page you will see the prompts for importing along with a link to our help page:

This tool is free to use and available to all Bonanza sellers who have a Pro Account on Amazon (Per Amazon API rules). This feature is in beta. If you notice any abnormalities, please email our support team directly at or click on the "Contact" link on the bottom of all Bonanza pages to let us know.

New Platinum Feature: Item Personalization

Customize your items with Item Customization
This time, it's personal.

Are you a merchant with lots of sales but not a lot of time to process them all? Our Platinum Pro membership was hand-made for you - and you'll love our latest Platinum feature.

Item Personalization captures your customers' personalized messages, automatically. Right at the time of purchase.

Before now, you've had to send a follow-up email each time you sold a personalizable item. Then you had to wait around for the buyer's response before you could get to work fulfilling the order.

With Item Personalization, you can get the customer's message right from the order and fulfill it immediately, without any additional customer contact. That's a faster turnaround for you and for your customers. Not to mention, less time rummaging around your inbox.

You'll save time whether you sell personalized jewelry, business cards, greeting cards, T-shirts or anything else that buyers can personalize with a custom message.

To learn more and see examples, check out the Item Personalization help pages. For a complete list of other Platinum Pro features including Home Page Featuring, Digital Goods, and Sponsored Search, visit your membership page.

If you have any other ideas for how we can save... (continued)

Real-time Digital Downloads Now Available on Bonanza

Wanna buy my digitally-delivered eBook on how to sell digitally-delivered eBooks? ;-)

What if you could make huge margins? While you sleep? Without having to pack and ship anything at all?

Introducing the brand new Digital Downloads service on Bonanza. Now Bonanza sellers can upload and sell any digital good that can be downloaded and used by buyers [1]. 

What sorts of digital goods? Well, the possibilities are darned near endless. But here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • MP3 music
  • Training videos
  • Sewing patterns
  • Recipes
  • Computer software
  • Digital art
  • PDF eBooks

The beauty of digital downloads is that it's a great source of passive income. Once you make the product, it can be sold and downloaded over and over again - without any seller intervention. And it's great for buyers, because they can get the product immediately after purchase. No more waiting around for the delivery truck.

This is a brand new feature [2], so we'll continue to improve and refine it. If you have any feedback for us, please let us know!

Learn how to sell Digital Downloadson the Bonanza help pages. Also, maybe this is common sense, but you must have the legal rights... (continued)

What's the best way to entice shoppers to buy more from your booth?

Just saying "trust me" isn't enough to build buyer trust.

Well, there are many tactics and techniques for increasing conversion and average order value. But none are as simple and as powerful as having a marketplace that's certified by trusted, third-party authorities - and displaying their seals of approval all across the website.

Why is that so powerful? These "trust seals" help buyers feel confident that the site they're buying from is legitimate, established and safe. And it lets them feel secure that if a problem does arise, they'll have a way to get it fixed - or they'll get their money back.

Bonanza is proud to have been certified by various authorities for many years now. Overall, we've seen conversion increase significantly with every certification. Some examples of the certificates that we display all across Bonanza include:

  • VeriSign Trusted
  • Better Business Bureau Accredited Business
  • PayPal Buyer Protection
  • Bonanza Trust Banner (shown only to new visitors)

Each of these partners are trusted authorities with great brand recognition, and each helps buyers feel more confident to open their wallets at your booth.

However, we're very excited to be exploring a new partnership with the Grand Daddy of trusted authorities: the Norton... (continued)

Seller Survey (Features you want to see on Bonanza)

Two weeks ago we asked Bonanza sellers to help guide us towards making the best possible marketplace in 2014. You responded in record numbers and provided us with some great feedback and let us know exactly what you would like to see happen in 2014. We wanted to share the results with you so you can get an idea of what to expect in the upcoming months. We have included the percentage the feature was voted for so you can get a sense of the most requested enhancements. Not all of the features will be implemented but this gives us a clear idea of what is important to you and we're all about making you happy!


Shipping Labels 19%
More Advertising 14%
Better Ability to Bulk List/ Bulk Edit Listings 8%
More Pictures/ Ability to Zoom 7%
Better Booth Analytics (visual) 6%
Auction 6%
More Payment Options/ Pay with Credit Card 6%
More Variables/ Sizing and Color Options on Individual Listings 5%
Better Categories (more concern for handmade items) 5%
Keep Closed Listings Available for Repeat Listings 4%
Offline Editing Tool for Listings 3%
Bonanza-made Templates Available for Listings 2%
More Customizable Booth/ Storefront 2%
Better End of Sale... (continued)

Remove Backgrounds from Images for Free on Bonanza

In 2012 Bonanza became the first online marketplace to provide a tool that allows you to automatically remove backgrounds from your images. Initially we charged a small fee to use this tool but we have now made the Bonanza Background Buner completely free to use. Additionally we have just added the ability for you to resize burned images. With this functionality (resizing images) you can customize your images so they meet the image guidelines for other marketplaces (ie, eBay) you sell on.


Background Burn your images for free on every item detail page (where you add images for single listings)

Background Burn your images from the item detail page

Alternatively you can also go to this link, which will take you to our main Background Burner landing page, and you can upload images there.

As Bill mentioned in our last blog, we are continuing to enhance our Background Burner and are also working on "bringing the whole show to mobile platforms" soon. We would love to hear any feedback you have about our Background Burner and sincerely appreciate you letting us know how we can make it better for all.



Rich Pins from Pinterest are now live on Bonanza

Rich Pins from Pinterest are now live on Bonanza. There is no difference in the way you use this feature on Bonanza. The only difference is that when you Pin an item from Bonanza, it will now include more information about the item when it is pinned on Pinterest. Buyers like more information.  A big thank you to Marsha from MyTexasTreasures for this suggestion and to Eric for programming it! Here are some tips from our dear friend Google, on how to use this feature to your advantage.



On another note, sales are popping on Bonanza (that means we are having a heavy volume of sales)!  Our support team is bombarded with Bonanza sellers asking the same question over and over, "How can I be a better seller, especially during this high volume sales period?"  So much so that we though we would include a list of the most popular questions your buyers have when they contact support.

When will my item be shipped? Sellers can already provide this information to buyers directly on Bonanza.  Just go to your items sold page, find the transaction and mark it as shipped.  You will be prompted to enter a tracking... (continued)

Preparations for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It's hard to believe that we are less than 3 weeks away from Cyber Monday and Black Friday.  We have already noticed a steady bump in traffic and sales so all hands on deck!  In keeping with tradition, we would like to announce that we are changing our search algorithm.  Ha!  Just kidding...I crack myself up!  Actually we have been spending quality time the past 2 weeks tending to bugs and improvements on Bonanza, so your buyers (and our sellers) will have the best experience possible.  

The following list is only a summary of recently completed tasks:

  • Make eBay importer smarter for shipping, traits, and categories.  Our importers are getting full programmer love because importing your listings properly will mean less work for you and a more accurate buying experience
  • Make our category guesser and price guesser wicked smart
  • Improve our background burner
  • Enhance our CSV Importer
  • Speed up and enhance search results page.  Make search smarter about number queries
  • Make it so that favorite booths are removed from your profile page when the favorite booth no longer exists
  • Take multiple passes at shopping cart to ensure we are offering the most trouble free cart experience (also decreased checkout steps... (continued)

Improvements to Interpreted Search

I wanted to update everyone on some recent efforts we've made to promote diversity and reduce redundancy in search results. 

Say you wanted to search for "candle" in our old search:


They certainly look like candles! But all is not quite as well as it seems. Firstly, many of these results aren't actually candles, but candle holders. The first thing we need to do is figure out if the buyer intended to buy a candle or a candle holder. The second problem is that the likelihood you'll find exactly what you're looking for in these 8 results is extremely low. Instead of settling for arbitrary results (as other marketplaces have always done), we decided to try to come up with something better:

Notice how the results are now separated into groups that help the buyer quickly drill down to find what they're really after. Some of the groups are candle holders, some are candles. Some of the brands are handmade by our sellers ("Soytreasures LLC Candle"), some are major brands ("Yankee Candle"). Suddenly, instead of having a mix of eight arbitrary candles and candle handlers, we are representing more than 800 possible items to browse from our top... (continued)

What we are working on this week 9/30 to 10/6

Greetings Bonanzalers.  It's that time of the week where we communicate to you what we are working on at headquarters.  In case you have not seen our Sprint List before, it is basically a to do list that we use each week to help us stay on task.  Fixing bugs are always a given as is normal site maintenance.  Following is what we are working on this week:

  • Actively improve search (in its current format, meaning that we are not changing it, were are just making sure it is working as it should be)
  • Address importer bug (resolved)
  • Get International Google Shopping feeds working (UK enabled, AU to follow).  If you ship internationally and ship to the UK then your items are eligible to be fed to Google Shopping UK.  If you already have advertising enabled then there is nothing more you need to do.  If not, go here and click on "Start advertising now" to be included.  We expect this feed to be active in 48-72 hours, maybe sooner.
  • Allow sellers recent sales to be searched by filter by customer first and/or last name
  • Make membership upgrades instant (this will be an added option vs having to wait for... (continued)

Invoice your buyers via Bmail

Being a social marketplace, it is important that we continue to introduce enhancements that tie in with the social aspect of Bonanza and also empower our sellers to make more sales.  If we can also make a buyers path to checkout easier then we all win.  Super happy to announce that as of tomorrow morning, Bonanza sellers will be able to create custom invoices via Bmail to send to your buyers (Thank you Jordan).  

Many sellers close sales via Bmail (Bonanza email).  But the trip from Bmail to checkout is not guaranteed, and a buyer may be distracted away from checkout due to a multitude of reasons (making dinner, picking up kids from school, browsing Bonanza, etc).  Starting tomorrow morning, when a buyer emails you via your item detail page, you will see a link in their email where you can create an offer for them for that item.  


When you click on that link you will open the custom offer window.  Extra bonus is that you can customize the offer to add more items from your booth.  

  1. Enter your buyer's user name in this field (will be automatically populated)
  2. Enter the total price of... (continued)

What we are working on this week 9/16 to 9/22

Happy Monday to everyone on Bonanza-land and beyond.  We have a great list of goals for this week, including several tools that will further empower our selling community. We also have a few "behind the scenes" treats that we have planned.  So without further ado, our sprint list (goals) for this week:

  • Beat the San Francisco 49ers and leave no doubt who is the best in the NFL West (completed 9/15/13)
  • Break the world record for the loudest sports stadium (completed 9/15/13)
  • Spend quality time on bugs
  • Allow invoices to be created via Bmail
  • Create a way for sellers to search their Bmail
  • Spend time improving API 
  • Improve visibility of Google specific traits
  • Finish the Google Shopping feeds for the UK and AU
  • Various levels of advertising (Nothing specific that we can mention but a few here, a few there :)   )
  • Continue progress on allowing sellers to accept credit cards

As mentioned at the beginning, we have a few other items that are are not able to disclose that we are also working on.  Whatever your goals are for the week, we wish you the best in accomplishing them!  Please post any questions in the blog comments... (continued)

Google Checkout, Google Shopping, and Multiple Seller Checkout

Isn't this lady lovely?


In our effort to keep you informed of the on-goings on Bonanza, we wanted to write a special Friday edition of our blog to let you know about three items we have just made live on the site.

Google Checkout button removed from checkout.  Google has retired Google Checkout and has no plans to offer an alternative checkout product.  Because of this we have removed the Google Checkout button from our shopping cart effective today.  We hope to work towards offering the ability for our sellers to accept credit cards and will be sure to update you when we have more news.  In the meantime, if Google Checkout was your only payment option then we would suggest setting up PayPal and or Checkout by Amazon for your Bonanza buyers.  We will also send an email out to all of our sellers about these important changes.


Google Shopping. Google Shopping is a great sales channel so constantly monitoring our feeds and looking for opportunities to enhance our shopping feeds is something that we work on often.  We are looking at expanding our Google Shopping feed to include other countries that Google Shopping is adding.  Stay tuned for updates... (continued)

What we are working on this week 9/2 to 9/8

The entire Bonanza team is working on all cylinders and our "Get Stuff Done (GSD)" motto is being fully exercised.  We have some lofty goals this week.  Here are some of the initiatives we are working on:

  • Work on advertising channels (actively contacting)
  • Create International Google Shopping Feeds
  • Allow invoices to be created via Bmail
  • Enhance checkout payments to include multiple merchants
  • Research with our users how we can make Bonanza better
  • Bug fixes and maintenance.

While we are on the subject on how we can make Bonanza better, have you taken a moment to stop by our feedback page and let us know what you think?  This page has the eyes of our CEO and founder Mr. Bill Harding!  When leaving feedback, you should keep it short and to the point if possible.


Can anyone remember Saturday morning cartoons and School House Rock?  Do they even make things like this anymore?  


Now live! Free referral traffic and new membership options

We've been making such rapid progress lately that I haven't had time to blog about everything new, but here are a handful of our new features launched during the past week.

Free Referral Traffic

Through the end of August (and possibly beyond, if we get sufficient response) we are allowing sellers to sign up for a special offer where no fees are paid for buyers that arrive at Bonanza from your website or blog through 2018.  The link to sign up lives on your My Bonanza page:


Once you click through, you'll end up at a page that asks for the URL of your website and gives you a reference code to include to get free sales (i.e., no final value fee).  This continues our belief that you should only have to pay for whatever it costs to acquire a buyer.  If you send a buyer to Bonanza, it costs us nothing, so why should you get charged for it?  Well, if you sign up for this offer, you won't.  Cool!

New Memberships

We are also adding a couple new membership options for our larger (or just busier) sellers:  the Titan Membership and Titan+Advertising Membership.  The idea with... (continued)

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