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Let's make eBay the second banana

Those who visit Bonanza after this March will notice that we've put a new look and feel on the site. Our old logo (and name) had remained unchanged since late 2010, when we moved from "Bonanzle" to "Bonanza." Over the past year, we've analyzed how we might replicate the 10x jump in traffic & sales since the name change. Is there an even bigger leap to make, to take us from hundreds of millions up to billions?

I'm very excited to peel back the curtain and present to you the new marketplace we think you'll go bananas for:!


"your most fruitful shopping experience"


Changing our name is not a matter we take lightly, and we will be transitioning gradually from the casual "banana" background you see today, to the fully realized

Do the math.

In spite of our reservations, the points in favor of this move were too compelling to ignore:

  • Freshen up stale identity (unchanged since 2010)
  • Piggyback off a well-known concept (the banana) to help people's brains easily remember our brand
  • Ready-made color scheme
  • Favorable connotations: convenient, well-priced, delicious
  • Lets us also freshen tagline: "Your most fruitful shopping experience"

Even with all these... (continued)

Your Most Requested Feature is Now Live on Bonanza

Bonanza has been built on the feedback that we consistently receive from our users via many different channels. No matter the source for feedback, a few things have remained the same. Firstly, our customers are the best source of feedback. You use the site every day and are dialed into what changes would benefit many. Secondly, feedback is not criticism, it's free advice. Thirdly, the process for implementing feedback does not need to be a complicated path. You tell us what you want, and if it makes sense we implement it, simple as that.

To show our thanks, we bring you our latest improvements courtesy of our most valuable asset, you:


Make the name of the booth searchable. Users can now use the main Bonanza search engine to search for a users booth name. Booth names will be indexed in the main search. Because booth names are not unique (meaning that more than one person can have the same booth name), we will show multiple results when need be. This feedback is courtesy of our feedback page on Bonanza.

Don't mark up shipping labels purchased on Bonanza. We have updated our shipping labelsso there is zero markup for... (continued)

Download the Bonanza Sellers mobile app

Announcing the brand new Bonanza Sellers mobile app, the easiest way to manage your Bonanza business on the go! The app is available now for Android and coming soon for Apple, and offers a streamlined way to manage your Bonanza business when you're away from your computer.

Manage your Bonanza store any time, any place!

Why did we create the Bonanza Sellers mobile app?

It’s impossible to predict the future, but a little bird told us that mobile technology is here to stay. Most folks have a smart phone in their pocket at all times, so we wanted to leverage that power to make life better for Bonanza buyers and sellers everywhere.

Not to mention, it’s one of the top most-requested things on our feedback site. Sellers have been clamoring for a mobile app to help manage their inventory and sales, and we love giving our merchants whatever they need to grow their businesses painlessly and effectively.

How does the Bonanza Sellers mobile app make life easier for sellers?

The new Bonanza Sellers app allows merchants to list products, manage inventory, and communicate with buyers while on the go using their smartphones. It’s a streamlined and easy-to-use way to... (continued)

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