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Find out what makes Bonanza everything but the ordinary.

About Bonanza

Bonanza is an online marketplace that empowers entrepreneurs to create a sustainable online business with ease. We handle the technical aspects of building an ecommerce store so our sellers can spend more time developing their dream businesses. For years, we've been listening to online sellers and creating exactly the platform they need.

Experience has proven to us that listening to our sellers' feedback is the best opportunity we have to consistently improve our product. That's why we've developed various tools over the years to make online selling easy. Our business relies on making successful sellers, so it's not a coincidence that the tools we offer can be customized to fit our sellers' needs.

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Bonanza Basics

What is Bonanza? is a fast-growing online marketplace of around 23 million items where sellers offer everything from electric hoverboards to Michael Kors handbags. Bonanza is a profitable company - more profitable than its closest competitors, Amazon and Etsy. Merchants use our platform to open stores spanning all product categories. We currently empower more than 50,000 entrepreneurs to create their dream businesses, minus the busywork.

Where is Bonanza? is headquartered in downtown Seattle, Washington, and is used by merchants and shoppers located in nearly every country around the world.

Why choose Bonanza?

Merchants choose to sell on because of the powerful selling tools and low fees. Shoppers choose because of the easy-to-use interface and the large number of products available across every category. Independent surveys of online sellers rate Bonanza over other marketplaces, year after year.

What does "Everything but the Ordinary" mean?

Bonanza’s slogan relates to both the products for sale on our site and the business model our company was founded upon. As a marketplace with over 22 million items for sale and no specific niche, we have countless items for sale that are everything but the ordinary.

On a deeper level, Bonanza was created to be a place where online buyers and sellers could connect in a way that was friendlier, more social, and would be a great experience for everybody involved in each transaction. When Bonanza was founded in 2008, many other marketplaces were challenging and didn't appear to respect their merchants as "key customers" to be valued as highly as shoppers. Fees were high, tools were difficult to use, and policies changed frequently without warning or the consent of customers. Our entire site has been built around putting success in the hands of our merchants, by creating tools to benefit their business and help it thrive. We love to showcase individual sellers, giving them visibility to buyers that allows them to build a personal connection with their buyers and turn them into repeat customers.

How do I sign up for Bonanza?

You can sign up right here.

Who do I contact with inquiries?

For PR inquiries, please email us at [email protected].

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