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Topic: Selling Topics

What are the Steps to Setting up a Booth?

It all looks almost too easy, doesn't it?

Here's a screen where you can add as many items as you want (well up to 30,000) and nary a line of fine print. It can't be that simple, can it? Pretty much.

For the curious, here are all the steps involved in setting up your booth:

  1. Add items to your booth. You may also edit your booth options, if you want. This step is completed when you click the "Activate Booth" button. The "Activate Booth" button becomes visible after you have at least one sellable item in your booth.
  2. Create your seller account. This involves telling us your name, adding a valid credit or debit card and getting more specific about your Paypal and Amazon information, if you chose to allow those as payment types. It's about 5-10 fields total.
  3. Review the final details for your booth, click OK, revel in the triumph!

The amount of time to complete the first step depends on how many items you want to sell. The second and third steps usually take less than five minutes combined.

It's our goal to make selling as painless as possible, that's the whole point of relentless simplicity!

So how much will this cost? (Hint: nothing to list, way cheaper than eBay when you sell)

Other Users Say

consignmentpal says: February 25, 2009

Okay. Setting up a booth is just too easy!

katiques says: November 20, 2009

Q. How can I set up another booth?
A. Provided the second booth has different items (no duplicates), just log out and go through the registration process again. You will need a different email address for that booth.

qtdebs says: May 03, 2010

Q. How do I change the name of my booth?
A. On your “Sell” page there is a section called “Basics” at the top. The link to change your booth name is there.

bill92868 says: May 22, 2010

Q. I don’t see activate booth button and I have one item in my booth.
A. You have to have at least one item that is “ready for sale” with a light green dot for the activation button to appear. If your listings are incomplete (yellow dot) you need to review them to see what is missing and make the corrections so they will be ready for sale.

closet_couture says: June 12, 2010

Q. How long are items for sale once the booth has been activated? (is there a place to choose run-time?)
A. The items are listed until they sell or you take them offline.

ldd1968 says: June 01, 2011

Q-How long does it take bonanza to publish your booth live?

A- There are many factors that go in to this; how new your booth is, what kind of items you are selling and their price points, etc. Your items going live can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a day.

quadmomp says: June 02, 2011

Q- I have several items with green buttons but I don’t see an activate button

A- If you go to your main Sell page you will see the “activate” or “update” buttons. Or, you can go to My Bonanza>view booth and follow the prompts at the top of your booth.

diamondsandwood says: June 10, 2011

Q- How long does it take until I see my booth in the search after activating it?
A- Once your booth is approved it can take up to 4-6 hours for your items to be properly indexed into our databases. On rare occasion it can take up to twelve hours if you happen to miss an indexing cycle.

Desperado says: July 04, 2011

Q-I activated my booth today and when I go to look at an item in the booth it say’s I need to return to the edit page and save it. I have done that already. What is the problem?
A-Once you activate/update your booth you will continue to see the update prompts until your items are approved by Bonanza. This usually takes less than twelve hours but if you see no change feel free to inquire with support.

Debdod says: October 26, 2011

I am haveing the same exact problem today. I am going to the (add item) and it opens and I add all the info, pictures ect. I preview and the add to my booth. It will not add and when i go to my booth the new item I added is not there. Is there a limit to what I can add or is it that once my booth is active I cant add more items.
At a total loss here.