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Topic: Selling Topics

What are the Steps to Setting up a Booth?

It all looks almost too easy, doesn't it?

Here's a screen where you can add as many items as you want (well up to 75,000) and nary a line of fine print. It can't be that simple, can it? Pretty much.

For the curious, here are all the steps involved in setting up your booth:

  1. Add items to your booth. You may also edit your booth options, if you want. This step is completed when you click the "Activate Booth" button. The "Activate Booth" button becomes visible after you have at least one sellable item in your booth.
  2. Create your seller account. This involves telling us your name, adding a valid credit or debit card and getting more specific about your Paypal and Amazon information, if you chose to allow those as payment types. It's about 5-10 fields total.
  3. Review the final details for your booth, click OK, revel in the triumph!

The amount of time to complete the first step depends on how many items you want to sell. The second and third steps usually take less than five minutes combined.

It's our goal to make selling as painless as possible, that's the whole point of relentless simplicity!

So how much will this cost? (Hint: nothing to list, way cheaper than eBay when you sell)

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