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Topic: Selling Topics

What are Bonanza's Limitations on Accepting Money Orders as Payment?

Until you have at least 3 positive feedbacks on your seller account, buyers in your booth will need to pay with Paypal or Amazon Checkout. We implemented this measure in order to protect our buyers, since it's difficult (actually, basically impossible) for them to recapture their funds if a transaction goes bad where they paid with money order, whereas Paypal and Amazon Checkout provide protection from the buyer's credit card company.

If you would like to accept money order for your transactions, there are two solutions: (1) import your feedback from eBay so you can instantly reach the 3-feedback minimum; or (2) accept alternative forms of payment until you reach the feedback minimum.

We're all about making Bonanza a safe shopping environment that our buyers can depend on. Thank you for your understanding.

Other Users Say

gladustopped says: September 01, 2009

Q. On what window/page can you enable Money Orders as a Payment?
A. You can find this and other payment options on your “Sell” window.

ClayBeaute says: April 28, 2011

Q. When you are able to accept Money Orders as payment, is there a place where the seller can offer information such as mailing address, etc.?

A. You can add that information into the message field when you accept the buyer’s offer.