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Topic: Selling Topics

What happens when people want to buy my items?

What happens depends on your settings. The seller has control over how buyers can checkout in their booth!  How cool is that.

To review the options, go to:

Sell on Bonanza > Edit booth options
Click Payment & Purchases.

Enabling OBO (yes) means your buyer will submit an offer to you so you can accept or deny or even counter offer.  If you elect to use OBO, be sure to take a look at Custom invoicing.  Custom invoicing allows the seller to add shipping or even discounts.  If custom invoicing is not configured, no changes can be made to an offer.  The seller can only accept or deny the offer.
See "how do I send an invoice" help article for details.

Enabling Buy it now (yes)  in Booth options means a buyer can simply add to their cart, checkout and submit payment.  Please note, the shipping MUST be added to the listing, (Flat rate, Free or Calculated)  Using See item description will not allow your buyer to checkout.

Once a buyer has paid for the item, the transaction will show as Completed in the Items Sold section of your My Bonanza page.

 See also the offers help area.

Other Users Say

jItsAboutTheFind says: May 20, 2009

Q. Do I check my outside email or do the offers come right into the booth?
A. You will receive notification on your My Bonanzle page and also via your email address that you registered with.

silkmothspinnery says: August 24, 2009

Q. How do I send an invoice?
A. Here is a link to our help page on invoices:

tahviln says: June 16, 2010

Q. When someone gives me an offer, does that offer include shipping fees? Or will the shipping fees be added on top of the offer?
A. The buyer can specify if their offer includes shipping or not.

wallyworld says: June 26, 2011

Q- When the seller accepts the buyers offer, what is the process so the seller can get paid
A- The buyer will receive an email informing them of the good news. In this email there will be link for them to proceed to check out. From here, the buyer pays as normal and you get your dollars!
They will also be able to access the sale and check out from their My Bonanza page where it will show as awaiting check out on both the main page and the Buying Activity side bar. Basically, we make it so they can’t miss it.