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Everything You Need to Know About the Global Shipping Service

What is the Bonanza Global Shipping Service?

Bonanza has partnered with Pitney Bowes, a global technology company, to make selling internationally on Bonanza easy and affordable. The Global Shipping Service allows you to seamlessly sell and ship your items to overseas buyers with cost transparency. All of your eligible listing are automatically included in this service if you choose to opt in.

What problem is this solving for me and my buyers?

The Global Shipping Service solves two of the primary issues of complexity with international e-commerce:

  1. All applicable duties, taxes (including VAT), and brokerage charges are displayed to the buyer, in real-time in the cart, based on the items your buyer is purchasing. This gives the full cost transparency for your buyer’s transaction, and is a proven method to increase conversion and buyer satisfaction. This process eliminates your buyer being asked for additional funds when their order arrives and it expedites customs clearance so they receive their order faster.
  2. Both the complexity and cost of shipping internationally are reduced when using this service. When shipping, the seller treats the order as domestic by shipping the order to the US-located International Shipping Facility. Shipping charges are much lower than what marketplace sellers can normally access from traditional carriers, allowing for increased conversion, reduced expenses, and happy buyers.

What is the cost of this service to me and my buyers?  

Once you opt into the GSS as a seller, you can treat international shipments as domestic ones. As a result, you are only charged for the cost it would take to ship your package from your location to the US-based global shipping facility in Kentucky.  

The cost for the international leg of the shipment, along with all applicable duties, taxes (including VAT), and brokerage charges, will be charged to your buyer. This amount is clearly displayed to buyers in real-time in the cart and at check-out.  

How do I use the Bonanza Global Shipping Service?

As a Bonanza seller, you can opt into the Global Shipping Service here: Once you opt in, all of your eligible listings will be available for shipping to over 100 countries. You don't need to determine which of your available items are eligible, this happens automatically.

In addition to opting in, you'll want to make sure you are accepting PayPal and you have international payments enabled.

When an international buyer purchases one of your items, you’ll automatically receive notification to ship the order to the global shipping facility. Clear instructions on where to ship are included with the order notifications.  

What makes an item eligible for the Global Shipping Service?

The item must be listed by a US-based seller and be of an approved category. You don't need to determine whether or not your products are in an approved category, as this will happen automatically. You must use the full category taxonomy for your item to be eligible for the Global Shipping Service. Make sure your listings include all possible leaf categories. Additionally, there are weight and value limits for items that differ by country. Refer to this chart for more information.

When your items are listed using the full category taxonomy, you'll want to make sure you have international payments enabled in your PayPal account.

My item is eligible, but not yet active. What's happening?

Sometimes it takes up to 24 hours for eligible items to be confirmed and become active in the Global Shipping Service. If your eligible items haven't become active after 24 hours, contact support.

What is the global shipping facility?

When an order is placed using the Bonanza Global Shipping Service, the order routes through a global shipping facility operated by our partners located in the US where the package is prepared for customs and shipped out to its final destination.

How do I get my order to the global shipping facility?

When you’re ready to ship, drop off your package with the carrier of your choice. Make sure each separate order is contained in one package. All Global Shipping Service orders should be shipped to:  

Global Shipping Service Center

1850 Airport Exchange Blvd Ste 200

ORMUSXXXXXXXXXX  (This Number is Provided in the Order Details)

Erlanger, KY, 41025-2501

United States

For your convenience, we’ll include this information and address in all order notifications you receive. You can find this information in the email notification of your order or in your My Booth.   


Do I need to fill out customs invoices, commercial documents, or other paperwork for Global Shipping Service orders?

No. Unlike traditional international shipping that requires paper or digital documentation to be filled out by the seller for customs, we’ve made it easy by removing this process entirely. The global shipping facility takes care of it, your only concern is for the domestic leg of the shipment. 

What do I need to do to start using the Global Shipping Service?

Enable international payments via PayPal, which will update your Bonanza international shipping settings. Ineligible items will be flagged, so you have the opportunity to reformat your listing and ensure the item is included in international feeds. Ineligible items will not be available for purchase by international buyers at checkout.

What countries can I ship to and how fast does it get there? Are there weight or value limits?

You can ship to over 60 countries worldwide. Refer to this chart for more detailed information:


How can I track my Global Shipping Service shipments? Can my buyer track them?

Full tracking is provided for every package that runs through this service with multiple scans throughout the process giving up reliable, up-to-date information on your package. Both buyer and seller can track any package from this service by visiting:

Parcels can be tracked by their unique ID or by the buyer’s email address and order number.

I'm sending my products to an address that isn't provided by the buyer, how am I protected?

As a seller, your responsibility is only to get your products to the US shipping center. You aren't responsible for loss or damage that occurs after your item leaves the shipping center. Additionally, you aren't responsible if a PayPal Purchase Protection case is filed against you for one of the following reasons:
  • A buyer claims an item isn't received or

  • A package is damaged in transit


    I'm an international buyer who has made a purchase using the Global Shipping Service. 
    During checkout, you see the final charges for your item, including the item cost, the shipping costs, and any import charges. 
    When you pay for the item through PayPal, you are authorizing 2 payments. The first payment goes to the seller and consists of the item cost and the US or UK domestic shipping costs. The second payment goes to the global shipping provider and consists of the international shipping costs and any import charges, those charges will be listed as going to GLOBAL SHIP. After you've completed checkout, you can review these charges on the Order details page. 
    The shipping distributer for the Global Shipping Service is located in Kentucky, USA. Tracking for Global Shipping orders will show delivery of the parcel in KY, USA prior to being routed to the final destination. 

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