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    One day, I realized I had too much stuff. Not because I'm a packrat (>.>), but because I have moved from house to house several times. I would think I had lost something only to find it years later. Sometimes I found several of the same thing. That's when I turned to eBay (horrible mistake), and now I'm here. :)

    I recycle clean packing materials whenever I can. If it's too damaged, I won't use it. Whenever I run out, I buy new ones, unless I know I'll be shopping online soon.

    I price my items aggressively, placing them at the prices that I would pay online, and writing detailed descriptions that I like to see as a buyer. The majority of my items are under $20, and they have an "OBO" (or best offer) sign next to the price. Please feel free to make an offer. I fully know the effects of our current economy, and I'll always work something out with you.

    Tip/Hint about OBO: When you see OBO in my listings, you can offer a different reasonable price and you may instantly receive an approval on your offer. This is because I always offer Instant Offer prices.

    Please take advantage of the things I have never used, have no use for, and/or things that others around me don't need/want. Click on the "Ask seller a question" button if you have any questions about that item. You'll quickly receive a reply.

    Occasionally, I sell on Listia. Become a fan! http://www.listia.com/profile/348354

    Thank you for visiting. :)

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