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    Hello, and welcome to my Bonanza Booth. I am a FT RN who absolutely loves Coach products, all items from jewelry by Coach to all accessories and Handbags by Coach. Hopelessly addicted to Coach! Probably, (half kidding here) because Ive had five sons and no girls to spoil! I have totally enjoyed shopping for my female/girly items ;) And, what better than a Coach product?!

    All reasonable offers are welcome, even if I have not added this as an option, just message me. I'm just a regular gal trying to make ends meet and having fun doing so :)

    Also, for disclosure, (1)I am not affiliated with Coach in anyway.(2) I own two wonderful Golden Retrievers. (3)I smoke, and do not smoke inside my home for many reasons and do not smoke inside my car. (4) I am honest.
    So, potential buyers should be aware of these.

    I take very good care of my handbags and will only buy if the item is as close to perfect as you can get. Any defects Ill list because I know all to well how it feels to pay for and receive something that is not quite as described. The items I list are guaranteed to be Authentic Coach, if I bought them off eBay, Ive had them authenticated or bought from only known reputable sellers of Coach products. I have bought quite a number of Coach products over the past year, and am sharing the ones I know I might never use, but at the time of purchase, I NEEDED. :)
    I encourage all individuals whom are purchasing any high end Handbag, to visit the Purse Forum, on the net. There you will find an enormous amount of information on various designer handbags. Also, you can have your handbags authenticated, ask questions etc.

    ***I do guarantee my Coach bags to all be authentic.

    *** As an added note, I recently took back and refunded a customers purchase price, evidently there was chipped paint on the FOB, which was not newly done because the listing pictures showed where the paint had chipped. This was an oversight my part. Therefore, I had no problem at all with a refund to the customer. This is also why I take many many pictures of my for sale items. Mistakes happen. I'm easy to work with :)

    It is not easy to list these bags because I still adore every single one. I bought them, they are what I like in a bag and I am hoping you will to.

    Items listed are usually NWT's. Sometimes my intentions are to use the bag and I have removed tags, but Ive kept them all and they will either be in the inner zipped pocket or new with tags attached, Ill specify in my ad. All come with dust bags. Not one of my bags is stored without it. There may however be a number and marking on the outer corner of the white dust-bags (not the browns) as I keep a log of all my bags. I am not a "Seller", I am a working gal that needs to re-home some of her own personal Coach Collection.
    So, I welcome you and welcome any questions you may have. I would be glad to supply you with additional pictures, just be specific on what you would like to see and your email address and Ill forward the pictures on to you.
    I do work 7-3 shift, so I am usually not available until early evening,I do however, check my messages frequently.

    No returns, unless, I have grossly misrepresented an item here in my ads.
    Also, Id like to add, that a confirmed address is a must with Paypal.

    Also, if you are paying with an E-Check via pal, please notify me first before hand. E-Checks take about a week or more to clear payment for sellers. Which, in turn, is going to delay the delivery of your goods! And, since a large part of the Feed Back sellers get is related to the quickness/promptness of delivery...this creates a problem. The monies have cleared the buyers account within hours, but the seller does not receive this payment until approx 3-5 business days later. Again, this delays the shipment of goods.

    Thanks for looking!

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