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    Global Finance School is a unique financial education system.

    Our mission is to provide an innovative educational online school in the fields of finance, business and economics, in an interactive, multilingual e-learning format that's affordable and easy to use.
    Global Finance School aims to introduce people to the world of finance and business, helping to promote their initial or continuing finance education.

    Global Finance School offers online courses and e-books focusing on the major aspects of the financial market. These include the Stock Market, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Finance, Statistics, Accounting, and more.

    The subjects taught by Global Finance School correspond to the syllabus of a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Economics at most major colleges and universities.

    With an extensive library of e-books and interactive courses, Global Finance School makes even advanced topics accessible and even the driest topics engaging and fun. No prior financial education is necessary; the Global Finance School catalogue of courses and e-books is accessible to anyone, regardless of their level of financial experience or education.

    For further information and a complete list of all our products, please visit Global Finance School's website:


    Why an Interactive Course?

    Learning with plain old textbooks can be boring and exhausting. Global Finance School's interactive courses bring the material to life as they require your active participation with review questions and assignments, and they offer videos and animations that keep learning exciting. This makes for an educational experience that is far more simple and effective than any book could ever offer.


    Fully interactive DVD, very easy language, with comprehensive explanations
    Suitable for those with no previous knowledge
    Numerous animations, videos, examples, illustrations and charts included
    Quizzes and review questions for self assessment
    Human narration which can be turned on or off


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