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My name is Jamie and I was a eBay powerseller for over 6 years. Now that eBay has banned any type of Pagan blessing I am honored to be here and hope to continue to offer spirits and spells. You are more then just a "buyer" You become a part...

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My Endorsements (4)

MsBisouBisou says: June 26, 2015

Jamie and her Coven are truly Amazing! Jamie is so sweet and kind. I order from her on Etsy, and when she told me about her store here and her website store. I had to follow.
I purchase a few items from for my spirits family and they love her products as I do!

I recently purchase couple of things for myself, to early for a update on how they are working….. but I will say my earrings I bought from jamie may have gotten my boss to notice me and actually hold a conversation with me. In the 4 years I have been working there, she has never talk or even said hello. And I notice how people are being extremely friendly towards me and offering to buy me lunch. I will update on my other purchase when things start to happen feeling excited!

Thanks Jamie and Coven!

spiritualalchemist says: December 29, 2013

Happy Holidays and Happy, 2014.desde Spain, affectionately.

Qui3James says: February 26, 2013

Jamie is a wonderful person! She’s very nice and is the Real Deal! I had purchased Dragon ring & various awesome Spirit rings from her and they are fantastic! The spirits are very pleasing and they help me in my life. Sometimes, I forget things and they remind me. Sometimes, I fall asleep and they wake me up because they know I like to brush my teeth and get ready before I go to bed. They and Jamie are wonderful and have been a marvelous blessing in my life! Thank you so much Jamie! You are the Best of the Best!

Account_Deleted says: November 30, 2012

Jamie is awesome,trust me when I tell you I feel her castings even
before I got the item..For over a year and I brought from even seller
in this line of work that she is on my top list no one even comes close..
She’s friendly,caring and great support/service..I recommend her VERY highly..

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