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    Hello, My name is Randy (many call me Blu) I am a 53 yr old disabled former bus/truck driver after many years and a whole lotta miles.Since my mouth still works good I am now a Licensed Auctioneer specializing in Charity, Fund Raising Auctions as well as a constant auction goer, picker, and garage sale officianado AND a full time PamPaw :)

    My wife Jay and I have been married for 34 yrs this year and we are the Parents of 3 great grown kids, and proud Grandparents of 8 AWESOME grandkids that we love and spoil to death, and spend as much time with as humanly possible.

    I like to tinker with old cars,trucks and motorcycles, and really just about anything old as I am physically able. As well as always being on the lookout for a good deal no matter where it is, or what it might be.

    I started our little store here as a way to supplement my Disability income (due to severe arthritis, DDD, and vascular problems) AND, because I know how hard it is to afford nice stuff when you have a family, to pass along a great deal to hardworking folks just trying to get by today. Our goal is to help them save some $$ while still buying the best quality merchandise for their families that those hard to come bye dollars can buy.

    We buy what we ourselves like, and at prices that we feel is not only a good deal for us BUT that's also low enough that we can also sell it at a great price for you and your families as well.
    We'll even try to tell you prices that we find on other sites for our items so that you can judge for yourself ..that you ALWAYS get a good deal with us.

    We try to always be honest and fair. We always try and tell you of any defects and the exact condition as well as taking pics of any problem areas.
    We buy low, and we sell good quality products at a price thats fair to us all. We will (hopefully :) ) make a little bit, and you will get a great deal...ALWAYS!
    Usually (and as far as we know) our prices are almost always the BEST price on the net on the items we offer and we encourage you to check prices before you buy to see for yourself!! In the rare cases where an item may be slightly higher we'll be more than happy to tell you why it's priced that way. Just ask!

    And, we ALWAYS strive to treat others the way we like to be treated ourselves.

    For sure We're not Sam Walton, and we don't have "Supercenters" (nor do we want to be) from coast to coast. We're "Just plain folks" ,just like you and just trying to survive the best we can, make a few freinds, and make our hard earned $$ go as far as possible, AND still get our families the VERY best quality, brand name, popular and unique items that we can possibly get for the money.

    Were proud of our little store here and what were trying to do, and we PROMISE to always have the best selection of NEW and USED toys, collectibles, and just plain neat stuff that we can find And to sell it to our customers for the lowest prices anywhere while still making a fair profit.Simple as that folks.

    We could have practically ANYTHING from day to day, and We specialize in NEW and GENTLY Pre-owned Authentic Harley-Davidson Clothing and Collectibles as well.
    We're ALWAYS willing to deal on items (in fact We LOVE IT!!) so if you don't like a price, OR you find one at a lower price PLEASE tell us. We'll try to do WHATEVER it takes to get you the items you want at a price that we can all live with.
    BTW, WE LOVE to combine items and give BIG discounts when you buy more than 1 item so take a look see and make us an offer and ..who knows but likely you'll be pleasantly surprised! :)

    We ship USPS and do our best to keep shipping costs as low as possible but,it does cost us to ship. And sometimes a LOT!Still, we will try our best to give you the lowest possible shipping costs. We usually give shipping prices lower than the actual shipping costs and our intention is to NEVER make a profit from any shipping charges.

    We live out in the boonies of NE Indiana in Amish Country but we ship at least twice a week (on Wed and Sat IF THE Weather cooperates) thru USPS so you'll get things pretty fast usually. We include tracking on every sale AND we pack things the way we'd like to see them shipped to us.

    All items I offer come from a pet friendly home. Please make sure to consider this before making a purchase. Also, while we try to go over and above the norm please note that there are no guarantees that any item will be smoke or odor free as many items we sell are vintage or used, or have been stored elsewhere, often for some time, before we get them.They have been purchased from places that may not have been smoke,pet, dust, or odor free. So, While we do clean and disinfect ALL items that can be cleaned, AND store our items in a dedicated, ionized,deoderized, air conditioned and heated room in plastic storage bags AND in Boxes, odors are not always possible to completely be eliminated.
    If you have allergies, or just do not like the smell of cigarette or cigar smoke it's highly recommended that you purchase items in person rather than online, as ANY previously owned item cannot be guarenteed to be 100% odor free.

    And lastly, we promise to be TRULY grateful to YOU for purchasing from us.We consider it an honor that you chose us and IF you EVER have a problem with us or an item, tell us. We will do our best to make it right.

    We hope ya like us, and our simple, down home, "just folks" way of doing things, and the products we offer. We think you'll REALLY like our prices and merchandise offered.

    It's ALWAYS something new!

    And, as we always tell folks, "You just never know WHAT we might have next!" Heck! We don't know ourselves what deal we may find next! So fav us and stop by often!!

    THANKS for stopping bye FOLKS!!

    Blu (Randy), Jay and Q

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    xxjustfouryou says: May 06, 2014

    very polite and friendly.

    maniandluni says: December 20, 2011

    To finish my feed back that cut me off at cus..ahem.. customer service like this is what keeps a peep comin back for more! Honest and kind fast shipping too! True Blu is on my favorite list Buy with confidence you won’t be disappointed! Goin to nap in my vest now!! Merry Christmas!!

    Sean_tfpsy says: June 27, 2011

    Awesome bonanzler that works with others and always helps you to get the best bang for your buck. Highly recommended.

    oldbaloo says: February 10, 2011

    Very honest and trustworthy. Also friendly and lots of fun. Shop with confidence! A great asset to the Bonanza community

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