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    I don't know where to begin. I have always been fascinated with ladies hats, ear bobs, and brooches since I was a small child. Momma always knew where to find me if I got separated from her in the J.C. Penneys department store in downtown Gulfport, Mississippi. The ladies department sitting in front of mirror in the millinery department trying on hats. Apparently, the sales clerks were very patient with me as I was very careful with the hats because they didn't bother me. But on one shopping visit, I decided to parade around the store with the cutest pillbox with peek-a-boo veil to my mothers disapproval. She marched me up to the department and made me apologize to the ladies. She told my teenage older sister to grab one hand while she took the other as we departed the store. We weren't have a block from the store when mother looked down from her speech about shoplifting and saw that I had some how manager to place the fanciest hat in the collection on my little head. My sister torted, "I'm not bringing it back." So mother had to lose face and return to the hat department once again apologizing for my innocent thievery. Of course, I don't remember any of this as I am only going from the story being told countless times.

    But back to the jewelry. I have always had a liking to fanciful things and costume jewelry is the predominant interest. I have been on eBay for years and I started to notice vintage pieces in need of repair in some of the auctions and thought to myself that I could fix that. SO after winning several bags of repair items and junk, I managed to weed out some signed vintage pieces and repaired them. This started the whole thing. I studied about the different designers and the value that people place upon some of the pieces and believed that there could be some money to be made while fulfilling my passion for repair and revitalization of some of these fabulous treasures.

    Sure I may have a piece or two of Monet in my booth and I have many unsigned beauties as well but you be rest assured that most have not needed major repair with only missing a stone or two which have been replaced with vintage rhinestones and simulated pearls. Many are by designers that did not sign their pieces but are just as adored as a Boucher or Hattie Carnegie piece.

    My picture taking is not the best in the world so I play up the description as best I can so that the buyer gets a full picture of what they are buying. And I always accept returns if a piece does not meet your approval or expectations. I'll even split the cost of the shipping if not satisfied.

    I have to admit that I cannot stand doing business with the likes of feebay but unfortunately, they are the ones that get the traffic so you may find my pieces up for auction on eBay from time to time. That's why I love the import feature here on Bonanza because I only have to describe the item once and then import it into my booth if it doesn't sell on eBay without a fee. Each sale I make on Bonanza is music to my ears and helps me pay for my student loans.

    So glad that you stopped by and took the time to read this little missive about shy little me. I hope you found a treasure in my booth and are satisfied that you came here to find it. Please stop in anytime and questions are always welcomed.

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