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Topic: Selling Topics

Selling on Bonanza

Let's talk selling!

Setting up a Booth - Basic Questions

Fees and Payments

Setting up a Booth - Advanced Questions

Importing Items

Want to learn about the New Item Form instead?

Other Users Say

EleanorsEnchantments says: February 20, 2012

Q: What can you sell on Bonanza? Does everything have to be handmade? Does everything have to be New? Can you sell vintage items?

A: From artwork to electronic, from clothing to handbags and purses, you’ll find it all on Bonanza. Items can be commercially made or can be handmade items and can be new or used. Bonanza does strive to be everything but the ordinary, but all items (with the exception of some prohibited items) are welcome.

ChefToyz says: February 28, 2012

Q: How does a merchant become a "featured Merchant (seller/booth)?

A: Sellers who participate in Bonanza’s subscribing membership program as a Silver Pro, Gold Pro or Platinum Pro Membership are eligible to have their booths randomly chosen to have their booth appear on the Home Page.

twinbrothers says: May 20, 2014

I have not good english.

I think, I sold this item(Transaction ID: 13194645)but I couldn’t see payment on my paypal account and buyer adress.
how can I send it?
when I should send it?