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    Hello, thank you for visiting me on Bonanzle!
    My name is Kim, and I'm a model and cowgirl.

    We're all human... even models. As such, we should inspire one another to become our best; not promote a vision of something we are not naturally and can never be.

    Modeling should not be about displaying an unrealistic concept of beauty and making others feel bad about themselves. It should and must be about becoming the best versions of ourselves. We are all works-in-progress. In the long run, achieving the best realistic version of ourselves is far more fulfilling than portraying an unrealistic vision by surgery or Photoshop edits.

    I believe in being the best human I can be and inspiring others by my true-to-life example. This is called being a role model. For this reason, I don't believe in altering myself or my photos to create an image that is not true or realistic. Though some of my photos have been edited (i.e. turned to black & white or optimized for color), none of the photos sold here have been retouched to hide flaws. The photos you see are the 'real me'.

    Keeping it Real. Class... not trash.
    My photos are not the industry standard bikini shots. They are true to my life, true to my values, true to myself. A true experience of what I am is what I can provide to you.

    I autograph each piece of merchandise sold here, and a personal message to you is included on most items. I like to send positive messages, so don't be afraid to write something uplifting.

    I love animals and like to support no-kill animal shelters. I encourage anyone looking for a pet to visit their local animal shelter. Many shelters also discourage overbreeding. If you have feral cats running around the neighborhood, shelters will often help pay or completely pay for the cost of getting them fixed. They will also help trap the cats.

    You can support animal shelters by adding them as friends on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, or your other social networking pages.

    Friend me on MySpace & Facebook!

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