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Welcome our 2nd Seller Advisory Panel

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A huge shout-out to all our wonderful sellers who applied to join our Seller Advisory Panel! We were thrilled to see all the applicants and wish we could include everyone! In appreciation for your enthusiasm for Bonanza, we will be awarding 1000 tokens to all who applied. We hope you will take advantage of other opportunities to get involved, whether on the community forum or sharing on social media. We sincerely thank you for your continued support and passion.

The panelists that have accepted this new role represent diversity in our marketplace both in product representation as well as business size and technical experience. We are looking forward to hearing unfiltered feedback that will provide data and insights to help guide our roadmap in the coming year.

To introduce this new group, we asked each of the panelists to provide a brief biography. Without further ado, we are proud to introduce Bonanza's 2nd Seller Advisory Panel:

Tom Halfacer from ShopperLane Surplus & Resale

I am Tom (aka tomwayne1) and have been selling on Bonanza in my ShopperLane Surplus & Resale booth since 2008. My booth features an eclectic mix of things, from DVD movies and music CDs to hobby/craft supplies... (continued)

We're celebrating 13 years!

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We naturally find ourselves, on the 13th anniversary of our start-up, reflecting on our accomplishments, our trials, and how often we hit the marks of personal and professional success and happiness. But you are probably thinking "It's Bonanza's anniversary? That means it's time for the annual membership sale!" We understand. It's a once-a-year opportunity for great savings on memberships that provide tools for success. 

NEW! Gold Memberships now include TurboTraffic! 

We’re so excited to show our appreciation for the Bonanza community that we've now added extra advertising to our Gold Membership! This is hot off the presses folks. We've heard you when you asked for more advertising and we are so excited to have this added to the Gold Membership. It is already included in the higher levels. 

Thank you!

Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or are just starting out, we’d like to extend a wholehearted THANK YOU from all of us at Bonanza HQ. 

Thank you for your votes in the ECommerceBytes survey that won us the top spot for Customer Service, Communication, and Most Recommended.

Thanks to our first Seller Advisory Panel members for providing valuable insights into Bonanza's plans for future features and services.

... (continued)

Join our 2nd Annual Seller Advisory Panel

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Last May, Bonanza created a Seller Advisory Panel consisting of 13 sellers with a variety of business models to help guide us in applying our resources where sellers need them most. We committed to listening to you - our seller community - and you responded by providing an outpouring of valuable insights. This group proved to be extremely helpful in identifying what was most important for us to work on during the year they served on the panel, and we are excited to get the next group elected!

Here is a list of accomplishments we were able to achieve based on the feedback received from our first panel:

  • Improve the eBay Importer’s importing and sync functionality
  • Increase visibility for Bonanza ads in Google Shopping
  • Improve Support service response times and instructions
  • Support additional payment processors in addition to PayPal by offering Stripe to all sellers
  • Help sellers fix listings disapproved by Google Shopping

We still have more to do, and the panelists were invaluable in helping us prioritize important upcoming improvements.

Join our Seller Advisory Panel

Listening to our sellers' feedback is the best opportunity we have to consistently enhance our marketplace. Now that we've worked with an advisory panel this... (continued)

Coupons & Deals page

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We've wrapped up our community sale and want to thank all the sellers who participated. In case you missed it, we created a coupon code that all sellers could add to their booth. Sellers got the word out to their customers, we promoted the sale on social media, and we sent emails to past buyers to let them know about the sale.

40% of sellers that participated in our Spring Community Sale were rewarded with a sale from a buyer using the shared coupon code!

If you didn't use our shared code, SpringSale2021, you may have still received a sale from our Coupons & Deals page. We included a link to the page in our buyer emails. (A reminder to sellers, the coupon will remain valid until you remove it.)

How to get featured on our Coupons & Deals page

Even with the spring community sale over, you can still create a coupon or discount for your booth and have it featured on the Coupons & Deals page. Creating custom coupons automatically allows your booth to be shown on this highly viewed page. Not sure how to create a coupon?

Learn about creating coupons and discounts here

Everyone loves getting... (continued)

Take advantage of great savings with Bonanza's Spring Sale!

image of spring

Today is the first day of our Site-wide Spring Sale! We're so excited to have many of our sellers participate by creating a shared coupon code. Add SpringSale2021 to your cart to see if the item you are purchasing qualifies!

This is the perfect time to settle into your new chaise lounge and browse for more goodies on Bonanza. Get those things you've been needing from the comfort of your home, and at a discount.

You can start searching your favorite seller's booth or by visiting our Bonanza Coupons and Deals page to see all items currently on sale.

Use "SpringSale2021" as your coupon code

All of our sellers have been invited to create a coupon with a customized discount for this week, May 5th - 12th. Since the same discount code (SpringSale2021) is shared by all participating sellers, you can add it to your cart when purchasing from any seller to see if they are offering a discount. (If you sell on Bonanza, it's not too late to make your coupon!)

How do I pay if I don't have a PayPal account?

Our most asked question from buyers checking out is "Can I pay with a... (continued)

Sitewide Spring Sale

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Did you have the chance to join our sitewide sale during the holidays? If not, you have another chance with our sitewide Spring Sale. We found that buyers really enjoyed having a single coupon code that worked across the site, and our sellers were excited to get the extra sales.

All sellers can participate

Bonanza will be hosting another community-wide DIY sale this spring; from May 5 - May 12. Every seller can join the spring sale by creating a coupon with the code "SpringSale2021". Each seller can set their own discount for the code.

This sale follows on the back of our "Get the Word Out" social media blitz. Thanks to all who participated by sharing our campaign posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  For this sale you can use the hashtags #BonanzaSpringSale, #SpringSale, #shopBonanza, #BonanzaMarket, #Sale, and #CommunitySale. We'll be posting to all social media with shareable announcements of the sale. You can find us here:

To announce your participation to buyers in your booth you are welcome to use this new temporary booth banner:

image of spring sale

We'll also be promoting the sale through an email campaign to our marketplace buyers and... (continued)

Get the Word Out!

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Do you love Bonanza? Wish everyone knew about Bonanza? So do we! We've worked hard to make our marketplace the most recommended out there. Let's work together to get the word out!

We're going to be hitting Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on the week of April 7th with shareable posts. We've put together a trickle-down campaign to raise awareness for the Bonanza site that will benefit all sellers. Let's flood social media in a sort of spirit week at Bonanza. 

Sounds like fun to you? Cool, here's what you can do to spread the word to your family, friends and followers.

During the week of April 7th, visit our social media pages and follow us. Share our Get the Word Out campaign posts with your community. You can find us here: 

Use the hashtags #shopBonanza, #Bonanzamarket, and #Bonanza to amplify the campaign. And remember, you pay no commission fee when you drive traffic to your booth via social media by adding your account's unique referral ID to your social media posts

Everything from extension cords to cosplay swords

Social media is one of the best forms of marketing available. Research shows that 70% of... (continued)

Spring tips from our Seller Advisory Panel

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Spring is a great time for cleaning, and while you are freshening up for the new season, it's the perfect time to take another look at your booth.

Our Seller Advisory Panel has been working with us for almost a year now. They've helped us set goals, alerted us to pain points from a seller's perspective, and they've come through again with some tips to share with their fellow Bonanzlers.

Rita Laverty with MomentsInThyme and VintageSweetheart shares this:

"I look forward to this time of year.  I like to freshen up listings with new verbiage or added information I might have left out six months ago or maybe even a year ago.  Did I just say that?  Yes, I did! Sometimes when typing out a listing we forget to include all details.  By going over the listing a second time, we can add what we had not included the first time.

You may have been sidetracked by a distraction which I do from time to time. The big dog and the little dog barking and my son wanting my attention as he’s heading out with friends.  We all have had distractions while preparing listings.  You may notice six months later that what you thought... (continued)

Seller Spotlight: Sirrý Design

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Hi, Shelly here. Occasionally we like to use the blog to shine a spotlight on some of our great sellers. We have a wonderfully diverse group of sellers on Bonanza, with a lot of small businesses you might want to support. I interviewed Sirrý Design this week to learn how their business started, what makes them tick, and what advice they have for other sellers. I'm excited to introduce you to Sirrý Design's creator, Sigríður. You can visit her booth here

image of booth banner

How did  Sirrý Design get its start?

Sirrý  Design started with my passion from a young age for unique & pretty jewelry. So later in my life decided to follow my dreams to study goldsmithing. I finished my basic goldsmith education in 2013 in EUC Lillebælt, Fredericia, Denmark. Since then I have been working on my dream to have my own store.

What is the process of designing and producing your jewelry?

Creating jewelry is fascinating, complex, and consists of several stages, which can take weeks or months.

Step 1 - Sketch out the design. Making jewelry begins with an idea. As with an architect who first sketches a design of a house, a jewelry designer begins by putting... (continued)

Help Pages for DIYers

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Your desire to excel at sales has you up late looking to create a buzz in your booth. You've set up up an Item Markdown sale, but you still have questions.

You don't want to lose your momentum. You want answers NOW. You don't mind a little Do-It-Yourself work. Well, we are ready for you with in-depth help pages covering nearly every topic imaginable.

The Bonanza support team was thrilled to receive "Best Customer Service" in the 2021 EcommerceBytes Seller's Choice Awards, but we're not stopping there! We just published a new video on YouTube: "Bonanza Help Pages and Community Help". It will show you how to use our updated help center to locate answers to your questions in-the-moment.

You'll find our help center by logging in to Bonanza and pointing to "Help" at the top of the page. From the drop-down menu, visit the help center to find a table of contents for sellers, buyers, and general information about Bonanza. Select a category (for example, "I'm a Seller") to access detailed, step-by-step instructions with images. You can search topics like booth set-up, fees, payments, eBay importer, shipping, seller success, and much more. Many articles also have newly... (continued)

Results are In!

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Results are in for the EcommerceBytes Sellers Choice Awards 2021!

Bonanza won first place for

  • Customer Service
  • Communication
  • Recommended marketplace

This put us second overall in the Sellers Choice Awards, one-upped only by eBay. The leading publisher and number one source of news for e-commerce and online merchants, EcommerceBytes, ran the survey for the twelfth year.

We want to thank everyone who took the time to respond to this survey. We went into this past year asking for direct, on-going feedback from you, our sellers, in return for our commitment to listening and making decisions based on that feedback. We are so glad we did. You have provided us with a successful roadmap that included continued improvements to our customer support. Jackson and the team want to thank you for voting them number one in marketplace customer service for two years in a row.

We've committed to continued communication and transparency between Bonanza and its sellers, using this blog to keep you updated. We sent out our on-site seller survey recently and you responded positively, giving us confirmation of the plan we set in motion to be the most seller-focused marketplace. We created a Seller Advisory Panel... (continued)

Using CSV files to Import & Update Listings

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Hi y'all! Wanda here from Bonanza Support and the Bonanza Video Help tutorials. I've recently created a new video for our YouTube channel, where we highlight topics that make navigating and listing on Bonanza easier. Our newest video covers how to create a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. This is a plain text file that contains a list of data - in this case, your inventory - easily viewed using a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

You can use a CSV file to import your existing inventory to your Bonanza booth from your store, warehouse or other online marketplaces. The benefit of using a CSV file is that you can organize and make bulk changes to your inventory without having to make updates listing-by-listing.

Your CSV file will start with the five required* column headings:

  • id*
  • title*
  • price*
  • category*
  • description*
  • quantity (required for advertising on Google Shopping)
  • image (optional, but recommended)

You may also add column headings with information such as shipping, traits, variations, and much more.

Watch my short video on how to create a simple CSV file.


How to Import Your CSV File

To import your existing CSV inventory file, hover over the... (continued)

Updates to Bonanza Support

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Hello Bonanza Community! Jackson, Head of Customer Support here, touching base with you about our award-winning support team. Last year Bonanza took top spots for Customer Service, Communication, and Ease of Use In the EcommerceBytes Sellers Choice Awards 2020. Our team was thrilled to receive this positive feedback, but we have not rested on our laurels. We've all been working hard this past year to make our customer support services even better. Our goal is always to get you the help you need quickly and efficiently.

Shorter first-reply time

We wrapped up the year accomplishing our goal of an average of Less than 24 hour First Reply Time. When you need help, we want to get you answers fast. You can write to our support team using [email protected] or from our Contact Support page.

Streamlined support ticket triage

We have streamlined the support ticket triage process. Once you've contacted us, our triage manager, Judy, handles your support ticket expeditiously by getting it into the hands of the most experienced agent for your question. This optimized flow has contributed to our shorter first-reply time.

We also have a new helper called Answer Bot. When you write to support, relevant... (continued)

Returns and Credits

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Happy 2021! We made it through the challenges 2020 brought and are ready to enjoy what the new year brings.

January may mean some post-holiday returns, so this blog will refresh you on how that's done. We're also letting you know about a slight change in the way we are applying credits to your billing statement.

Credits automatically applied

Let's start with the credits. When you request a fee refund for a return on an item, and the final value fee to Bonanza has already been processed, we may issue a credit to your account. In the past, credits had to be manually applied to your bill. Now we will subtract your credit amount from your billing statement automatically when fees are paid. This prevents overpayment and saves a step, as well. If your bill is paid automatically with your credit card on file, we will deduct your credit at that time, lowering your bill. If your credit is more than your bill, we will use what's needed to cover that month's payment and save the rest as a credit for your next monthly bill.


Item returns are a fairly common occurrence for e-commerce businesses — 30% of online... (continued)

How-to Videos to make your holidays easier

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Happy Holidays everyone! I have a couple of videos that I thought you might find helpful in the midst of sorting and sending your holiday orders.

Add a Tracking Number

First, let's take a look at tracking numbers. You've received an order (hooray!), you have packaged it securely, and it is ready to ship. If you purchase a USPS shipping label directly from Bonanza using the "Buy shipping" link under the order summary, the tracking number and shipping address are automatically added. Note that the shipping address cannot be edited once a sale is complete to ensure that the cost of the label is based on the postal code the buyer entered at checkout. If the buyer requests to change the shipping address after an order is complete, we recommend refunding the transaction and having the buyer complete checkout again with the correct shipping address so that you comply with the payment processor's seller protection policies.

Alternately, you may choose to purchase a shipping label from a third-party provider and manually enter the buyer's shipping address. If you purchase shipping from a third-party provider, such as USPS, you can manually mark the transaction as shipped and enter applicable tracking so... (continued)

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