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Meet Bonanza's Support Team
bonanzajackson May 19, 2020

Meet Bonanza's Support Team

image of bullhorn, notepad, speech bubble

Hello Bonanza Community! Jackson here, reaching out on behalf of our amazing Support Team at Bonanza. The first thing we want to say is “thank you!” Thank you for being a huge part of what makes Bonanza the most unique, community-focused, and friendliest marketplace online. Thank you for recognizing this team as the best Support Team in e-commerce. We were (and remain) “over the moon” after seeing those results. While we are proud of your feedback, we understand that we have a long way to go to better care for your businesses.  You are the lifeblood of this company, and we're lucky to be able to work with you each and every day.  

For those of you we haven’t met yet, I’d like to tell you a little about our team!  First of all, contrary to some claims out there - we have no robots.  In fact, we have a dedicated team of breathing, thinking, and caring agents ready to offer our expertise when called upon. Our agents all manage booths on Bonanza and we enjoy purchasing from our sellers through a process called “dogfooding”. Our agents have an average of over 3.5 years of experience with Bonanza, meaning they’ve seen it all! 

We’re Glad to Meet You!

Brandon, Happiness Producer - I grew up and still live in western Washington. My hobbies include video games, hiking, reading books, and watching movies & TV. The Rock is my favorite actor.

Brianna, Happiness Producer - Born and raised in the PNW (Pacific Northwest), a certified cat lady and bookworm! 

Jackson, Head of Customer Support - PNW born and raised! Love discovering new music, diving into a new book, and watching my favorite sports teams let me down each year.

Judy, Triage Maven - I am from the Land of Ah's (Kansas), although I was born and raised in Missouri. I have three grown kids and 7 grandkids. Live on 100+acres with horses, geese, and other critters. I love working at Bonanza and with the Bonanza sellers & buyers. Helping others succeed and excel is one of my passions.

Justin, Support Analyst - A Pacific Northwest native and outdoor enthusiast. I'm a huge sports fan, I love coffee, and I'm always on the hunt for my next travel destination.

Wanda, Happiness Producer - I am from the great “ShowMe” state of Missouri! I have three grown kids and my pride and joys; My Grandkids … “Happy Happy”. I love working at Bonanza and to be given the opportunity to do what I truly love to do, that is to be a help and provide encouragement every day!

We’re Here for You

Our dedicated team constantly monitors our inbox and responds to feedback and messages as quickly as possible. We greatly appreciate your patience for those rare instances when our replies are delayed longer than expected. Rest assured that we are working as hard as we can to ensure your Bonanza experience is a good one. Every day we aim to create a better experience than the day before. We're always happy to hear from you at [email protected]

We thank you for your continued support of Bonanza and look forward to working with all of you as we head deeper into the calendar year. Here's to a much better (and healthier) second half of 2020 and beyond! 

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60 responses to Meet Bonanza's Support Team

lostlizard says: 05/19/20 at 17:03:21

Longtime Bonanza user here! I love you guys and gals! While you cannot solve every problem, your bright attitude and down to earth efforts make me feel good. And, that is the Bonanza difference! Thanks for being there. Stay safe; be well; be kind!

bonanzajackson says in response: 05/20/20 at 08:46:21

Thanks lostlizard! That positive attitude is something we strive for on a daily basis. Hope you stay safe as well!

frugal_cat says: 05/19/20 at 17:08:45

Thx Brother you put the “sup” in Support… whassssssuuuup?,
Seriously though your efforts are appreciated, especially explaining of the individual staff members and roles. Maybe some time we can have an “R” beque. (tribute to Rainier beer a nw staple.

bonanzajackson says in response: 05/20/20 at 08:46:39

Cheers to that!

ooak says: 05/19/20 at 17:11:28


bonanzajackson says in response: 05/20/20 at 08:46:51

We think so too :)

Atpeacememorials says: 05/19/20 at 17:13:05

I signed up to be part of the Bonanza advisory panel but never heard back. Is that still going on?

bonanzajackson says in response: 05/20/20 at 08:47:39

Hi Atpeacememorials. Thanks for letting us know and sorry to hear that. Our Seller Happiness Manager should be in touch with all applicants shortly. Thanks so much for your patience.

SpaceAgeAntiques says: 05/19/20 at 17:30:02

What, no robots cruising down the halls at Bonanza? Thanks for the intros. You guys do a great job. I am from the PNW also.

bonanzajackson says in response: 05/20/20 at 08:47:49

PNW pride!

Nola_Discount_Shop says: 05/19/20 at 17:34:47

Thanks for all of your support and hard work! Congrats and wishing y’all continued success!

bonanzajackson says in response: 05/20/20 at 08:48:18

Happy to do it! We look forward to working with you :)

pattieholliday says: 05/19/20 at 18:31:21

I have been on Bonanza for years. I really like your market place.

bonanzajackson says in response: 05/20/20 at 08:48:33

We’re lucky to work with you, Pattie!

chuck_thomas says: 05/19/20 at 18:41:20

Tried to Install Spark Lister… Install Failed. Support replied… “can’t Help You.. that’s a Beta Program” That’s support ?? Think at least you would be curious

bonanzajackson says in response: 05/20/20 at 08:51:49

Hi Chuck! So sorry for the trouble with the Sparklister. We have hit a point with the Sparklister where we’re no longer able to offer support nor update the software. We hope to revisit the Sparklister in the future and make it into the tool we know it can be, however at this time we are just unable to do so. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may be for you. We appreciate your understanding.

gemjane says: 05/19/20 at 18:48:42

Thank you for being there! Over the years you have been a great help to me. And I’ve never had to wait long for an answer.(Never heard of PNW before—you learn something new every day!)

bonanzajackson says in response: 05/20/20 at 08:54:15

We’re happy to be here for you! Anything learned in the process is an added benefit :)

Missgeorgia says: 05/19/20 at 19:24:15

Georgia says

Happy with my Bonanza site. After 2 1/2 years no problems yet. Things are slow now but I don’t blame Bonanza. Just the way life is now days.

bonanzajackson says in response: 05/20/20 at 08:54:32

Thanks for your continued support of Bonanza!

leeroz842 says: 05/19/20 at 21:25:27

Been a Bonanzer for a couple of years. I live in NJ, but born in Southern Idaho & spent my childhood between there and the PNW. Have 4 grandkids & 5 great-grands. Love the marketplace and support.

foxredb says: 05/19/20 at 22:19:08

I received a letter from Technical Support advising me to subscribe to the service Google shopping

But I did not benefit from this service because I did not get sales

VIMODGYGIFT says: 05/19/20 at 22:58:33

Thank you guys!!!

viki777 says: 05/19/20 at 23:13:26

promotion of creams LAMER

supsilver says: 05/19/20 at 23:33:18

Thank you. Wonderful..

Dealer_lara says: 05/20/20 at 00:04:16

Thank you for your great services,
I like your market place.

Heulynch says: 05/20/20 at 00:04:39

I am new here. I station in Malaysia but my team and factory is in USA and in the European region. Hope to work with you guys. Thank you.

THE99CENTHOUSEFUND says: 05/20/20 at 00:17:02


Quick heads up. that other place is ruffling feathers. They are doing managed payments. HOWEVER it seems there are a few categories which wont allow MP so if you are in MP you cant list those items! 1 of the big categories is COINS! You all may want to take advantage of that & poach some more sellers from that hellhole!

Achintha says: 05/20/20 at 00:54:54

Thank you for your support.

imnitram says: 05/20/20 at 06:00:28

I have been a seller on Bonanza for more than a year, I was looking for an alternative to Ebay. I made several suggestions to help sellers like me but Bonanza does not seem to be interested in my category. I have yet to make one sale here despite pricing my items cheaper here than on that other site. Seriously, I have sold many hundreds of items on the other site during this time, at higher pricing.

BonanzaGreg says in response: 05/20/20 at 14:30:16

Thank you imnitram! We appreciate your feedback. We would like to understand how to make our site better for your products. Please go to the top of the page, under the “help” topic select “submit an idea.” And we’ll take it from there. Thank you!

Her_Majesty_Boutique says: 05/20/20 at 06:01:41

Welcome Jackson. In a perfect world things would run so smoothly we would never need customer support but in this reality it is nice knowing you are a click away. Enjoy your new position.

Howlin_Hounds says: 05/20/20 at 06:34:09

Happy to “meet” you all. You’ve been a great help to me and it’s always greatly appreciated. Thank you for all you do!

A_little_bit_of_this says: 05/20/20 at 06:44:34

Thanks for the intro! I love your Bios. As a new seller, it is refreshing to see a Support Team made of real people :)

Getchang says: 05/20/20 at 08:11:41

Very happy to have a booth here at Bonanza, I have got great support from your team and felt your care from the beginning. I would like to thank all of you!!

inderjits7 says: 05/20/20 at 08:15:04

When i receive my order?

VeroStores says: 05/20/20 at 08:32:56

Gracias a todo el equipo

BonanzaJustin says in response: 05/21/20 at 15:01:27

Con mucho gusto, VeroStores! Estamos aqui para ayudarte. :)

Goods_To_My_Door says: 05/20/20 at 08:58:14

Few months with Bonanza and Love the Marketplace. They grow with small sellers, Hoppe stick with small sellers, NOT BIG COMPANIES!! this live us out of the game as others marketplace do when grow Big. Thank you

DiscountCrafts4U says: 05/20/20 at 09:45:32

Yes I too have very few sales here with almost 3k listings on bonanza for years. I think once managed payments goes through in july
alot sellers will leave and join bonanza. Ebay is imploding itself
due to pure greed.

paperinkgraphics says: 05/20/20 at 10:14:56

Thank You for the selling opportunities! Great to meet the team!

NeiNei_Freeman says: 05/20/20 at 10:33:39

I’m a newbie and kind’a timid at striking into unknown territory. Everyone sounds so nice! Great Bios! They resemble me!! I AM looking forward to selling on line. I think that with the help of the wonderful staff, I’m going to make it! Thank you for not being ROBOTS.

RAEDNET says: 05/20/20 at 12:26:45

Thanks for all of your support and hard work! Congrats and wishing y’all continued success!

BlingBlinkyofTEXAS says: 05/20/20 at 12:27:44

Bonanza is dependable and ALWAYS fun customers! I found out about Bonanza in Hays. Kansas in 2013 - “The Land of Ahs!!” as Judy says! Thank you all Bonanzaliers!

BonanzaGreg says in response: 05/20/20 at 14:42:19

Thank you for staying with us BlingBlinkyofTexas! “Land of Ahs” is right, I was lucky enough to have lived in Independence, KS for a few years – I really miss sitting on the porch (with my dogs) watching the fireflies on a warm summer evening. That is “Ah!” for me!

Covenant_Keeper12 says: 05/20/20 at 13:27:05

Hi Team! It’s great meeting you all and good to know that we have support when we need it! Thanks for holding us up!

BonanzaJustin says in response: 05/21/20 at 14:39:09

Great to meet you too, Covenant_Keeper12! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need us. :)

nkosistore says: 05/20/20 at 14:50:22

Thank you,keep up your excellent work,keep on going the way you are going.

BonanzaJustin says in response: 05/21/20 at 14:56:00

nkosistore – Thanks, we will certainly try our best!

LualL says: 05/20/20 at 15:12:40

Fantastic work in support and marketplace

BonanzaJustin says in response: 05/21/20 at 14:40:01

Appreciate it, Tony1974!

bluepennylady says: 05/20/20 at 15:25:03


Paula! It has been a while since we spoke. We had a great time in Hayes. Thank you so much for joining Bonanza and selling here all of this time!!

Kansas is a land of all kinds of AHS! Fireflies Greg spoke of, the rolling wheat fields, wind turbines, cattle, horses, farms. I love living in Kansas.

May there be many more Bonanza fun “AH” moments for you.

BrendaH1049 says: 05/20/20 at 15:25:55

Thank You

bonzuser_yqgwl says: 05/20/20 at 19:28:36

I haven’t got my package I paid for

BonanzaJustin says in response: 05/21/20 at 15:08:54

Sorry to hear that, bonzuser_yqgwl.

Please send us an email to [email protected] so we can look into your order further. Looking forward to hearing from you!

AngelicPretty says: 05/20/20 at 23:41:57

I have been selling across all major online marketplaces since high school and need to say that Bonanza is the best out of them.

No scary suspensions or defect dashboards with strict targets which cause sellers to lose their sleep.

It’s the perfect marketplace. Hopefully, the buyers will soon come here and abandon sites like Amazon which don’t treat people well.

I have an e-commerce news platform and will be dedicating several articles per month to invite more sellers to Bonanza.

bonanzajackson says in response: 05/21/20 at 16:48:30

Totally agree!

James93 says: 05/21/20 at 02:27:02

Thanks for this post!if you like game https://supersmashflash2.co

Virtual_Mamas_Place says: 05/21/20 at 03:03:16

You’re very welcome and Thank you to all the Bonanza team for your amazing support!

BonanzaJustin says in response: 05/21/20 at 14:37:17

Appreciate it, Virtual_Mamas_Place! Thanks for supporting us since way back in 2015!

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