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Good evening everyone.   We pushed up a small change tonight that you may have noticed.
If you are signed out you’ll find we now have an email capture for our newsletter and other deals in the footer of the site.   In addition to working on different ways to acquire entirely new customers we are also working on improving our ability to communicate to previous visitors and purchasers.  And despite all of the changes in communication with Facebook, Twitter, and mobile, email remains an incredibly effective tool for traditional e-tailers and marketplaces.  

We’ll be doing more than simply asking for email addresses in our footer to be sure, but I thought you might want to have a little insight into why it’s there and what we’re up to.  More to come as our email marketing efforts take shape!



19 responses to New email capture

  • Bighorsecoins says:
    08/23/10 at 01:36:40

    Sounds Great!!

  • BookbinEtc says:
    08/23/10 at 01:42:13

    Real meat. No Spam!


  • polzar says:
    08/23/10 at 03:20:27

    Great Addition Alex!!!

  • SunflowerAntics says:
    08/23/10 at 04:52:23

    I really appreciate you letting us know of these changes, Alex! I think you are doing a FINE job!

  • momspennies says:
    08/23/10 at 05:46:08

    That’s great! Thanks!

  • AllThingsVintage44 says:
    08/23/10 at 05:53:59

    Saw that before I signed on this morning! Great work! Keep it coming

  • SharsBoutique says:
    08/23/10 at 06:59:26

    I love the concept but it is too far down on the page. From my iPhone when I scroll down to the grass I stop because it feels like I am at the bottom of the page. IMHO

  • Liquidation says:
    08/23/10 at 07:06:26

    The concept is fantastic. It is much cheaper/easier to keep the client you already have versus getting a new one. Balancing the two can be challenging.
    However, The effectiveness of the placement bears to be seen. As Shar mentioned above, when on my droid, I did not see it. And once on laptop, checking again, I would not have seen it in normal browsing mode without knowing it was there.
    Will be interesting to see the outcome, and if different placements have better/worse results.

  • alexwberg says:
    08/23/10 at 08:23:25

    This is but one placement we are looking at and the first to rollout. This is intended to be an ‘evergreen’ placement that gives us a foothold on each page. More prominent and contextual placements are being actively explored.

  • jacksplace says:
    08/23/10 at 08:47:08


  • shots&more says:
    08/23/10 at 09:55:10

    sounds really great!! however I too think placement is all wrong…

  • joangranite says:
    08/23/10 at 11:42:50

    I signed out just to look for the E/mail Capture and think it is too far down. I had to scroll to find the place and I knew what to look for.

  • EuropeanGoodies says:
    08/23/10 at 12:25:59

    so did I. Signed out to find it.
    But yes, it’s too far out of the way. Really nobody will see it there.
    Although!! The feature is GREAT… just move it up

  • AnnappleBonanza says:
    08/23/10 at 17:13:08

    I saw this in the morning, before I knew there was a new thing on the People page.

    For whatever convoluted set up I have, I didn’t find it to be out of the way, because I noticed it before a full cup of coffee before I left for work today and signed up!

  • SeraBird says:
    08/23/10 at 19:43:04

    Boy, all you folks at hq are busier than ever these days! Good jobs, ya’all!

  • sistahqueen2 says:
    08/23/10 at 21:45:34

    I like this new feature but missed it earlier…I guess I skipped the scroll on the lap top…

    Checked on the PC and still had to scroll but not so much….

    Thank you Alex for all the thought that goes into all you do…My thanks also go to all the Bonz team…..You guys and gals ROCK!!!

  • BARNTIQUES859 says:
    08/24/10 at 06:47:25

    yup, boomers with the $ to spend are not entirely into Fbk Txtg, and tweeting BUT the email idea is good. that is in their grasp. getting warmer

  • Vintagemaven says:
    08/24/10 at 06:56:41

    Agree with what Joan and Barn said.

  • Sale4U says:
    08/21/11 at 10:31:14

    renderBonanzleWidget();Collector & Buyer

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