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Bonanza is Getting a Makeover
The_Bonanza_Team Jul 24, 2023

Bonanza is Getting a Makeover

At Bonanza Worldwide, we are always striving to provide the best possible experience for our valued sellers and buyers. We are delighted to announce that we will soon be unveiling a new homepage design, giving you an exclusive preview of what's in store. Our planned phased implementation of the final design is part of our commitment to enhancing the buyer experience, showcasing a wide inventory, and encouraging purchases. Rest assured, your favorite features like Hand-Picked Lists will remain intact. This is just the beginning, as we have plans to update category pages and more. Let's dive into the details and get a glimpse of the exciting changes coming your way!

A Homepage Makeover

The Future of Bonanza's Homepage  Before our new homepage goes live, we want to offer you a sneak peek into what you can expect. This phased implementation allows us to gradually introduce improvements while ensuring a seamless transition. The upcoming design focuses on elevating the buyer experience, making it easier than ever for shoppers to discover and engage with your products.

Highlighting a Wide Inventory

Showcasing the Best of Bonanza  Our new homepage will serve as a visual gateway to the vast inventory available on Bonanza. With carefully curated sections and intuitive navigation, buyers will have a delightful browsing experience. This enhanced visibility for your products will drive increased exposure and potential sales, allowing you to reach a wider audience.

Encouraging Purchases

Streamlined Path to Checkout  We understand the importance of converting browsers into buyers. That's why our upcoming homepage design emphasizes a streamlined path to purchase. With intuitive call-to-action buttons, improved product displays, and a seamless checkout process, buyers will find it easier than ever to complete their transactions. This focus on increasing conversions will benefit both sellers and buyers alike.

Your Favorites Are Here to Stay

Hand-Picked Lists and More  We know that features like Hand-Picked Lists have been instrumental in showcasing your products and boosting sales. Rest assured, these beloved favorites will continue to have a prominent place on the new homepage. We value your feedback and want to ensure that the tools you rely on for success remain readily available.

Looking Ahead

Updates to Category Pages and Beyond  While the upcoming homepage redesign is an exciting step forward, it is just the beginning of our journey. We are committed to continuously improving the buyer experience and providing you with the tools necessary for success. After the successful implementation of the homepage, we have plans to update category pages, offering even more opportunities for your products to shine and attract buyers.

A Sneak Peek into the Future of E-commerce

The upcoming homepage redesign at Bonanza Worldwide represents a significant milestone in our commitment to enhancing the buyer experience and empowering our sellers. The details we've shared today gives you a glimpse of the exciting changes that await. With a focus on showcasing a wide inventory, encouraging purchases, and preserving your favorite features, our new homepage will revolutionize the way buyers discover and engage with your products. As we continue to roll out updates, including category page enhancements, we look forward to supporting your success and providing an exceptional e-commerce platform for all. Stay tuned for more updates as we bring these exciting changes to life at Bonanza Worldwide

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37 responses to Bonanza is Getting a Makeover

foxyguy66 says: 07/24/23 at 08:53:28

Looking forward to the changes

Nola_Discount_Shop says: 07/24/23 at 09:25:31

AWESOME! Excited to see the new reveal. Good luck!

cgbarn says: 07/24/23 at 09:31:27


vintage-duchess says: 07/24/23 at 09:32:10

Thank you for the update.

SpaceAgeAntiques says: 07/24/23 at 09:43:21

Okay, sounds good. I look forward to checking it out. Good luck with the project!

BonanzaShelly says in response: 07/24/23 at 09:44:16

Thanks Steve!

PriscillasParlor says: 07/24/23 at 10:01:53

Excited! Good Luck to all!

lidelacreativelab says: 07/24/23 at 10:29:11

This is wonderful. Meanwhile EvilBay had the same outdated design and uncomfortable UI for the longest time. Keep growing this platform. If we bring more sellers here, buyers will come!

Franny1067 says: 07/24/23 at 11:13:56

Can’t wait to see it. Hope our fees don’t up to cover all these new things happening.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 07/24/23 at 13:00:22

Hi Franny1067, thanks for the feedback. All the improvements on the site are intended to increase sales. We truly believe we are a part of a shared community and if one grows….we all grow.

FantasticFinds2014 says: 07/24/23 at 11:26:36

Sounds good, can’t wait to see the upgrades.

DealsHQ says: 07/24/23 at 12:05:44


EmpressDepot says: 07/24/23 at 12:18:17

Thank you. I cannot wait to see it.

Alilbirdy2 says: 07/24/23 at 12:28:02

After jumping through hoops I finally made it back into this area. The make over looks nice but sure isn’t user friendly as far as where to click to find the Bonanza Blog from the other pages.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 07/25/23 at 04:35:01

Hi, sorry for the trouble you had finding the blog page. If you are logged in, point to “Help” at the top left of any page and in the dropdown menu click on “Read the Bonanza Selling Blog”. Thanks for being part of our selling community, Allbirdy2!

secretsunsaid says: 07/24/23 at 13:12:37

Sounds great

coffeeboy says: 07/24/23 at 13:13:19

Sounds fantastic! Anything positive to help increase traffic & sales! Thank You

PinUpsEtc says: 07/24/23 at 13:39:10

After the makeover, will Bonanza start advertising the site more so it can reach the caliber of eBay or Etsy? I hope so, because Bonanza deserves that status :)

BonanzaShelly says in response: 07/25/23 at 04:30:29

Yes! We are working on advertising for the site, stay tuned!

Jenfr says: 07/24/23 at 15:10:09

I recently joined the Bonanza family, but I think the store has good potential to become a great e-commerce.
Surely the changes will be made in the best way, I have no doubts.
We are all here waiting for the changes

Chaly says: 07/24/23 at 15:18:37

That is Great!!

MTOBooks says: 07/24/23 at 15:18:46

yeah like updates and cant wait to see the changes

mangaplug says: 07/24/23 at 16:38:11

Great to hear but I believe a mobile app is a MUST.

Dons_Guitars says: 07/24/23 at 17:12:51

Looking forward to it! Go Bonanza!!!

HARRYNGUYEN says: 07/24/23 at 21:33:04


MODELPLANETCOLLECTIO says: 07/25/23 at 04:10:55

Great to hear it

Giamer says: 07/25/23 at 06:23:19

Updating the home page and improving the site is a great first step. Making buyers outside Bonanza aware that Bonanza exists is another important step, which I hope will be the next step taken to improve our sales. All the best!

Twistedmindhealing_ says: 07/25/23 at 16:32:52

I’m loving the site good luck on changes
I can’t wait to see a downloadable app

Jsima232 says: 07/26/23 at 03:39:09

Will you ever have an app for phones?

BonanzaShelly says in response: 07/26/23 at 06:58:32

Yes, we are working on it!

jamshak says: 07/26/23 at 08:05:09

Thank you for all your hard work! :):) excited!!!

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