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Creating Variations on a Listing
BonanzaBrianna Apr 11, 2024

Creating Variations on a Listing

Want to give buyers the option of selecting a specific size or color, without creating separate listings? Try creating a variation! 

Sellers can add custom variations to their items on the new item form, or by editing the listing. Once you select a category, you will see normal trait options - like brand, color, size, material, etc.

If you have multiple colors/multiple sizes available, you can select (or type) "Many Colors" or "Many Sizes" into the trait field and click enter.

A new section will appear above the item description box allowing you to add the different colors and/or sizes. You can also add a photo, quantity and price for each option.

Note - creating a variation and not filling it in will cause an error when you try to post the listing for sale. A red notification box will appear at the top of the listing page. You will need to either delete the variation or fill it in.

Don't forget to save changes!

Once you create your variations, the buyer will see a dropdown menu on the listing page allowing them to make a selection! You'll see their selection on the order summary - so you know exactly what to ship!

If your selected category does not have the variation you need, there is a workaround to add missing traits to a category that doesn't currently include the trait you need. Check out this help page for the work-around instructions: https://support.bonanza.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001355112-How-To-Add-Item-Variations-on-Bonanza

Or, watch a Youtube tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppbYF4u55-c&t=14s 

Thanks for reading!

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