Am i the only one that cannot stand amazon pay?

WOW. I just turned off Amazon as a payment option and went back to PayPal. I have had one transaction with Amazon, and what a horrid experience.

First, after selling the item and while waiting for funds, Amazon decided they wanted to authorize my account. You would think by all the questions and weeks of email exchanges that selling items on a marketplace like Bonanza was a foreign concept to them. Seriously, the exchanges with them were getting ridiculous. Completely stupid questions like "where am I displaying the “AMAZON” button on my website? Really? That question alone took multiple responses before Amazon seemed to have clued in.

Secondly, their A-Z satisfaction policy. Well my one and only transaction resulted in a complaint with the customer. You would think that I would be given time to resolve with the customer directly. But no…Amazon gets all up in my business and wants be involved in EVERYTHING. I get all kinds of emails from them like “provide us XYZ information within 3 days, or you will by default be responsible for the entire claim.” Respond to the customer with XYZ within 2 days, or you will by default be liable for the full amount of the claim." And on and on and on. Heavens forbid I be unable to respond for 2 days due to an illness or other unforeseen issue…I would have been royally screwed.

I was sooooo glad to remove Amazon from my Bonanza account and default back to PayPal.

asked 9 months ago

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You obviously sell on Amazon also? that could be part of the reason for all the questions? But i just had a transaction with them thru bonanza and so far so good, I got a notice that they were transferring my money the same day to my bank. So, i have no complaints yet.

answered 9 months ago

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I’ve only dealt with Paypal at one point due to a claim on another site. It was pretty easy to fix it because I simply agreed with the buyer, not because I had to but I realized I was incorrect. BUT Paypal did not seem to be so sensitive on time like it sounds Amazon was being.

It’s good to know what you said.

About the Amazon button on your website. After a short while of having Amazon up and running, I received an email from Amazon with instructions and them mentioning the Amazon button on my website. They also asked about my return policy, privacy policy and a list of other things posted on my site. So even though I told them Bonanza was not my website and instead I had a booth on Bonanza, I still made sure to send them a link for my policies they had requested I have available for my customers to see. After that they let my Amazon account become active again.

Still to this day I do not understand why they got a wild hair to suddenly ask for all this. It was really strange and there’s nothing like talking to a live person rather than a computer. Paypal is easier to get a hold of, at least for me.

answered 9 months ago


I dumped amazon when they made there recent change, I don’t need their stress hassle, I Never looked back.

answered 9 months ago


So you think that is bad WELL I had a GOOD transaction with a buyer who left me a positive BUT amazon for some reason refunded the money to the buyer and let them keep the item. I contacted them and they said I forgot to mark it shipped on there site. I marked it shipped on Bonanza and got a positive. I am now out the money and the item. I will NEVER deal with them again!!

answered 9 months ago


I sell on both and pay pal is by far my favorite

answered 9 months ago

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