Bonanza bulletin

Hi, Bonanza seller community!

I’m Sarah from the Bonanza team. We recently introduced a new forum series called The Bonanza Bulletin! Our team will be dropping by the Community Forum periodically to share updates on recent improvements to the site. Some recent updates we’ve worked on:


  • Updated look and functionality of the Bonanza Help Center!
  • Added a banner notification to the eBay Importer to notify sellers that at this time
    Bonanza can only import items that are hosted on the US version of eBay.

Bug Fixes

  • Return of voice phone verification for new users!
  • Users with expired eBay Importer authorizations will receive a notification email.
  • When redeeming reward tokens, the token amount will update immediately on the
    account page.

Bonanza exists because of you! We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

To suggest a feature:

Have questions or feedback? Contact our award-winning support team:

Thank you for reading, and for making the Bonanza selling community the wonderful group of entrepreneurs that it is!

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KAFarm says: February 11, 2020

I like the sound of this, good communication can make things great.

BonanzaSarah (Bonanza Staff) says: February 11, 2020

So true, KAFarm! We look forward to more communication with our seller-based community to help drive decision-making!

misskeech says: February 11, 2020

Thank you so much BonanzaSarah! I really hope we do continue to get updates from you….Nice to hear good news!

BonanzaSarah (Bonanza Staff) says: February 12, 2020

Thank you, misskeech! It’s always good to see you in the forum :) Looking forward to sharing more good news over time!

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