Do people actually shop here?

Am wondering if people truly shop here or if this is going to be a complete waste of time like a few other sites I wasted time importing my items to?

asked 2 months ago

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Completely up to you. How you advertise and at what rate. Also another big factor is what you sell and how competitive you are with other sites that sell the same or similar items, especially ebay and amazon. It takes more work here, if you just want to list your items and wait for sales, you may be waiting for awile if you dont plan on putting any work into it. Good Luck with whatever you decide.

answered 2 months ago

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Yes, they do shop here. However, IMO you need to select the 9% or higher advertising rate. Your items will do better if they are sent by Bonanza (that’s what the higher ad rate gets you) to Google Shopping. The vast majority of shoppers will come here due to finding their items during a Google search. You may notice that I am echoing what misskeach stated above.

answered 2 months ago

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It is definitely not a waste of time to list here, one of the best actually, but, you as the seller have to do a lot of the work yourself as far as advertising and bringing traffic. I advertise on multiple sites and social media as well as having multiple stores in other locations, adding new products daily, coming up with promos etc. etc. Keep in mind also you will have busy times and slow times, the summer months are always slower for me and they pick up during the holiday season. Good luck to you whatever you decide.

answered 2 months ago


The thing I love about Bonanza is you get out of it what you put into your booth. They are not like eBay and penalize you if you do not offer free shipping. Bonanza will promote your booth (from what I hear from other sellers if you take the time to promote yourself.) I am new, less than three weeks and only advertise at 9% which does not include Bing; however, Bonanza has advertised my items at least twice on Bing (which includes Yahoo and others.)

I do offer free shipping on all my items but like the idea you will not be shown lower in search results for not offering free shipping.

answered 2 months ago


penneydenise says: August 14, 2017

I am new too, and I have not sold a thing. Its been 3 weeks, I have so far 40 items listed. I only have 6 views. I am selling baby and childrens clothing. I dont do any social media except for face book and I only have like 10 friends. I am doing the advertising at 19%, help, why am I not selling.

carpartsandstuff5000 says: August 18, 2017

to penneydenise the reson you are not selling is because your used baby clothes can be bought new or the same price as you are selling them. Go to check out there new prices. many from $15-19


I do not know. I’ve never been able to figure out, after all this time that B has been open, why there is not more internal traffic directly on the site itself. I’m not new to Bonanza even though this booth is somewhat new. It just has not picked up after many years. On the upside, for some reason I still enjoy listing on Bonanza…

answered 2 months ago


I look at Bonanza like a real estate broker. You’re the listing agent. The broker gives you the tools to help you find buyers and sellers who want to sell their houses. You do all the work to find those people. Just like here, you have to find your customers and supply the goods for them.

answered 2 months ago

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