First class shipping time saying 2-3 days. customer got made because of late shipment

I Sell on Bonanza and other sites. I try to ship my orders same day. To make sure they get to my customers fast. The post office is much slower with delivers. Now First class and USPS Priority are taking about 9 days for delivery.

I had a customer that was upset that it took 8 days to get her order. Because Bonanza is showing 2-3 days for delivery for first class mail.

Is Bonanza going to fix this. eBay i sell on also. Has updated their shipping times to match how long their orders are taking. Now I might have to email every customer. To let them know about their shipping times.

asked about 1 month ago


Atomicdiner says: January 24, 2021

Believe me that Ebay has no more control (and never had) over how long it takes a package to arrive and will stab the seller in the back (unlike Bonanza) if package is late. 2-3 days was norm, NOT ANYMORE, and thats PO Fault, Not sellers

Goldyy says: January 25, 2021


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This is an official Bonanza response.

Hello Alakazella

Welcome to the Bonanza Community!!

Because of the COVID and the recent hoidays we have seen mail carriers having delays in shipping.

Questions concerning specific information about your booth or an order you placed we recommend that you contact our Bonanza support team at [email protected]. It will be our pleasure to assist you further.

Thank you and Happy Selling!
Kind Regards

Wanda T.
Happiness Producer
Bonanza Support Team

answered about 1 month ago

Since November when I sell anything on any of my sites I send the customer a message telling them that the post office is taking longer then normal to deliver and that First Class is taking up to 15+ days and priority is taking up to 10+ days at times.
And that once the package leaves our hands, we do not have any more control over it.
They can go to the post office website and it states that they are having mail delays.

answered about 1 month ago

Since COVID, and especially during holidays, I started sending messages with tracking and warnings with delays of normal delivery time. every purchase I have made on any site, the seller has sent COVID delay messages.

answered about 1 month ago

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Set up a handling/processing time for your items (do that in the shipping options of your booth settings). Specify the number of days before you get the item into the postal system. That way, the buyers gets an expected delivery time that INCLUDES those handling days.

answered 26 days ago

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You shouldn’t wait for the buyer to be disappointed in the delivery time. Tell them right away that delivery dates are set by other entities, NOT YOU, and you have no control over the many factors that could hold up the mail.

answered 27 days ago

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