How long does booth review take ?

I am return Bonanza user. I made a seller account in 2009 and pretty much never used it much. I got a ad for bonanza in paypal and decided to give it a try a few days ago. I did everything it asked and tried to activate my booth. I got an email on 2/11/2019 saying the review process should be completed in 1 day. Its now 3 days later and still no update. Is this normal ? Or am I missing something ?

asked 13 days ago

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Hi @missingcord,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Bonanza! Sorry for the confusion. If you don’t have any feedback, or if you are selling an item that flags our high-risk criteria (e.g., electronics, expensive handbags, prohibited items, etc.), then we will have to manually approve your booth before it can be activated. Normally we do this within 72 hours.

We had a look at your account and see that it has been approved. Note that it may take 4-6 hours for your items to be indexed in our system and available in search results. Please let us know at if your item does not appear within 48 hours.

We appreciate your patience as we maintain a safe community for buyers and sellers!

answered 13 days ago

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missingcord says: February 14, 2020

ah , thank you. Time to get to listing all our ebay items here.

Your booth is active, there is one item in it…

Usually, when you get that, just check your booth after a day or so to see if the items have been activated, if not then send support another message..they usually do not tell you when they have finished a review

Reviews are usually certain items, high priced items or electronic, etc

Welcome back…things have changed quite a bit over the years

answered 13 days ago

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See CindyBear's booth

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missingcord says: February 14, 2020

Thank you for the help , time to make this place home too :)

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