No hits on listings

I have 400+ listings and a huge chunk of those have had 0 hits..why?
I have a Nikko Christmas Carafe that was listed over a month ago and doesn’t even show up in search…neither does my Dept 56 Schultz Optometry house (listed that saturday)

asked about 1 year ago


EmpressDepot says: December 05, 2022

Here are a few key points that might help…. Update your banner. I think it was a great idea to promote the Christmas holiday coupon but now it has expired. A lot of listings you have are lacking a good description. Most of our listings are bought through Google shopping. When a customer is…

EmpressDepot says: December 05, 2022

When a customer is making a search within Google shopping and they click on your advertised Google listing within Google shopping, they will get a preview of the description you have given for that item…you want to make good use of the description to reel the shopper to the listing in your booth.

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