Paypal advertising for bonanza

I have been getting alot of ads through paypal about Bonanza which is kind of cool if they are sending them to everyone. Has anyone else noticed this?

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Yes I noticed this in my PayPal last week. I like the promotion because Etsy already has their own Payment Processor and Ebay is moving in the same direction. Being able to use PayPal on Bonanza is good as I like the benefits PayPal offers as opposed to other Payment Processors.

answered 13 days ago

I have not seen this.

answered 14 days ago

eCommerceBytes mentioned it in their latest bulletin but I have not noticed the ads because I run a AdBlocker on my machines.

It is GOOD that at least another POPULAR site is advertising us here and hopefully will bring us more traffic.

Perhaps they may be thinking of buying Bonz and really doing some advertising to give us the notoriety that we sellers deserve here (without paying for subscriptions.)

answered 14 days ago

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Montana_Witchy_Woman says: February 13, 2020

that would be cool :)

According to what I read on ecommercebytes, it’s an email campaign from PayPal, attempting to direct sellers here. The subject line of said email purportedly reads: “Sell your fashion, home decor, tech & more on Bonanza.”

Not much to get excited about. Bonanza is fishing (for sellers, not buyers) and they’re using PayPal as bait.

Title of article: [SIC] “PayPal Markets on Behalf of eBay Rival Bonanza”

answered 14 days ago


Montana_Witchy_Woman says: February 14, 2020

but sellers can be buyers too I do both :)

MagnoliaScreens says: February 15, 2020

Cool. I do as well. :) Funny how that works, huh? Lol

I was just in my Paypal account and saw it at the top of my summery page.

answered 14 days ago

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